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Saigon on Bikes through Local Markets


Local markets, big or small, selling general merchandises or some other specialties, are the signature of Saigon. Traveling Saigon on bikes through local markets will always bring you a fun adventure exploring and seeing the locals’ daily life and culture.

Why You Should Explore Local Markets in Saigon on Bikes

Saigon might not be the biggest city in the world but is big enough to exhaust you if you explore all of the interesting destinations scattering all over the city solely on foot. The public transport system (bus or metro) has not been developed and could be confusing for the foreigners so they are not really an option either. And not every streets in the city is bicycle friendly and safe enough for you to pedaling around.

local markets in saigon on bikes 1

The locals usually go shopping in markets on their bikes

Sometimes the unusual, authentic, and amazing experience like the local markets in the city does not always flashy and easy to find but stays hidden in small and deep alleyways. You would miss them if you visit places in Saigon with a cab. Their pathways are also quite narrow, so traveling around and visiting local markets in Saigon on bikes is currently the best option. It is also how the locals move around all the time so you can actually have the same experience as they do.

Different Kinds of Local Markets to Visit in Saigon on Bikes

Street Markets and Wet Markets

In the past, the wet markets were where every woman went to buy foods to cook for their families. Farmers or merchandisers would bring their goods to places near residential areas to sell, and the markets were naturally established upon the needs of the locals with or without the authorities' involvement. That is why these traditional markets where you can experience and understand a big part of Vietnamese society.

saigon on bikes wet market

All of the goods like fresh produces are laid out on the streets in the wet markets

You can still see some of the street markets happen with all the noise and hustle when going around Saigon on bikes, but they may not be there the next time you come back for a visit. Their existence is unstable because of the growth of supermarkets, convenience stores, and the government’s efforts to organize the city and clean up the streets. The table below lists some of the markets in the busy areas, which worth your visit because they are the closest to the original form of a traditional market where most trading happened on the streets rather than in the market building.

District Market Address
District 1 Ton That Dam Ton That Dam, Ben Nghe Ward
  Cau Kho 26A Nguyen Van Cu, Cau Kho Ward
District 5 Hoa Binh 37 Bach Van, Ward 5
  Xa Tay 36 Nguyen Trai, Ward 11
District 10 Hoa Hung 539A Cach Mang Thang Tam, Ward 15


Street Food Markets

One of the best places to find Vietnamese street foods is the local markets in Saigon. The taste from different regions of the country, the noise of people go shopping in the markets, small stools and tables in the market eating areas or hawkers with their carrying poles or carts will offer you various options from savory to sweet dishes.

District Market Address
District 1 Ben Thanh Quach Thi Trang Roundabout - Le Loi Street, Ben Thanh Ward
  Tan Dinh 48 Hai Ba Trung, Ward Tan Dinh
  Thai Binh 5 Pham Ngu Lao, Ward Pham Ngu Lao
  Co Giang 110 Co Giang, Co Giang Ward
District 3 Vuon Chuoi 428 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ward 4
  Ban Co 664 Nguyen Dinh Chieu, Ward 3
District 4 Xom Chieu Le Quoc Hung, Ward 12
  200 Xom Chieu, Ward 15
District 5 Phung Hung 214 Phung Hung, Ward 14
District 6 Thiec Pho Co Dieu, Ward 6
District 10 Nguyen Tri Phuong 68 Nguyen Lam, Ward 6
Binh Thanh District Ba Chieu Corner of Bui Huu Nghia and Bach Dang, Ward 1
  Phan Van Tri 233A Phan Van Tri, Ward 11
Can Gio District Hang Duong Long Thanh, Long Hoa Ward


saigon on bikes street food market

You can have a dessert in a stall like this in the local market

Night Markets

Besides the day markets, another wonderful kind of local market that you should visit while going around Saigon on bikes is the night market. When the sun goes down, the “day” market session ends, the fresh produces sellers and stationery will clean up and close their station, giving ways for the street vendors and fashion shops. These night market shops are not in the building but on the streets around the area.

