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Why We Love Ho Chi Minh City


Discover 8 reasons why we love Ho Chi Minh City as locals from the city

Looking for good reasons to visit Ho Chi Minh City? Discover the most populous city in Vietnam from the locals' perspectives to see why people just love this city so much regardless of where they come from! Let’s begin our countdown!

1. Architecture in its best form

The cityscape is undeniably amazing in Ho Chi Minh City. Due to extensive investment in infrastructure during the period of French colonialism in the past as well as its booming development at present, the city otherwise is previously known as Saigon is superior to its neighboring towns as far as architecture is concerned.

From the endearing quaint look of Notre Dame Cathedral to the warm sparkling of Central Post Office, from the glamor of Reunification Palace to the grandness of Nguyen Hue Walking Street (or Nguyen Hue Pedestrians’ Boulevard), people from all other cities of Vietnam invariably recall being moved by the sheer beauty of this city. Not just the single cases like mentioned but you can also enjoy multiple, successive, fancy yet friendly looking buildings of shopping mall and hotel along the famous streets in District 1, like Le Duan, Dong Khoi, Hai Ba Trung, Nguyen Hue, or Ton Duc Thang.

why we love ho chi minh city central post office

Saigon Central Post Office - one Ho Chi Minh City’s charming architectures

Or if you are seeking for non-western, non-modern looks, serene pagodas are the way to go! One well-known, majestic pagoda right in the downtown street of Ba Thang Hai in District 10 is Vietnam Quoc Tu where you can admire impressive Buddhist architecture and statues. In Ho Chi Minh City you can also behold exotic Chinese-style temples in District 5. Many beautiful pagodas and temples often choose to nestle in a winding alley (although still within the vicinity of city center, so getting to these places is not a problem), guaranteeing true placidity and respite for pagoda goers.

For more details, check out our list of must-visit pagodas in Ho Chi Minh City!

2. Entertainment to the max - all in one place and catering to all sizes of budget!

One of the most popular reasons why we love Ho Chi Minh City is that it never sleeps! And its abundance of cinemas, theaters or even the Opera House is just so pleasing. All the best film premieres are here; all the most loved celebrities and entertainers are also here! There’s just no place else the young would rather be.

What’s more, Ho Chi Minh City is also where countless monumental sports events or exciting cultural festivals are held, often in public landmarks like walking streets (Nguyen Hue and Bui Vien) and downtown parks (Tao Dan, 23 Thang 9, and Le Van Tam). These favorite features stay in stark contrast with the lackluster status quo in the hometowns of many Ho Chi Minh City residents, who moved here to work or study and got enthralled by its charms.

why we love ho chi minh city night

Ho Chi Minh City at night

And if you’re into bars and clubs, Ho Chi Minh City’s District 1 and 3 have got it all for you. But here’s a fact about Vietnamese: They are not party animals. That’s why if you ask a random young person in Ho Chi Minh City for where to hang out at night, very likely they’ll show you the way to milk tea boba stores (milk tea is a Taiwan-originated drink which is all the rave among young Vietnamese these days), or, another popular choice, Nguyen Hue Walking Street.

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While you may see clubs and bars in Ho Chi Minh City crowded with Vietnamese chic-looking youths, nothing quite beats the family-friendly and undergrads-friendly karaoke bars, the best of which in Su Van Hanh Street in District 10, or near the Foreign Trade University in Binh Thanh District.

3. Cuisine at its utmost diversity and affordability

Given its living standards and its diverse population which comes from different parts of Vietnam and also different parts of the world, it is no wonder the list of dishes you can sample in Ho Chi Minh City can go on forever. Not just the common banh mi, com tam, and pho but also tasty delicacies from Nha Trang, Da Lat, Mekong Delta, Hue, and Hanoi. Also thanks to international restaurants in Ho Chi Minh City, many locals now become fans of Korean BBQ, Japanese sushi, or Mexican tacos!

