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How to Avoid Mosquitoes when Traveling to Vietnam


The invariably humid climate of Vietnam makes this one country a veritable haven for mosquitoes. Not only are these airborne insects extremely irritating and annoying – as you probably already know from experience! – but the mosquitoes who live in this region of the world pose two more dangers to travelers. Not only do stand at risk of infection when you scratch mosquito bites with dirty fingers when out hiking in the wilderness, but mosquitoes in Vietnam are carriers of some of the world’s most deadly diseases, including Malaria, dengue fever, and the Zika virus. But never fear! By following the expert advice presented in this blog post, you can avoid mosquitoes when traveling to Vietnam, and enjoy a safe, Southeast Asian holiday. Read on to find out more.

Wear insect repellent!

You may not be a fan, but DEET containing repellents are still the most effective way known to man of preventing mosquitoes and mosquito bites. Whenever you head outside during your Vietnamese holiday, be sure to apply a good thick coating of repellent to all areas of exposed skin. Try to get a formulation that is odor - and grease-free so you don’t make too much of a mess.

Avoid the peak times for mosquitoes

Mosquitoes come out in full force at two times of the day: dawn and dusk. Try to avoid being outside during these periods, and if you must, take the full precautions.

Wear the right kind – and color – of clothing

Be sure to wear clothing woven in such a way and from a material that can’t be penetrated by mosquitoes. Long, thick pants and shirts, woolen socks, and sturdy, well-sealed shoes are your best options here. Try to cover as much of your body with this type of clothing as possible; it’s also a good idea to tuck your shirt into your pants, and your pants into your socks.

But if it is too hot, you should at least pay attention to the colors you wear. Research suggests that mosquitoes are more attracted to bright colors than light or neutral tones, so when you go out trekking, try to wear khaki, earth or plain colored clothing.

Stay clean!

Mosquitoes are also drawn by the smell of sweat and body odor; if you didn’t already have sufficient reasons to stay clean whilst traveling, then here is another one!

Use mosquito netting

You are an easy target for mosquitoes while you’re sleeping, so this is a no-brainer if you are camping out for the night. Place mosquito netting around your tent or hammock. If possible, also try to spray it with repellent. Nowadays you can also buy mosquito netting – and clothing as well – that already has insect repellent woven into the fabric. Even if you are sleeping indoors, placing mosquito netting around your bedding may be a good precautionary measure.


Befriend a gecko lizard!

These critters are considered a good luck charm in Southeast Asia, and once you see their voracious appetite for mosquitoes, it’s not hard to see why! They’ll eat several mosquitoes a minute, so consider getting yourself one and keeping it in your room with you whilst on your Vietnamese holiday.

More health-related items to prepare for traveling Vietnam

Face masks: While medical face masks are generally easy to buy in local pharmacies or convenience stores, you need to prepare some pieces beforehand as you are entering crowded places such as the airport.

Read more on Is it necessary to wear a face mask in Vietnam?

Some recommended types:

Hand sanitizers: like most Asian countries, Vietnam is a heaven for finger-foods. Bring a bottle of hand sanitizer with you to stay germ-free

Get your travel insurance online:



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Guest - Michelle Holt on Friday, 10 January 2020 20:51

I suppose I don't need to worry about this if I'm staying in the city?

I suppose I don't need to worry about this if I'm staying in the city?
Guest - Emily on Saturday, 26 October 2019 13:25

We visited the Mekong Delta last year and I highly recommend bringing repellents, particularly if you'll be spending the night at a homestay

We visited the Mekong Delta last year and I highly recommend bringing repellents, particularly if you'll be spending the night at a homestay
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Monday, 02 October 2023

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