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How to Send a Package from Vietnam


Sending a package has always been a common issue among foreign visitors when traveling to or residing in Vietnam. There are many trustworthy delivery names including Vietnam Post, DHL, and Viettel Post, which can fulfill your demands. Have a look at how to send a package from Vietnam below.

Mail and Parcel Shipment in Vietnam

Vietnam Post

how to send a package from vietnam vietnam post

Being a member of the Universal Postal Union (UPU), Vietnam Post is the main postal company in Vietnam. This company offers adequate logistic services all over the world including domestic and international deliveries. The international postal service, which includes letter-post and parcel-post, delivers documents and merchandise from Vietnam to 192 countries in the UPU on Vietnam Post’s postal network through air directions, surface directions, and ground directions.

Vietnam Post Fee on How to Send a Package from Vietnam 

There are several options with different prices, in which Express mail services (EMS), International Postal Services, and VNQuickpost are available for sending packages from Vietnam to other countries. The transportation fee for the postal service in Vietnam is a little expensive, but the service quality is increasingly improving. The fee you are supposed to pay often varies depending on the destination, the weight, and the dimension of your parcel, which you can check the estimate on their website.

Vietnam Post Policies on How to Send a Package from Vietnam 

With all services, Vietnam Post provides you with inquiry compensation principles for unwanted situations. For International Postal Services, the inquiry of damage's time is 6 months from the accepted date at service points of VNPost and 1 month from items delivered to the addressee. The inquiry settlement for rates and other contents relating directly to the items takes 3 months from the admitted inquiry date. The compensation for these services will be payable in case of partly loss/loss, damage, or change in the whole content, based on the actual damage.

Similarly, you can get more information about inquiry and compensation on Express mail services (EMS), International Postal Services, and VNQuickpost on their website.

Besides, additional services including Delivery at Recipients' Address, Cash on Delivery, Address and Recipient Name Correction, and Paid on Delivery would be provided when you send parcels through Express Mail Service (EMS).

Vietnam Post Service Points

There are many post offices and service points of Vietnam Post (about 13,000) in every province of Vietnam like in the Saigon Central Post Office. You can search for the nearest post office on the Vietnam Post website. However, you should check whether your package includes prohibited items before bringing it to the post office. Some prohibition items are Vietnamese currency, foreign currency, or documents valuable as money, arms, ammunition, and animal fur. Check out more on International Postal Services.

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DHL Express

how to send a package from vietnam dhl express

DHL Express is an international express company with a network in over 220 countries, which provides global deliveries and freight forwarding by air, sea, and road and some other customized logistic services.

You can choose Express Delivery Services & International Shipping for your shipment and check the status of your parcel on Track DHL Express Shipments. International DHL Express offers you several options, ranging from time-critical packages to less urgent day certain options. Besides, DHL offers you a wide range of optional services, extending your shipping choices. These services include Shipment Insurance, Extended Liability, GOGREEN Climate Neutral, Hold for Collection, Duties, and Taxes Paid, and Change of Billing. More information can easily be found on its website.

As DHL can arrange insurance covering the value of loss or damage to the Shipment, it is fairly safe when using DHL shipping services. However, the shipment insurance will not cover indirect loss or damage, or any loss and damage which is caused by delays. There are two main insurance options, which are Road Freight Insurance and Air & Ocean Cargo Insurance.

DHL Service Points

Ho Chi Minh City
38 Nguyen Hue, District 1
109 Tran Quoc Toan, Tan Binh District
58 Chau Van Liem, District 5

01 Ba Trieu, Hoan Kiem District
17 Pham Hung, Tu Liem District
Noi Bai Airport

Da Nang
33 Nguyen Du, Hai Chau District

Vietnam DHL Express Head Office

Ho Chi Minh
DHL-VNPT Express Ltd.
6 Thang Long, Tan Binh District

DHL-VNPT Express Ltd.
17 Pham Hung Road, Tu Liem District

Customer Service Hours:
Monday - Friday: 8 AM - 9 PM
Saturday: 8 AM - 6 PM
Sunday: Closed

Other Delivery Companies

Some other domestic delivers which also offer international delivery are Viettel Post, Tin Thanh Express, Kerry Express, Noi Bai Post and Babylon Express. Those companies are not as popular as Vietnam Post and DHL Express, but it’s worth considering them.

Tips for How to Send a Package from Vietnam

1. Not have your parcel wrapped before taking it to the post office. Postal staff are supposed to unpack your package to check whether it contains prohibition items such as animal fur and military-technical equipment. So it is advisable for you to have a look at the list of prohibition items, conditionally accepted items, items with export licenses.

2. Take notice of the size of items, which are allowed to be sent abroad. For example, with the Vietnam post, the size standard of parcel posts up to 30kg is measured by the length and the greatest perimeter. And these numbers must be no more than 3 meters.

3. Plan to send your parcels to whom and which address if you might still be traveling when your packages are going to arrive.


Summary of How to Send a Package from Vietnam

As there are many delivery companies which can offer you several options for an international shipment, you can find it easy to send a package from Vietnam.

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Guest - Jayson Grance on Saturday, 04 January 2020 17:03

Wish I knew about this article sooner so I didn't have to go through the tormenting process of finding the right delivery service. Will definitely follow your advice for my next sending gifts to my family at home

Wish I knew about this article sooner :( so I didn't have to go through the tormenting process of finding the right delivery service. Will definitely follow your advice for my next sending gifts to my family at home
Guest - Allen Harrison on Wednesday, 02 October 2019 21:37

Came across your article and found some very useful tips. Thanks a lot

Came across your article and found some very useful tips. Thanks a lot
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