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Special Places in Vietnam

special-places-in-vietnam-ninh-binh Day trips from Hanoi: Ninh Binh

The variety of climate, terrain, and density of population allows Vietnam to welcome and considerately treat different types of tourists. Here are our suggestions for some special places in Vietnam and their characteristics, so that you can choose the one that suits your purpose. Whether it is a romantic holiday with your partner, an interesting family vacation, a trip full of intensive activities, a great chance to explore the heaven of food, a getaway with full of new things to capture with your camera, or good landscape to enjoy your retirement pleasantly.

Ho Chi Minh City

Best for: family vacation, food lovers, photographers, retirees who love the busy life

Ho Chi Minh City, one of the most exciting cities in Vietnam, offers a wide range of activities to enjoy as well as appealing destinations to explore, which are ideal for both Day Adventure and Night Adventure. With numerous parks, museums, historical sites, and other recreational areas, it is suitable for all ages to visit and experience. Ho Chi Minh City is also where you can easily find almost every type of dish originated from all over the country. A food tour is what you should not miss out on here. For photographers, if you are looking for something besides crazily busy streets, you can look into Saigon’s Other Side through the Hidden Alleyways in Ho Chi Minh City. For those who want to settle down in this city, the average living cost here might be higher when compared to other domestic cities (still much lower than ones in other countries!), but together with it is high-quality and accessible services.

special places in vietnam ho chi minh city

Ho Chi Minh is a city that never sleeps

Mekong Delta

Best for: family vacation, fruit lovers, photographers

Mekong Delta is the land where you can witness lots of common Vietnamese culture and try out exotic fruits or the Southeast version of some famous Vietnamese foods like Banh Xeo. No matter where you are from, visiting the Mekong Delta is a chance for you to see things that you can hardly find anywhere else in the world.

special places in vietnam mekong delta

A signature of Mekong Delta is the floating market

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family outing in ho chi minh city motorcycle

Cat Tien National Park

Best for: Adventurous travelers, nature lovers, photographers

Looking for a place to immerse yourself with nature? Intensive trekking and cycling should be expected and well-prepared. Majestic landscapes, unique types of plants, and wild animals are the rewards for you after the challenging journey.

special places in vietnam cat tien national park

Many beautiful creatures can be found at Cat Tien National Park

Vung Tau

Best for: weekend getaway, seafood lovers, retirees

Vung Tau is one of the beaches near Ho Chi Minh City, so if you are thinking about having a short trip to enjoy the sea atmosphere and fresh seafood, it is a worthy consideration. The cost of living is amazingly affordable, and although the areas near the beach get crowded on the weekends and holidays, most of the time this city is comfortably peaceful. Therefore, it has become attractive to many ex-pats and locals alike.

special places in vietnam vung tau

Vung Tau is a good choice for a day trip

Read more on our Vung Tau Travel Guide

Phu Quoc Island

Best for: romantic holiday, resorts, scuba diving, beach lovers, seafood lovers

Fine white sand, translucent turquoise sea, countless types of delectable seafood, and the availability of many entertaining activities are the reasons that make this island the favorite destination for both domestic and international tourists. Read our Phu Quoc Travel Guide to see what Mother Nature has bestowed for this island.

special places in vietnam phu quoc island

A majestic sunset scene in Phu Quoc

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Nam Du Island

Best for: off-the-beaten-path, beach lovers, adventurous travelers, seafood lovers, scenic photographers

As beautiful as Phu Quoc but much less crowded and more rustic, Nam Du Island is for people who do not find the tranquil beauty of nature boring and not ask for a luxurious holiday. The services here are offered in the most idyllic way since all of the generosity can be found through the number of newly-caught seafood and outstanding landscape which the island has been blessed with. The unexploited landscape here promises one-of-a-kind photos.

special places in vietnam nam du island

The untouched beauty of Nam Du Island

Take a look at A Guide to Nam Du Island

Nha Trang

Best for: beach and tan, scuba diving, family vacation, seafood lovers, photographers, retirees

