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How to Support Local Communities When Visiting Vietnam


Longing for more value out of your visit to Vietnam? With the belief that there is no better way of receiving than giving first, we write you a guide of how to support local communities when visiting Vietnam. You don’t have to go to any great lengths in order to assume the responsibility, though, it takes only simple, individual actions to achieve positive outcomes.

How to Support Local Communities when Visiting Vietnam

how to support local communities when visiting vietnam local business
Support the local businesses when visiting Vietnam

Tourism provides a large income for most Vietnamese provinces, especially in rural areas. By supporting local businesses, shopping in local markets, for example, you can increase the substantial development of Vietnam’s tourism and economy. The more visitors make use of local services, the better the quality is enhanced. Furthermore, getting to know the locals can offer the best experience you can ask for on your trip. Here are a few ways you can help the local economies.

Purchase locally-made merchandise

Hanoi’s delicate souvenirs you should buy are a good reminder of places you’ve been to. Vietnam has plenty of traditional handicraft villages, and their products are of incredible finesse. Buying these plays a crucial in promoting the local cultures and traditional businesses.

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how to support local communities when visiting vietnam handicrafts

Vietnam has many traditional handicrafts villages

Hire local tour guides

Put aside the agony of poor trip planning by hiring a local tour guide. They can know exactly where to go and what you should do for the most unique experience. This is the perfect way of how to support local communities when visiting Vietnam carefree.

how to support local communities when visiting vietnam tour guide

A local tour guide adds the fun to a memorable experience

itourvn saigon other side motorbike tour

Go off-the-beaten-track with the help of a local tour guide

Choose local accommodation

Homestays are becoming increasingly preferable for visitors when going to Vietnam. There’s no need to pay a large amount at a fancy hotel when you can opt for a cozy homestay (usually with homemade foods!). The locals can earn their daily income from this type of accommodation, too.

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How to Support Local Communities when Visiting Vietnam: Minimize your Carbon Footprints

Enjoy the most while leaving the least impact possible on the environment. Millions of tourists flock to Vietnam each year, and for every careless traveler, nature is put in the edge of pollution. Choosing environmental-friendly approaches during your visit can immensely benefit the country’s nature conservation.

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Say no to plastic

It is quite hard to practice in Vietnam since the country’s consumer culture is heavily based on plastic packages and wrappers. However, you can take the matter into your own hands by bringing your own shopping bags, or reduce the use of plastic cups and straws by dining in at the restaurant rather than ordering takeaways.

how to support local communities when visiting vietnam environment 2

Turn down plastic straws and plastic bags if possible

Avoid products made from animals

Take special caution when you are traveling in jungle areas, where street vendors will try to sell grilled meat of exotic jungle animals or products made from animal skin. Those offers all seem very inviting, and most of them are not illegal in Vietnam, but such actions seriously threaten wildlife. Saying no to these items is a significant contribution to protecting the ecosystem.

how to support local communities when visiting vietnam environment 3

Try your best to avoid products made from animals

How to Support Local Communities when Visiting Vietnam: Take Part in Volunteering

More and more tourists nowadays are looking to deliver value to the community on their travels. Volunteering in Vietnam varies in forms. You can visit villages for handicapped children or join in building a school for children in remote areas. Tourism is not about personal bliss anymore; it is rather about sharing joy with those in need. Consequently, trips like this always end with so much more than you have bargained for.

how to support local communities when visiting vietnam volunteer 1

Volunteering is a meaningful way of traveling

Conclusion on How to Support Local Communities when Visiting Vietnam

Being considerate on your travel is not going to lessen the fun by any means. On the contrary, shouldering the responsibility in the small actions you do can enrich your travel in a way you have never thought of. As tour organizers, we are committed to not only providing the best service for travelers but also offering meaningful contributions to the local communities.

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