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Tips for Taking a Bus in Hanoi


Hanoi is a city with an extensive bus system, perfect for those who seek an affordable way to get around. Here we have composed an in-depth list of local tips to ease your experience with the Vietnamese version of this communal transport. 

How to Identify the Bus Stops in Hanoi

To start our list of tips for taking a bus in Hanoi, we’d like to show you signs to acknowledge a bus stop in the city. Hanoi has thousands of bus stops and they do not always look the same. They usually locate in busy spots, such as the city’s famous attractions. You can recognize where the bus picks up by the blue signpost or the steel benches with an overhanging roof.

Tips for taking a bus in hanoi 1

The blue signpost at Hanoi’s bus stops

Tips for taking a bus in hanoi 2

Common steel benches seen at bus stops

Big Bus Stations around Hanoi

My Dinh Station: 20 Pham Hung Street, Nam Tu Liem District

Giap Bat Station: 897 Giai Phong Street, Hoang Mai District

Yen Nghia Station: National Highway 6, Ha Dong District

Gia Lam Station: 9 Ngo Gia Kham Street, Long Bien District

How to Catch the Bus in Hanoi

Find Your Route

If you travel by bus, you should first find the optimal route. You can do this by asking a local, or simply open the Google Maps app on your device, type in your destination and set the bus as your means of transportation. Google will give you detailed routes with specific bus numbers and where to find them.

Popular Bus Routes in Hanoi

Get on and Pay the Bus Fare

Once you've located the pick-up points, our next tips for taking a bus in Hanoi is quite self-explanatory: hop on the bus and pay for the ticket. Remember to check the bus number carefully and carry small changes (VND 1,000; VND 2,000; VND 5,000; VND 10,000) for the fare. Below is a list of bus types and their fares in Hanoi:

Types of Buses

Tips for taking a bus in hanoi 3

Blue Bus: Serves the inner city districts and several satellite towns in the suburbs

Tips for taking a bus in hanoi 4

Orange Bus: Offer shuttle service from Noi Bai International Airport.

Tips for taking a bus in hanoi 5

Green Bus: Only runs in the inner city, connects passengers to routes on major streets.

Tips for taking a bus in hanoi 6

Red - Yellow Bus: The most popular type of buses in Hanoi, connects the city and the suburbs, offers intercity services.

Bus Fares

  • Routes under 25 kilometers long: VND 7,000/turn
  • Routes from 25 - 30 kilometers long: VND 8,000/turn
  • Routes above 30 kilometers long: VND 9,000/turn
  • Route 86: VND 35,000/turn

Get off the Bus

Bus assistants might not announce the name of the next stop, so tell the bus driver and assistant in advance to make sure that you get off at the right destination.

How to Stay Safe When Traveling by Bus in Hanoi

Watch-out: Hanoi streets can be very busy during certain hours, be sure to check both ways before getting on or off a bus. You get on from the front door and get off from the back door. However, some older buses may have broken doors, so you should get on/off through either door which opens.

Stay Alert: Be aware of pickpockets and scams on the bus or at the bus station. Put all of your belongings in your backpack and keep it within your sight.

Tips for taking a bus in hanoi 7

Stay alert at the busy bus stops

Hold on to the Handle Strap: Buses in Hanoi have a handful of seats, so most of the time, you’ll find yourself standing. Grab the handle straps tightly, since the drivers are likely to break unexpectedly.

Be Polite: Acknowledge common bus etiquettes, such as prioritize seats for pregnant women, children and elderly people.

Look for bus tickets online to travel outside of Hanoi:

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Summary of Tips for Taking a Bus in Hanoi

Traveling by bus is not only an affordable way to explore Hanoi, but also a small contribution to protecting the city’s environment and reducing traffic congestion. We hope that our tips above can help you enjoy an interesting yet safe journey in this beautiful city.

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Guest - Riley Wallance on Thursday, 12 March 2020 14:00

Would recommend bringing some small changes. The bus driver didn't seem to be happy when I gave him big bills

Would recommend bringing some small changes. The bus driver didn't seem to be happy when I gave him big bills
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