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What should I pack for the Coastal Adventure?

Below is a generic packing list for your consideration – but again, it’s always best to check the itinerary-specific information available for every trip.


A durable and reasonably sized backpack that you can expand or tighten to save space when needed. We do not recommend bringing luggages as they will be hard to be tied down and driven on our motorcycles.


Comfortable, casual wear for sightseeing in limited colors that can be mixed and matched

A slightly dressy outfit for a special evening (for men, a blazer or sport coat, chinos and polo shirt, for example; for women, a skirt and a casually dressy top or a simple dress)

A light to medium sweater and a light jacket or windbreaker for layering

In humid climates, bring loose-fitting clothes made of natural fibers. In cooler climates such as the Da Lat highlands, bring layers that you can add or subtract as the day warms up or the nights cool down



Comfortable, broken-in, supportive walking shoes or sandals

Casually dressy shoes for evening Athletic shoes for workouts (optional)


Glasses and/or contact lenses, sunglasses, hat, alarm clock, batteries and chargers for small electronics and phone, GoPro, camera and memory cards.


A supply sufficient for the entire trip and a copy of your prescription(s) in your carry-on bag; extra pair of prescription glasses.


Sun, lip and insect protection, preferred over-the-counter medications for upset stomach, pain reliever or allergies, preferred personal hygiene products, contact lens solution and beauty items.


A tote bag that folds into its own zippered pouch – handy for shopping or bringing back souvenirs

Emergency contact phone numbers; addresses for sending postcards.

Cash, ATM card, Photograph of luggage contents in case of loss

Sealable plastic bags for stowing small liquid containers

Travel documents or confirmation numbers, passport, Frequent Flyer cards, medical insurance cards, business cards (to exchange with friends made along the way)