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Travel Tips: Things to Bring to Ho Chi Minh City


Away in a strange land, full of the unknown and excitement; there are many things for you to keep in mind. Among them are essential things to bring to Ho Chi Minh with you. Remember that you are far away from the comfort of your home, your familiar environment. While traveling, you would enter a different world, where items that can easily be reached before now unavailable or limited. It’s crucial that you don’t forget to bring them along. It’s not like you can fly back to retrieve them. Although for some items, buying them locally is also an option, this is not always the case. So please pay heed to our recommendation of things to bring to Ho Chi Minh City.

Recommended Things to Bring to Ho Chi Minh City

Visa and Passport

First and foremost of all, you need these to even enter Vietnam. Bringing these along is a big "duh" but everyone makes mistakes sometimes. So we would love to remind you of this as a precaution; it’s better to be careful after all. And after you arrived in Vietnam, please also pay special attention to your Visa and Passport. It’s not rare that once in a while a tourist lost their Visa or Passport. For a safety measure, please also bring along your insurance papers in case that anything might occur. Again they are vital things to bring to Ho Chi Minh and need to be on you all the time during your journey.

Another issue you should keep in mind is emergency contact and insurance papers. Turn to your list of emergency contact if you ever find yourself lost or in danger, for example: Vietnam emergency phone number (113), your tour guide’s number, your traveling partners’ numbers. And keep your insurance-related papers in case you need to make a claim in Vietnam.

travel tips things to bring to Ho Chi Minh Vietnam visa

Example of a Vietnam Visa

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How would you enjoy your vacation without a worry; eating your way through every street and corner of Ho Chi Minh City without money right? Money is a must wherever you go. Check out our advice for monetary issues and where to exchange currency.


Here’s a quick lesson on what sunburn is. It is the DNA in your skin cells being damaged by the UV (Ultraviolet) radiation. So in short, it’s a form of radiation burn. Sunburn is no light matter. Aside from the irritation of the skin, it could lead to cancer. Vietnam is a tropical country. And down here in the South, it’s very hot. The sun is almost always blazing. You should expect intense sun in Ho Chi Minh City weather all year round, regardless of the seasons. So all and all, when checking for things to bring to Ho Chi Minh City, make sure you have a sunscreen bottle with you.

travel tips things to bring to Ho Chi Minh sunscreen tube 1

Sunscreen is a must among things to bring to Ho Chi Minh City

Recommended brands:

- Banana Boat Ultra Sport Reef-Friendly Sunscreen Spray 

- EltaMD UV Clear Facial Sunscreen

- Neutrogena Water Resistant and Non-Greasy Sunscreen Lotion


Depend on how long your planned vacation in Vietnam is, the amount of clothing you need to bring should vary. But the general advice is to bring just a few clothing items, and pick up some more along the way in Vietnam. This holds true especially if you plan to go from Ho Chi Minh City (south Vietnam) to north Vietnam. The fewer clothes you bring, the lighter your luggage will be; and then in Vietnam, you can visit a laundromat to wash them. Mind you, Vietnam is a big manufacturer of clothing, so you might as well pick up quality clothing in local markets. So remember to save some space in your bags. Also, if you are planning to go trekking or visit the beach, you need to bring along appropriate gears and wears for the occasion. Beachwear, towel, sunscreen (again) for the beach and hiking shoes, outdoor gears, water-repellent jacket, hiking pants for trekking.

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Back to the city, as we said, the sun is intense here. So don’t go around just wearing a tank top or any sleeveless, at least not during late morning and noon. Cover yourself with a lightweight jacket or anything with a sleeve. It’s what the locals here do. It might be hot to layer up, but it’s necessary to protect yourself against the sun. Also, fabric like cotton and linen are perfect to combat the heat thanks to their breathability. When the red fireball has ducked down below the skyline paving way for the night to come, you can bust out your fancy clothing and mingle in the exciting nightlife here.

For the rainy season (from April to November), you can bring along your overshoes and buy an umbrella or raincoat later in Vietnam stores (convenience stores for example). You don’t have to walk under the rain though. You could always take refuge in a nearby business then wait for the rain to stop.

