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Get off The Tourist Trails in Hanoi


Hanoi has been so famous for its tourist attractions like Ho Chi Minh's Mausoleum, Old Town, ... But what if you're no longer interested in the destinations presented in every tour guide? There is still a very different Hanoi - unique and new for you to discover.

Small Alleys in Hanoi Old Quarter

Hanoi Old Quarter is the heart of the city and indeed the most popular place for foreign visitors to Hanoi. However, the small alleys hidden inside Hanoi Old Quarter are the real gems that have not been discovered by every tourist.

Although on the outside, Hanoi Old Quarter is extremely bustling with shops and flashing lights, on the inside, there are peaceful alleys bearing bold Hanoi features. Small and beautiful Hang Chai Street lies behind the flower shelves from shops on Hang Ruoi Street. Or on the shortest street in Hanoi - Ho Hoan Kiem Street, just a moment of woolgathering, you'll reach the end of the road without knowing.

hang chai street 1

Hang Chai Street

ho hoan kiem street 1

Ho Hoan Kiem Street

There are alleys in Hanoi which are only about 1 meter wide, just enough for sunlight to reach. Entering here, you will see a completely different and gentle side of Hanoi. These alleys are perfect if you’ve always wanted to get off the tourist trails in Hanoi.

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The Hidden Cafes

On every street in Hanoi, you can easily find several different cafes: large coffee chains, typical coffee shops, or book cafés. However, among those similar cafés, there are hidden cafés in small alleys which are not so crowded, making them great places to "escape" from busy daily lives.

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Located on Tran Quang Dieu street, Culaccino Coffee is a café with rather unique architecture. Leading into the shop is a narrow cobblestone road, and at the end of that road, Calcuccino Coffee opens up to a vast space. Here, you can sit in the house, amidst the sparkling light and soft melodious music to chitchat with friends. You can even bring your favorite book to a small corner in the garden of the cafes, take a sip of coffee and enjoy the lovely tranquility.

culaccino coffee 1

Culaccino Coffee, 171 - 173, Lane 79, Tran Quang Dieu Street, Dong Da District

Besides Culaccino Coffee, there are also many hidden cafes in Hanoi. With unique architecture and refreshing atmosphere, these hidden cafes will bring you a completely new experience compared to the hectic you always see.

hien coffee 1

Hien Cafe, No 1, Lane 14, Huynh Thuc Khang Street, Dong Da District

dinh cafe 1

Dinh Cafe, 2nd Floor, 13 Dinh Tien Hoang Street, Hoan Kiem District

cafe cuoi ngo 1

Cuoi Ngo Cafe, 4/78, Lane 68, Cau Giay Street, Cau Giay District

Street Food Tour

Hanoi's street food is no longer unfamiliar to foreign tourists, but among those famous eating places, you can also find new flavors at not-so-famous ones. If you're tired of those overrated eating places, get off the tourist trails in Hanoi now by a street food tour customized on the spot.

Hanoi Street Food 1


Hanoi street food makes up the beauty of this ancient city

Hanoi's street food offers from local signature dishes to those of other regions in Vietnam. Besides famous Hanoi dishes such as Pho, Banh cuon nong, Chao suon, Bun dau, you can also find the Banh xeo, Nem nuong, Banh da tron,... .

Visit the Most Beautiful Streets in Hanoi

Although Hanoi is small, it does not lack in impressive locations, and we must mention the charming streets for photography in Hanoi. But whether you want to take a photo or not, just take some time to walk on these streets and you will feel more relaxed than ever.

phan dinh phung street hanoi 1

Phan Dinh Phung Street

Shaded in old trees, Phan Dinh Phung street is considered the "most beautiful street in Hanoi". No matter when you come here, you will be overwhelmed with the peaceful, quiet atmosphere. Another beautiful street in Hanoi is Kim Ma Street. The romantic beauty of which will impress you regardless of the season you decide to visit this street. In spring and summer, the street is dyed purple with purple Lagerstroemia. In autumn, Kim Ma Street will take you to the romantic and gentle images of a dreamy red leaf road.

Kim Ma street 1

Kim Ma Street

Bus Tour

You must have known about the double-decker buses used for tourism in Hanoi which will take you through Hanoi's most popular tourist attractions on the planned route. However, if you want to get off the tourist trails in Hanoi and earn an authentic Hanoi experience, hop on a regular city bus that Hanoi people use as a means of public transport and observe this city from your own perspectives.

bus tour 1

Let's take a bus around the city

If you are at the heart of the city - Hoan Kiem Lake - congratulations because there are two buses here that pass through the most interesting places in Hanoi. Bus 09 with two different routes will bring you a true experience of Hanoi's inner city. Bus 09A passes many beautiful streets like Le Hong Phong, Trang Thi, Dien Bien Phu as well as famous destinations of Hanoi, so if you like, you can hop off to visit them at any time. As for Bus 14, you will have the experience to look at Hanoi with an overview, from the old quarter with very ancient features of Hanoi to the romantic West Lake and finally the tranquil suburban area.

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Experience West Lake

Hoan Kiem Lake seems to be a "legendary" place for tourists when it comes to Hanoi travel, but West Lake is where you can get off the tourist trails in Hanoi. The most extraordinary thing about West Lake is the 18 kilometer-long lakeshore with rows of trees and romantic lights. You can take a walk to enjoy the beauty of the lake from many angles, and can also sit down at a lakeside cafe, which is actually just a few small tables on the sidewalk, sip a little coffee and enjoy the pleasant atmosphere of the place.

west lake 1

The peaceful atmosphere for your relaxing moment

Summary on Get off The Tourist Trails in Hanoi

Unlike Hanoi in the travel books found anywhere, you can enjoy this place in a completely different, new, and exciting way. It may be a bit strange at first, but these true Hanoi experiences will make you love this thousand-year-old city a lot more.

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