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Where to Try Extreme Sports in Vietnam


All the extreme sports you could think of are available in Vietnam. Parachuting, kayaking, scuba diving and more are what you can now check in your bucket list. Here are some destinations that will not only offer you fascinating sights but also satisfy your thirst for thrill and excitement.

Nha Trang

Home to the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam, Nha Trang has a variety of extreme sports you can look into.

Scuba diving: prepare to witness ocean life under the depth of thousands of feet. Swimming around with colorful fish and watching the magical coral reef will be an unforgettable experience. Don’t worry about the risks as there will always be a diving expert escorting you everywhere you dive. The cost ranges from VND 450,000 - VND 700,000 per person including the diving suit, snorkel, breathing apparatus, and transportation to the diving spots.

scuba diving extreme sport in vietnam
Discover the ocean with this extreme sport

Jet ski: Just like a combination of riding a motorbike and surfing on the waves, jet ski brings you a breath of fresh air literally. With the velocity from 70 - 80 km/h, these jet ski engines will make you feel like flying on the water surface. The cost is estimated at VND 450,000 - VND 800,000.

jet ski extreme sport in vietnam
Surf to the distance with jet ski

Skyboard: Extreme sports in Vietnam is not for those who are scared of heights. The Flyboard (or Hoverboard) uses the high pressure of water to push you up in the air. You can either choose to do this alone or with a coach. With the height up to 10 meters in the middle of the air, Skyboarding in Nha Trang guarantees to pump your adrenaline rush. However, you’ll need an hour or more with a coach to practice the sports before doing it for real. But when you’re ready, show the world your awesome stunts. The cost might be a little expensive from VND 800,000 - VND 1,200,000.

flyboard extreme sport in vietnam
How high can you go?

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Ha Long Bay

Kayaking: Kayaking in Ha Long Bay is a much more gentle experience but still one of the must-try extreme sports in Vietnam. Use the paddles to take your kayak anywhere you want. Because the water is still, you don’t need to be experienced to paddle. You can paddle and surf through the pristine water to explore the mysterious caves and take the most panoramic photos along the way.

Halong Bay Kayaking extreme sport in vietnam
A mild side of extreme sports in Vietnam


As one of the ancient cities in Vietnam, Hue is the most unlikely yet the most thrilling place to try extreme sports in Vietnam, namely Zipline and Highwire.

Highwire: With the cable system above the wildest forests, Zipline is sure to sweep you off your feet. In this sport, you’ll have to overcome your fear to conquer the obstacles along the way with a height of 6 meters. There are 3 courses you can choose from such as the Discovery course and the Adventure course. The Discovery course is suitable for a family trip and the height is only 1,1 meters. However, with the Adventure course, you need to bring your A-game to get to the finish line with many tough challenges such as walking on wooden planks, crossing the net-bridge, keeping balance on wooden blocks and bridges. So where is the extreme? Yes, you’ll be doing this up to 6 meters above the ground and there’s no going back.

highwire hue extreme sport in vietnam
Feel the adrenaline rush on every move

Zipline: Ever want to be Tarzan swinging from one tree to another in the jungle? Well, this sport is even cooler than that. You’ll start on the top of the mountain, sliding down with the cable wire with a dizzy height. Dangling in the air, you’ll witness the beauty of mountains and forests here with the bird’s eye view. The ticket for these two extreme sports in Vietnam costs only about VND 120,000 - VND 180,000 per person.

zipline hue extreme sport in vietnam
Extreme height for this extreme sport

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Conclusion of Extreme Sports in Vietnam

There is more of Vietnam waiting for you to discover. These extreme sports in Vietnam will make unforgettable experiences for you. Buckle up for a whole new thrilling and action-packed traveling trips. You now have many boxes in your Vietnam's bucket list to check.

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