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Is It Safe to Travel Hanoi by Myself?


Solo travel may sound like a great idea, but traveling without a company poses certain challenges. If you are going to Hanoi - by yourself, don't worry, you can still enjoy this unique city on your own without worrying about being lonely.

Is It Safe to Travel Hanoi by Myself?

In general, Vietnam is a country with stable politics and security, and there is little to no worries about issues such as violence, protests, or terrorism. And Hanoi - the capital of Vietnam, is no exception.

hanoi 1

Hanoi is a safe city for international tourists.

Hanoi stands out from other beautiful cities in Vietnam for its peaceful atmosphere and incredibly nostalgic vibe. However, just like anywhere else, petty crimes like pickpockets and scams still occur in Hanoi - especially for those exploring the city alone. It is advisable not to carry many valuable belongings and important personal documents on the street to avoid unfortunate mishaps.

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Can I Stay in Touch with My Family when I Travel Hanoi by Myself?

Despite the not-so-outstanding internet speed, the Internet signal in Vietnam, and in Hanoi particularly, is stable enough for you to access the world-wide-web easily and stay in touch with your loved ones. Almost all public areas such as restaurants, cafes, department stores are well-equipped with free wifi for customers. There is also free wifi service for tourists in the Hoan Kiem Lake area with reliable connection speed.

The 3G or 4G network in Hanoi is also guaranteed to help you stay connected. The speed of which, however, depends significantly on the network providers.

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What Means of Transport Should I Use When I Travel Hanoi by Myself?

Transportation in Hanoi is extremely diverse for visitors to choose from. However, solo travelers should prioritize public transport such as buses, as well as taxis or motorbike taxis to avoid getting lost or violating the traffic laws in Vietnam. The traffic situation in Hanoi is not always smooth, especially during rush hour. Therefore, it is a big concern if you haven't acquainted yourself with the street culture here.

hanoi 2

Local buses in Hanoi.

If taking the bus, pay close attention to your belongings at all times to avoid pickpocketing, and it is best to wear your backpack or bag in the front. Regarding taxis, ask for the price before getting on and have the driver turn on the meter to minimize the chances of taxi scams. As for ride-hailing services, use trustworthy brands such as Grab, Go-Viet, or Be instead of traditional motorbike taxis and paying in advance with your Visa/Mastercards or e-wallets is always more advisable.

hanoi 3

It's safer to book the motorbike taxis with mobile apps.

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What About My Experience When I Travel Hanoi by Myself?

In Hanoi, there are many exciting activities for you to experience on your own, such as:

Join a Food Tour in Hanoi

bun cha 2

bun dau 1

Hanoi cuisine is among the world's favorites

banh troi tau

Hanoi dessert

Get Off The Tourist Trails in Hanoi

west lake flower valley 1

West Lake is a special hideout in Hanoi

Explore the Train Street in Hanoi

train street 5

train street 7

Go Shopping in Hanoi

dong xuan market 4

Dong Xuan Market in Hanoi

Wander in Hanoi Local Markets 

hn old quarter street 15

hn old quarter street 12

Hanoi markets are full of colors

Hanoi is not a big city, but exploring all the major hotspots in this city will consume a lot of your time. The rich culture in Hanoi will certainly keep you out of feeling bored and lonesome.

Top Tips When Traveling Hanoi by Myself

    • Some vendors at famous attraction spots will try to talk you into buying their merchandise at an overcharged price, and may even act hostile towards people not purchasing their goodies. The best solution to protect yourself (and your wallet) is to walk away calmly.
    • Avoid going out late at night. If you do, make sure to choose trustworthy transportation services in Hanoi.
    • Find a comfortable stay in Hanoi:

To Conclude, Can I Travel Hanoi by Myself?

Definitely yes! Solo travel is a perfect choice for all who adore the Vietnamese vibrant culture and history as well as charming landscapes. With the above suggestions, you can thoroughly explore Hanoi alone and create extremely memorable memories for yourself.

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