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Where Local Couples Meet in Saigon


Last time, we wrote a blog about things you’ll learn from dating a Vietnamese. Now we think it’s time for the next much-wanted topic: ideal dating spots for couples in Saigon. Find out where local couples meet in Saigon and decide what’s best for you and your loved one!

1. Acoustic cafes, rooftop cafes, and live music bars

Acoustic cafes offer good music and private spaces for couples while rooftop bars have majestic views of the city and feature the best DJs. These are where local couples meet in Saigon when they fancy high-quality live performances while still having a personal space for two. And it’s always a piece of cake finding a finely designed cafe in downtown Saigon, especially District 1 and District 3.

where local couples meet in saigon acoustic cafe

Acoustic cafes for couples that love music

2. Turtle Lake (Ho Con Rua)

For street food lovers, Turtle Lake is a good place to hang out with their special ones. Imagine sitting in the heart of the city, munching Vietnamese pizza, baluts or tasty mixed rice paper and joyfully while the time away with your significant other. Joy can be as simple as that.

where local couples meet in saigon ho con rua turtle lake

Turtle Lake, or Ho Con Rua, is the convening spot for foodies

3. Cinemas

The classic choice for dating - cinemas! Galaxy Cinema, Lotte Cinema or CGV with their ubiquitous locations are the most popular cinemas where local couples meet in Saigon. Among cinemas across Saigon, Galaxy Nguyen Du (Nguyen Du, District 1) is probably the most well-known thanks to its spaciousness and sophisticated design. In many cinemas, you can opt for the couple seats providing more privacy and intimacy. CGV Liberty Citypoint (Pasteur, District 1) offering viewing rooms with all couple seats can be perfect for a date night.

4. Parks

Parks in Saigon are quiet, peaceful, private and thus, ideal for dating. The most popular parks where local couples meet in Saigon are Tao Dan Park, September 23rd Park, Le Thi Rieng Park, among other public parks.

where local couples meet in saigon tho trang park le thi rieng park

Le Thi Rieng Park, or Tho Trang Park (White Rabbit Park)

5. Ca Phe Bet (sit-down coffee)

Ca Phe Bet (sit-down coffee) is a ‘specialty’ of Saigon, offered by coffee vendors in April 30th Park (or Thong Nhat Park), which is surrounded by so many landmarks of the city, including Independence Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Central Post Office and Nguyen Van Binh Book street. Sipping coffee while engaging in deep conversations with your loved one, that’s perfect for a date.

How about booking a motorbike tour for you two only to discover Saigon? That’s going to be a novel dating experience!


6. Shopping malls

Shopping malls are good dating spots not only for shopaholics but also for all because they house very fine restaurants, cafes, and cinemas. Saigon Center (Takashimaya), Van Hanh Mall, Vincom Dong Khoi, and Nowzone are prominent names when Saigon people think of shopping malls.

where local couples meet in saigon shopping malls

Shopping malls are good dating spots because they house many eateries and cinemas

7. Bridges with breathtaking views

Exquisite bridges for pedestrians only like Anh Sao Bridge (Starlight Bridge) over Ho Ban Nguyet (Crescent Lake) in District 7 are meant for dates. Besides, Thu Thiem Bridge over Saigon River or Cau Mong Bridge is also popular, although Cau Mong Bridge is currently interrupted by works. Like Turtle Lake, these bridges are replete with street food vendors.

where local couples meet in saigon anh sao bridge starlight bridge

The splendid beauty of Starlight Bridge (Anh Sao Bridge) at night

where local couples meet in saigon cau mong bridge

Cau Mong Bridge is an ideal place but at present (October 2018) it is under construction

where local couples meet in saigon thu thiem bridge

Thu Thiem Bridge has beautiful views of Saigon River

8. Nguyen Hue Walking Street

It’s almost impossible to find someone in Saigon who doesn’t know about this massive landmark. Nguyen Hue pedestrian street is where local couples meet in Saigon if they want a place with dynamic activity, grand sights of buildings and a leisure walk by Saigon River.

9. Bach Dang Wharf

Just a stone’s throw from Nguyen Hue walking street is Bach Dang Wharf. This is where the first river bus station in Saigon and a breezy park to enjoy a spectacular view of Saigon River are located. Simply stroll along the riverside and extend your walk a little to streets in the city center like Dong Khoi to enjoy dinner in many fine restaurants.

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where local couples meet in saigon bach dang terrace cafe

Terrace Cafe at Bach Dang River Bus Station

Summary of Where Local Couples Meet in Saigon

From outdoors to indoors, extravagant to economic choices, Saigon has countless spots to cater to your dating preferences. Try the new things like Ca Phe Bet (sit-down coffee) or go off the beaten track because it can be a good way to spice up your relationship.

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Guest - George Manning on Saturday, 26 October 2019 15:08

Wished I found this article when we were still in Saigon

Wished I found this article when we were still in Saigon :D
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