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District 7 in Ho Chi Minh City


As a developing district with a great number of impressive new buildings, high-standard apartments, and various high-end services, District 7 is a worth-exploring place on your luxury tours. If you have a chance to visit District 7 on your Ho Chi Minh City trip, this is what you can expect.

Map of District 7's Attractions:

District 7 Overview

district 7 overview

District 7's landscape

With the total area of about 3,600 hectares, District 7 stands on an important location in terms of developing Ho Chi Minh City’s waterway transport. The East of District 7 is surrounded by the Saigon River with specialized ports playing an essential role in transporting goods and services. The areas sharing District 7’s border are District 4, District 2, Nha Be District, District 8, Binh Chanh District, and Dong Nai Province.

Together with District 2, District 7 is often the preferred place to settle down in Ho Chi Minh by many expats. Despite located away from the city center, District 7 has made plans to become one of the most developed districts, especially in the housing industry. In the future, District 7 would be a standard district where the citizens can enjoy the best economics, social welfare, and security. Particularly, Tan Phong Ward in the Phu My Hung area has become a Korean town due to an increasing number of Koreans settling in this ward in the recent 10 years.

How to Get to District 7

District 7 is about 14 kilometers from Tan Son Nhat International Airport (SGN), so it would take you around 60 minutes to get there. If you opt for taking taxis at the airport, it would cost you roughly VND 180,000 - VND 200,000. There are no shuttle buses that go directly from the airport to District 7. However, you can take a bus from the airport to the city center then take another bus route or a taxi to go to District 7.

Attractions in District 7

District 7 is a relatively new district, so there are many different modern attractions here including well-designed bridges, public parks, and entertainment places.

Name Entrance Fee Address Category
Anh Sao Bridge (Starlight Bridge) - Ban Nguyet Lake (Crescent Lake) Free Phu My Hung Residential Area, Ton Dat Tien, Tan Phu Ward Public park
Panorama Riverside Park Free Nguyen Duc Canh, Tan Phong Ward Public park
Lawrensting Park Free Behind Lawrensting Building, 801 Nguyen Van Linh, Tan Phu Ward, District 7 Public park
Artinus 3D Art Gallery

Monday - Friday:
VND 150,000

Saturday & Sunday & Holiday:
VND 200,000

02 - 04 Duong So 9, Tan Hung Ward Art museum
Long Hoa Pagoda


Khu pho 4, Phu My Ward, District 7 Religious and historical site


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Eating in District 7

As a new district, there are fewer restaurants and food stalls in District 7 compared to those central districts including District 1. However, District 7 is still a highly-recommended destination for any food-lovers with a wide variety of local and international options available here. 

Category Location
Street Eats Nguyen Thi Thap Street, Le Van Luong Street, Duong so 79
Cafe and Restaurants Nguyen Van Linh Street, Nguyen Duc Canh Street, Ton Dat Tien Street, Nguyen Thi Thap Street, SC Vivocity, Crescent Mall, Phu My Hung Residential Area
Vietnamese Foods Nguyen Thi Thap Street, Local markets
Beer Clubs and Bars

Phu My Hung Residential Area 

Fast Foods KFC, Domino Pizza, Lotteria


Shopping in District 7

There are two major shopping centers called SC Vivocity and Crescent Mall in District 7. At these malls, you can easily find many international famous brands here including Ecco, Adidas, Sensorial, and Havaianas. Also, there are many local markets where you can find out some local food and clothes.

Category Address What to buy
Shopping Malls

SC Vivocity - 1058 Nguyen Van Linh, Tan Phong Ward

Crescent Mall - 101 Ton Dat Tien, Tan Phu Ward

Clothes, Accessories, Cosmetics

Coffee and Tea

Local Markets

Cu Xa Ngan Hang Market - Duong so 6E, Tan Thuan Tay Ward

Tan My Market - Tan My Street, Tan Phu Ward

Tan Quy Market - Duong so 6, Tan Quy Ward

Tan Thuan Dong Market - Huynh Tan Phat, Tan Thuan Dong Ward

Tan Kieng Market - 239 Le Van Luong, Tan Kieng Ward

Clothes, Accessories, Cosmetics

Local foods

Dried foods

Conical hats


Nightlife in District 7

As an out-of-area district, there are fewer nightlife activities compared to District 1 and District 3. However, coming to District 7, you can experience a lively nightlife in luxury areas including the area of Hung Vuong Building, Sky Garden, Anh Sao Bridge (Starlight Bridge) and Ho Ban Nguyet (Cresent Lake). Also, there are several options for nightlife fun in District 7, ranging from shopping and enjoying Vietnamese coffee to discovering diverse cuisines.

district 7 crescent mall

Shopping at Crescent Mall

district 7 starlight bridge at night

Anh Sao Bridge (Starlight Bridge) at night

district 7 cafe

A beautiful coffee shop in District 7


Summary of District 7 in Ho Chi Minh City

Despite not being a centralized district, District 7 has its own attractions which could bring you several good experiences with high-end services and beautiful landscape.

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Guest - John Bennett on Monday, 06 January 2020 14:03

lots of international restaurants here, especially Korean restaurants, so this is a nice area to plan a fancy dinner

lots of international restaurants here, especially Korean restaurants, so this is a nice area to plan a fancy dinner
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