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Hat and Sunglasses

As or even more important than your skin is your eyes. So you should wear a pair of sunglasses when the sun is up. Not only the sun is scorching, but it’s also blinding. Sunglasses ensure that your eyes are safe and you can see well without the annoying brightness. But not any glasses with a dark tint can protect your eyes. You need at least a pair of category 2 sunglasses or better yet with a polarized.

A hat can both help protect your eyes and your face from the sun. It provides shade for your face and shields your head against the oncoming sunray. A hat can be also useful in identifying friends and family members in case of getting lost.

travel tips things to bring to Ho Chi Minh ray ban

A pair of polarized sunglasses, perfect for reducing glare

Recommended brands:

- SOJO Classic Aviator Mirrored Flat Lens Sunglasses

- SUNGAIT Extra Lightweight Polarized Sunglasses

- Micheal Kors Sunglasses

Travel Water Bottle

When continuously traveling, adventuring around the city, you need to stay hydrated, especially in a tropical city like Ho Chi Minh City. Water is vital in keeping your body functions welL. Buying plastic bottled water cost little but it will add up over time, and plastic will harm the environment. So having a big travel water bottle is more convenient and considerate. It is certainly among the important things to bring to Ho Chi Minh City.

travel tips things to bring to Ho Chi Minh water bottle

Water bottles that can be carried around

Recommended brands:

- Collapsible, BPA-Free Water Bottle

- Brita Premium Filtering Water Bottle

- Thermoflask Double Stainless Steel Insulated Bottle

Luggage and Backpack

It’s advised to bring both if you are planning on a long trip. If you bring with you many items, you wouldn’t want to stuff them all in one backpack. You should use sturdy and compact luggage for keeping clothing and bulky items, preferably the wheeled type. Then, for adventure on the streets, carry with you a backpack or any kinds of bags; in this, you will bring with you the everyday essentials like the water bottle above and valuable items.

See Top Luggage Brands Recommended by Worldwide Travelers


Good shoes take you to good places. Adventuring and exploring take a lot of walking too. So pick the most comfortable footwear you have to bring along. Better, bring two of them in case of one get wet or damaged. You can also pack your dress shoes and fancy shoes for dinner if you want. Additionally, since Vietnam is among the top shoe exporting countries, it’s a good idea to shop for shoes for cheap here.

Check out out Top Picks for Quality Shoes


Vietnam is exquisitely alluring. It’s no surprise that everyone would want to take a picture of her when you are there, especially in Ho Chi Minh City. So of all the things to bring to Ho Chi Minh City, you need a camera to capture all of the amazing moments. But we know a camera is expensive, so be mindful of your camera. Also, a smartphone with a good camera function could substitute just fine.

Portable charger

Though most businesses, café, shops in Ho Chi Minh City have sockets (check if you need a travel adaptor in Vietnam), a portable charger would prove greatly helpful when you are spending your time on the street. The smartphone needs battery for functions like calling, browsing the internet, using the map, etc. So getting low on battery in the middle of the street can be disastrous. A portable charger can ease your mind on that problem. It will make sure that you can always count on electronic devices.


No one wants to get sick when traveling. But it’s better safe than sorry. We don’t suppose medication will take up a lot of space in your luggage. When traveling to another country, you should bring medicine like antidiarrheal, antibiotic, anti-motion sickness medication, cough suppressant, antifungal and antibacterial creams, medicine for pain and fever. Band-aid, disinfectant, bug repellent, and clean tissues are also necessary for your travel. Furthermore, if you have any allergies or special conditions, remember to bring your prescription with you. Also, medications are pretty easy to come by in Ho Chi Minh City if you ever need more.

travel tips things to bring to Ho Chi Minh aspirin

For when you have a fever

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Conclusion of Things to Bring to Ho Chi Minh City

When traveling to a far-away land, you can’t be too careful. Aside from our recommended list of things to bring to Ho Chi Minh City, you can form a checklist of your own to make sure that everything you need is not overlooked. And remember to check again not once but twice, so you are truly set to go.

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if you're traveling with your laptop/camera, bring electrical adapters

if you're traveling with your laptop/camera, bring electrical adapters
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