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Useful Mobile Apps for Your Vietnam Travel


In our modern life, smartphones make traveling much easier and more enjoyable. So for your Vietnam trip, let’s make full use of it and download some helpful apps.

List of Useful Apps for Your Vietnam Travel

  • Entertainment on your travel: e-books on Kindle, audiobooks on Audible, etc.
  • Accommodation: Agoda, Luxstay,, Airbnb, etc.
  • Taxi: Mai Linh, Vinasun
  • Ride-hailing services: Grab, Be, Goviet
  • Food delivery: DeliveryNow, GrabFood (on Grab app), GoFood (on Goviet app), Baemin, etc.
  • Grocery Shopping: Farmi (delivery to some districts in Ho Chi Minh), SpeedL (Lottemart), Vinmart and Vinmart+, Grab, NowFresh (on DeliveryNow), Bach Hoa Xanh, etc.
  • Navigation: Google Maps
  • Language/Translation: Google Translate, LacViet Dictionary, Duolingo (for learning Vietnamese and other languages), etc.
  • E-payment: Momo, Moca by Grab, VNPay, ZaloPay, ViettelPay, etc.

Useful Mobile Apps for Your Vietnam Travel: Accommodation

When it comes to finding accommodation, traveling enthusiasts must be familiar with, Agoda, or Airbnb. These apps can also be conveniently used in Vietnam so you can just choose the one that you prefer the most.

For hotels and other similar types of staying, and Agoda provide a quite comparable range of options. The slight difference is that, if you are planning for a Vietnam Budget Travel, Agoda could offer some better good deals.



Book your stay with Agoda

With Airbnb, lots of people think about it when they want a comfortable place with a feel-like-home vibe. If you find it carefully enough, there would be several surprisingly lovely Airbnbs in Vietnam offered attractive prices!

useful mobile apps for your vietnam travel airbnb

Keep calm and look for nice (yet affordable) Airbnbs in Vietnam

Useful Mobile Apps for Your Vietnam Travel: Transportation

For foreign travelers in Vietnam, even in big cities like Ho Chi Minh City, buses might not be the best option. Read about Public Bus Transportation in Ho Chi Minh City to find out why. However, if you still want a novel experience on a bus, make sure to download Busmap which provides information about routes, schedules, and bus stations in Ho Chi Minh City.

Since the fees for motorbike taxis and taxis in Vietnam is affordable compared to many other countries, we strongly advise you to go for them. Grab and GoViet are the two apps that would help you easily find a motorbike taxi or a car ride, especially in major cities in Vietnam. If you want to go for an ordinary taxi, you can download the apps such as Vinasun and Taxi Mai Linh, which belong to the two most popular taxi brands in Vietnam. In case you would love to have your first experience going by motorbike and exploring the city at the same time, why not check out our Private Motorbike Tours?

If it's your first time in Vietnam, use 12GoAsia to find the most suitable means of transportation as well as tickets for your trip.


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Useful Mobile Apps for Your Vietnam Travel: Food

Another app that is quite popular among locals is Foody. It is a platform where anyone shares their reviews about either a luxurious restaurant or a simple street vendor. It is also linked with a delivery service called Now so that you can order food from (almost) anywhere you are interested in. A disadvantage for it so far is that although the platform provides information in English, the majority of the comments and reviews are written in Vietnamese and the app has not supported on-site translation yet. However, you can consider based on the stars given for each food store. We suggest going for ones that have 7/10 stars and over for your pleasant experience.

useful mobile apps for your vietnam travel foody

The theme of Foody

Two of the transportation apps we mentioned above, Grab and GoViet also provide food delivery service called GrabFood and GoFood. They both offer attractive promos and discounts for locals' most favorite food vendors.

Useful Mobile Apps for Your Vietnam Travel: Navigation

Google Maps! We are sure that you have known it so well. Besides that, Cốc Cốc Map (Coc Coc Map) is another good option. Developed by a Vietnamese company, so it offers a much more authentic local guidance. Coc Coc Map gives plenty of detailed information about nearby attractions and essential destinations such as ATMs, gas stations, and more.

useful mobile apps for your vietnam travel coc coc

The small yet mighty Coc Coc Map

Useful Mobile Apps for Your Vietnam Travel: Translation

Let’s not forget our good old friend Google Translate. You can download Vietnamese in advance so that to use it offline anywhere and anytime.

Lac Viet Dictionary is also a suitable app to find out the meaning of Vietnamese words while offline. When searching, you can skip the tones. For example, if you want to know what “Cơm” (Rice) means, just type in as “Com”. Then look for the identical word in the suggestion to find out what you want. Good luck!

Bonus: Useful Mobile Apps for Your Vietnam Travel to Become An Insider

Besides international favorites such as Facebook and Instagram, Zalo is more native texting a calling app. It can be super helpful for reaching out to your Vietnamese friends.

All in all, in order to utilize these apps, make sure you have a sufficient Mobile Data Plan in Vietnam.

Summary of Useful Mobile Apps for Your Vietnam Travel

Nowadays, there are numerous useful mobile apps for your Vietnam travel to help you adapt faster and enjoy every single second. All the basic needs including accommodation, transportation, food,... are well-supported.


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Guest - Torrie Kane on Thursday, 12 March 2020 18:56

This makes my trip so much easier. Everything is at the touch of a button

This makes my trip so much easier. Everything is at the touch of a button
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