Vietnam is rich in beaches, but the ones in Nha Trang surely have their specific characteristics. You can either choose to try new experiences like exploring the surrounding islands, diving, admiring the beautiful coral reefs, or simply enjoy the calm sea and glorious sunrise.

special places in vietnam nha trang

A beach in Nha Trang

See our guide for your First Time in Nha Trang

Da Lat

Best for: weekend trips, romantic holiday, photographers, retirees

Also known as “the city of love” or “Little Paris of Vietnam”, with the all-year-round pleasant weather and attractive poetic sites, Da Lat is one of the special places in Vietnam for local couples. Belonged to the list of 11 Best Places to Live in Vietnam, Da Lat is so peaceful that no traffic light has to be installed. If you are into a modest life far away from the hurry cities after retirement, then look no further than this wonderful city. The landscape here does not have an outstanding look that makes people go “Wow” the moment they see it, but its calming, fresh vibes would remain in their memory for a long time.

special places in vietnam da lat

Da Lat is known as the city of clouds from the fogs

See our full guide on Da Lat Travel here

Da Nang

Best for: family vacation, retirees, golf

You are fascinated by both beaches and mountains, and you can decide where to spend your holiday? Then take a look at Da Nang where you can enjoy both! While Da Nang has some of the most charming beaches in Vietnam, its mountains are also majestic and mighty. Many qualified services are easily accessed here, and the living cost is surprisingly affordable, so foreign retirees would find the city suitable to enjoy their life after continuous years of working hard.

Learn more about Golfing in Vietnam

special places in vietnam da nang 

A corner of Ba Na Hills - a famous attraction in Da Nang

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Hoi An

Best for: romantic holiday, family vacation, history fanatics

Known as the city of lanterns, Hoi An is most famous for its Ancient Town and unique cuisine. One of the favorite activities of travelers when coming here is to cycle on the countryside roads, across the golden rice paddy fields.

special places in vietnam hoi an

Hoi An Ancient Town by night

Read Hoi An Travel Guide to see how lovely it is!

Quang Binh

Best for: cave explorer, adventurous travelers, photographers

Quang Binh is the home of several beautiful caves in Vietnam, such as the UNESCO Phong Nha-Ke Bang, Son Doong making it one of the special places in Vietnam. The beauty of nature here is astounding and pristine, and to preserve it, mass tourism is limited in many areas. Besides some caves that can be comfortably explored on foot or by boat, others, especially the marvelous and primitive ones, require lots of climbing and trekking, so if you travel with your children, make sure they can cope with the journey.

special places in vietnam quang binh

An amazing cave in Quang Binh


Best for: family vacation, food lovers, retirees who love the city life

Hanoi, the capital of Vietnam, has more than a million years of culture and history. It would take several days to get to know this city. As the cradle of the Vietnamese civilization, Hanoi is where many must-try Vietnamese foods were born. From here, they travel to all the provinces across the country, and people in that area would either try to make a replica or adjust to taste to create the local variant. When in Hanoi, don't miss out on day trips from Hanoi to Ninh Binh or Halong Bay.

special places in vietnam hanoi

An alley in Hanoi


Best for: trekking, adventurous travelers, terraced rice fields, photographers

The journey to Northwest Vietnam is not easy; it would take time and effort. But the splendid landscape, cool atmosphere, and friendly locals make everything worthy. For couples, Sapa is an ideal stop for a trekking getaway. In case you are fond of somewhere with a more breathtaking view, travel a little bit further to see some of the most spectacular terraced rice fields in Vietnam.

special places in vietnam northwest

Terraced fields are beautiful scenery of Northwest Vietnam

Summary of Special Places in Vietnam

Different special places in Vietnam have their charms. Lots of them have unforgettably beautiful landscapes; some are metropolitan cities, the others are perfect for a getaway vacation. Whether you want to spend some lazy days at a tranquil place to refresh your mind, or you would love to have some exciting activities, Vietnam can satisfy the needs of tourists of all ages.

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