And oh, the affordability, especially of local dishes! Imagine a mouthwatering breakfast with banh mi at US$ 1, then a delectable lunch with com tam at US$ 2.5, and a savory dinner with banh xeo at US$ 3. (FYI, banh mi: the world-famous Vietnamese sandwiches, com tam: grilled marinated pork ribs with cooked broken rice, banh xeo: Vietnamese pancakes with shrimps, pork and bean sprouts fillings, served with sweet-sour fish sauce). Oh, and how about the US$ 0.3 sugarcane drink (students’ favorite) or a cool local beer to quench your thirst!

why we love ho chi minh city food tour

Food is another reason we love Ho Chi Minh City

Read more on our motorbike food tours at day and at night!

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4. Traveling in utmost convenience

Locals may say they hate the traffic jams of Ho Chi Minh City at times (at other times they put up with it quite well), but all have to admit they love the ease of traveling within and from this transportation hotspot!

It’s got one of the most important airports in the whole country, Tan Son Nhat International Airport(SGN), and it’s got the biggest bus stations in South Vietnam where locals can easily catch a sleeping bus to reach their beloved hometown or any desired city in Vietnam.

At the same time, ride-hailing service like Grab or Mai Linh provides people with more choices besides traditional xe om (motorbike taxis) and taxis. For international travelers, the Ho Chi Minh City tours on the back of a motorbike is a popular and safe choice for the adventure. The River bus is another interesting (new) choice for people to get out and about!

why we love ho chi minh city motorbike

Ho Chi Minh City on the back of a motorbike

5. The city of bridges

It’s just so fascinating riding a bike crossing bridges to get to other districts. Like the feeling when crossing Khanh Hoi Bridge from District 4 to get to Ton Duc Thang Street in District 1.

Thanks to the beautiful winding Saigon River which flows and branches across the city, bridges have become a common sight and a much-loved feature of Ho Chi Minh City. The touch of nature in a modern city is truly soothing and therapeutic to locals. Along the banks of Saigon River, people may have a little ‘night’ picnic, simply chit-chatting, drinking beer, and whiling the time away, or enjoy the special treats from street eats vendors.

6. Beauty spas and hair salons are everywhere, and, affordable

We bet nowhere in Vietnam is it easier to find a beauty spa or hair salon like in Ho Chi Minh City. There are luxury choices and there are also budget-friendly spas! Treating yourself to a rejuvenating body massage or getting a makeover in Vietnam would make unforgettable memories. And it would be best if you have a local friend to show you the way around because many affordable spas may not have English-speaking staff.

Talking of local experts, our team here at i Tour Vietnam can confidently say we are! Leave us a comment down below or send us your questions about a trip in Ho Chi Minh City!

7. Best museums in Vietnam

In other Southern cities of Vietnam, it is much harder to find a museum, not to mention a good one. But Ho Chi Minh City's museums are just awesome and super easy to get to. Get to know Vietnam War with a trip to War Remnants Museum in District 3, the life of Vietnam’s greatest leader at the Ho Chi Minh Museum, or intriguing tours to Fito Museum - the traditional Vietnamese medicine museum and many art museums, that promises new insights. Ho Chi Minh City is really a perfect combination of modernity and rich history. That’s why we love Ho Chi Minh City so much.

Learn more about Top Museums in Ho Chi Minh City.

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8. The people

No matter where they come from, after long enough residency in Ho Chi Minh City, all seem to acquire a characteristic trait of Saigon (the other endearing name of the city, as we mentioned earlier). That is the unquestioning helpfulness or the laid-back nature infected from optimistic street vendors. So many people can go on about how they love this city because of its down-to-earth locals, and even residents of the city can tell moving stories of how a normal motorbike taxi rider go to great lengths to help them when they get lost in their own city.

why we love ho chi minh city people

Ho Chi Minh City's friendly locals

Conclusions of Why We Love Ho Chi Minh City

While there can be appealing choices of travel destinations in Vietnam like Nha Trang, or Da Nang which offers more nature and seaside, Ho Chi Minh City remains one of the best places to be when in Vietnam. Locals love it for countless reasons, its diversity, its relentless growth and its welcoming openness, and we are sure that there are also varied reasons for visitors to love it as well!

If you’re planning to drop by Ho Chi Minh City for a memorable trip, visit i Tour Vietnam website to leave your inquiries or read more interesting Vietnam travel information!

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