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Lang Ong Ba Chieu - Saigon's Ancient Tomb


Amidst the bustling city lies Lang Ong Ba Chieu - the ancient tomb of General Le Van Duyet. The famous man laid the groundwork for the peace and development of Ho Chi Minh City - formerly known as Gia Dinh in the Nguyen dynasty. The tomb was erected after his death in 1832 to commemorate his significant contribution to the establishment of both the city and the locals.

How to Get to Lang Ong Ba Chieu

Address: 1 Vu Tung Street, Binh Thanh District
Opening hour: 7 AM - 5 PM

You can get a cab or take the bus number 8, number 51, 55, 95, 104, 146, 18, 36, 31, 54 depending on your location.

ancient tomb nearby
Lang Ong Ba Chieu from afar

About Lang Ong Ba Chieu

Lang Ong Ba Chieu - or as locally known as Lang Ong - locates right next to the Ba Chieu market, hence the name. The ancient tomb is 18,500 meters square, which makes it looks more like a temple with altars. The tomb's design bears the signature of the Nguyen dynasty's architecture - from the intricate wood and stone engraving's to the doors and the gates.

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The main gate on Vu Tung Street has a monument in Chinese characters indicating the high eminence of General Le Van Duyet.

lang ong ba chieu
The archaic grave stands with time

The heart of the temple is the twin graves of the General and his wife. Although you can feel free to take photos in the surrounding area, pictures are forbidden around the graves since it is the most sacred place where people would come to offer incense and respect.

ancient architect of the tomb

The ancient architect of Lang Ong Ba Chieu

The Nguyen dynasty's architecture is conspicuous all over the walls and the temple. Colorful pieces of porcelain create an exquisite masterpiece on the walls.

lang ong ba chieu 2

The spacious yard of Lang Ong Ba Chieu

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Verdant green spaces are composed of the old and ample banyan trees inside the temple. The yard is also where seniors do exercise or take a break from hectic urban life.

inside of lang ong ba chieu

Lang Ong Ba Chieu altar

Inside of Saigon’s ancient tomb is the sacred altar where people come to pray or perform traditional rituals on special occasions and festivals. Vietnamese people light up incense to express their gratitude and respect. Alongside the main altar of General Le Van Duyet, there is an altar for Le Chat - his altruistic companion, and one for Phan Thanh Gian - a famous scholar and royal consultant back in the Nguyen dynasty.

lang ong ba chieu 1

Poetry paintings as souvenirs

Conclusion of Lang Ong Ba Chieu

Lang Ong Ba Chieu is one of the most impressive ancient construction that still maintains its archaic beauty until today. Explore Saigon's Other Side to experience the ancient and sacred vibe of this Saigon’s ancient tomb to develop a deeper understanding of Vietnamese culture and history.

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A nice quiet place in the busy street

A nice quiet place in the busy street
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