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Typical Costs of Traveling in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon)


Ho Chi Minh City is an appealing destination to explore Vietnam!

The financial issue is always a vital one when we decide to travel somewhere. Making some research about the costs of traveling gives us better preparation for a nice trip. If you are considering making a trip to Ho Chi Minh City, our blog of the costs of traveling in Ho Chi Minh City may help you make better decisions.

Accommodation in Ho Chi Minh

In Ho Chi Minh City, you are given a wide selection of accommodations. We divide the accommodation options into 3 classes: budget, mid-range, and luxury so that you can follow the one you want.

Budget traveler

If you want to travel on a shoestring budget, some hostels and hotels in the Bui Vien area are the best choices for you. This area is located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City and extremely vibrant at night, especially on the weekend. It costs you about US$ 7 (VND 161,000) to US$ 10 (230,000) per night for a dorm bed. If you prefer a private room, the price is somewhere from US$ 11 (VND 253,000) to US$ 25 (VND 575,000). Most hotels in Ho Chi Minh City are equipped with air-conditioners. Many foreigners have enjoyed their trips staying in Bui Vien area, but you can try some other areas so that you can enjoy different vibes of Ho Chi Minh City.

costs of traveling in hcm bui vien

Bui Vien walking street

Mid-range traveler

For tourists who prefer more comfortable accommodation, mid-range hotels can fulfill your demand. Many mid-range hotels are located in District 1 (in the city center), so it is convenient for your transportation. Each night in these hotels costs you from US$ 45 (VND 1,050,000) to US$ 80 (VND 1,840,000). Some hotels offer you a swimming pool or rooftop bar, offering you the comfort you deserve.

Luxury traveler

If this is your leisure travel and you do not care much about the costs of traveling in Ho Chi Minh City, then high-end hotels are a no-brainer for you. Most French-designed hotels of Ho Chi Minh City are in District 1, and some other private villas are located in District 2. A room in the luxury hotel costs you from US$ 130 (VND 3,000,000) to US$ 500 (VND 11,500,000). For the best experience, you can go for the private villas in District 2 with a river view.

costs of traveling in hcm nikko hotel

A luxury stay in Ho Chi Minh City

Look for accommodation that suits your needs:



Public transportation (bus) in Ho Chi Minh City is quite cheap, thus, it is the best choice for going around the city. Typical one-way bus fare is VND 6,000 (US$ 0.3). Before going, you should ask the hotel staff or search the Internet for the routes.

Another way for transportation is a taxi. The taxis are more flexible but more expensive at the price of VND 15,000 (US$ 0.65) per kilometer. Remember to ask the drivers to turn the meter for the exact fares.

costs of traveling in hcm bike

Motorbike is one of the most popular means of transportation in Ho Chi Minh

Many tourists recently decide to go around the city by taking a motorbike or scooter tour. In this way, you can discover the city's beauties as a local citizen and save the costs of traveling in Ho Chi Minh. 

To have fun trips in Ho Chi Minh City, check out our authentic motorbike tours with professional local guides!

Eating in Ho Chi Minh

As you know, Ho Chi Minh city is well-known for street food. If you do not mind eating in the street vendors as local citizens, your costs of traveling in Ho Chi Minh will be saved a lot. It just costs you about US$ 5 (VND 115,000) each day for one person. With that price, you can enjoy plenty of tasty dishes.

costs of traveling in hcm bbq in hcm

Street food is a definite reason to love Ho Chi Minh city.

Eating in a medium restaurant costs you around US$ 3 or US$ 4 (VND 69,000 - VND 92,000) for each meal. These restaurants can give you a wider range of dishes and space for enjoying the food.

Things to do in Ho Chi Minh City


Most must-go destinations are located in the center of Ho Chi Minh City. And the ticket price is also low. The price of the entrance ticket in museums is about VND 10,000 (US$ 0.5) to VND 30,000 (US$ 1.3). Many other spots are free for entrance such as the Central Post Office, the Notre Dame Cathedral, many ancient temples, and pagodas.

costs of traveling in hcm independence palace

Independence Palace is a popular attraction in Ho Chi Minh City

Besides, you can go outside the central districts, discover many nearby interesting destinations like Cu Chi Tunnels, or spend 1-2 days exploring the Mekong Delta with unique floating markets. Going on a tour helps you save the cost and be guided by the locals. The tours are usually at the price from US$ 170.


The traditional markets are the favorite places for shopping for many foreigners. Fresh raw foods or souvenirs can be found here. Ben Thanh market is the most famous one where you can buy a lot of souvenirs and gifts for family and friends. There are so many kinds of souvenirs here with the price from US$ 1 (VND 23,000) up to US$ 25 (VND 575,000).

Check out the complete Ho Chi Minh City Shopping Guide!

costs of traveling in hcm ben thanh market

Ben Thanh Market

Other activities

After a long day of traveling to many places, you may want to relax at night with some massage services at spas or have a nice drink in a bar. These activities' expenditures are around US$ 10 to US$ 100 per time depending on your choice. A one-hour body massage session can cost you US$ 10 at an average home spa and around US$ 50 at a high-end spa.

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Communications in Ho Chi Minh

Wi-Fi is available in any cafes, hotels, restaurants, stores, and free Wi-Fi at the Nguyen Hue Walking Street, but if you want to go online to find your way when lost, a local SIM card for calling/texting SMS and access to Mobile Data (3G/4G) will be helpful. Depending on your needs, you can choose to buy it or skip it.

You can buy a SIM card from US$ 5 - US$ 10 at a local grocery store, at the airport or at travel agencies. To top up, you have to buy the credit coupons with many prices VND 10,000 - 20,000 - 50,000 - 100,000 - 200,000.

costs of traveling in hcm 7

A Vietnamese SIM Card

To get access to the Mobile Data, you also need to register a mobile data plan of your SIM mobile carrier (most common carriers in Vietnam are Viettel, Mobiphone, and Vinaphone) at between US$ 3 and US$ 10 for a month of fast access to 3G/4G Internet.

Otherwise, the free wifi connection is available in most hotels, coffee shops, and convenience stores so that you can keep you online easily.

Vietnam Visa and Flights to Ho Chi Minh City

The costs of Vietnam visa and flights to Ho Chi Minh City vary according to your nationality and your place of residence, so we don’t include fixed costs in this blog, but you can check out our guide on Vietnam visa and tips to book cheap flights to Vietnam in our blog.

Summary of Typical Costs of Traveling in Ho Chi Minh City

Traveling to Vietnam or especially Ho Chi Minh, is inexpensive compared to some neighboring countries. However, being aware of what costs of traveling in Ho Chi Minh City are included will make your trip become easier and save a lot of money.

Estimated spending for an ideal day in Ho Chi Minh City

Budget Mid-range High-end
Accommodation US$ 20 US$ 60 US$ 200
Transportation US$ 3 US$ 5 US$ 10
Eating US$ 10 US$ 30 US$ 50
Things to do (depends on group size and destination) US$ 10 US$ 20 US$ 40
Total Estimation (per person per day) US$ 43 US$ 115 US$ 300

Click here for three-day costs traveling in Ho Chi Minh City

Let’s help other tourists by sharing your experiences of traveling in Ho Chi Minh City here!

The costs in this blog are only estimated, and updated on September 2022. The exchange rate we use in this blog is US$ 1 = VND 23,000.

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thanks for the detailed cost break-down
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