District Market Address
District 1 Ben Thanh Quach Thi Trang Roundabout - Le Loi Street, Ben Thanh Ward
District 5 Hoa Binh 37 Bach Van, Ward 5
District 6 Minh Phung 122 Minh Phung, Ward 6
  Binh Tay 57A Thap Muoi, Ward 2
District 7 Tan My Tan My, Tan Phu Ward
District 12 Trung My Tay 479 Trung My Tay 13, Trung My Tay Ward
Binh Thanh District Ba Chieu Corner of Bui Huu Nghia and Bach Dang, Ward 1
Go Vap District Hanh Thong Tay 10 Quang Trung, Ward 11
Tan Binh District Pham Van Hai 128 Pham Van Hai, Ward 3
Thu Duc District Linh Trung Bazaar 1225E Tinh lo 43, Binh Chieu Ward

 saigon on bikes night market

Night market is the place you must check out for pretty souvenirs

Other Special Markets

Saigon,a prosperous land in the South of Vietnam, welcomes people from all cross of life and thus all kinds of goods and business can be found here. Besides the typical markets where meat, vegetables, clothing, and daily necessity are sold, many markets specialize in one kind of merchandise that when you say the name of the good, every local will point you to those places. These are also interesting places to explore Saigon on bikes and see another side of the city.

Merchandises Market Address
Flower Ho Thi Ky 52 Alley Ho Thi Ky, Ward 1, District 10
  Dam Sen 39 Nguyen Van Phu, Ward 5, District 11
  Binh Dong 301 Ben Binh Dong, Ward 14, District 8
Fabric Soai Kinh Lam 465-473 Tran Hung Dao, Ward 14, District 5
  Tan Binh Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 8, Tan Binh District
Agriculture products Binh Dien Nguyen Van Linh, Ward 7, District 8
  Thu Duc 141 Quoc lo 1A, Tam Binh Ward, Thu Duc District
  Hoc Mon 14/7A Nguyen Thi Soc, My Hoa 4, Xuan Thoi Dong Ward, Hoc Mon District
Accessories Dai Quang Minh 35 Chau Van Liem, Ward 14
Old clothes Hoang Hoa Tham 19 Hoang Hoa Tham, Ward 13, Tan Binh District
Warm clothes
Russian themed souvenirs
Central Garden (Cho Nga - Russian Market) 328 Vo Van Kiet, Co Giang Ward, District 1
Cambodian foods Le Hong Phong 374 Alley Le Hong Phong, Ward 1, District 10
Foods of Quang Nam (a province in Central Vietnam) Ba Hoa Tran Mai Ninh, Ward 11, Tan Binh District
Camping accessories
Military-themed souvenirs
Dan Sinh 104 Yersin, Nguyen Thai Binh Ward, District 1
Wholesale (mostly clothing and fashion items) Binh Tay 57A Thap Muoi, Ward 2. District 6
  An Dong 34 An Duong Vuong, Ward 9, District 5
Fruits floating market Tran Xuan Soan Tran Xuan Soan, Tan Thuan Tay Ward, District 7


saigon on bikes flower market

A row of flowers in Ho Thi Ky Market

saigon on bikes fabric market

Soai Kinh Lam the biggest fabric market in Saigon

saigon on bikes dan sinh market

Military jackets and helmets in Dan Sinh Market

saigon on bikes floating market

A boat loaded with jackfruits in the Saigon floating market

District 5 is where business is still good for the traditional markets, and sometimes with weird markets like electronic, mechanic parts, iron, construction material, chemical, and production materials. Most of these places are for wholesale where you can buy a bunch of products for a lower price than elsewhere.

Excited to explore Saigon on bikes through local markets?

Whether you want to go shopping for souvenirs, foods, and clothing at a reasonable price, or just to dive in the local culture and atmosphere, these local markets will always have their ways to lure you in.

But you should know that not all of these place are clean, well-organized (actually chaotic is one of their characteristics), or easy to visit on your own, so have a local guide to drive you around and show you how to mingle with the people would be a great idea. See more how to get your private guide in Saigon.

For more interesting places in the city, check out our overview of districts in Saigon.

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Joining your tour with Leah was amazing, she was so loveable and smart

Joining your tour with Leah was amazing, she was so loveable and smart
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