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District 11 in Ho Chi Minh City


Among many districts making up the Chinatown in Ho Chi Minh City, District 11 is only second to District 5 in terms of the number of Chinese residing in the city. The culture of the Chinese community in District 11 plays a big part in the locals' daily life. Like other districts in the area, there is no sign to welcome you to the little Chinatown. You will just know when there are rising numbers of Chinese eateries and signages along the streets.

Map of District 11's Attractions:

District 11 Overview

With 41% of the population of Chinese descent here, District 11 is a part of Cho Lon, the Chinatown in Ho Chi Minh City. It was first established by combining the southern parts of District 5 and District 6 to form an area of over 5 square kilometers. From District 11, you can easily go to District 5 and District 6 in the south, District 10 in the east, and Tan Binh and Tan Phu District in the north. Located 7 kilometers away from the city center, the district is less crowded and less bustling compared to its neighbor, District 5 and District 10.

How to Get to District 11

Because of the distance, the two most convenient transportation for tourists to go to District 11 is the bus and taxi. You can spend as little as VND 5,000 to catch a bus (Route 11 or 2) from Ham Nghi Station and get there in about 30 minutes. The taxi should cost you a little more about VND 120,000, but you will be dropped off and picked up at the address you want if you don’t know your way around.

A note to solo travelers, it is better to go with a local guide when exploring District 11 as there are many residential areas in the district with good foods but its maze of numbered streets may cause confusion.

Attractions in District 11

district 11 ho chi minh city dam sen

Dam Sen, the man-made park for a picnic day out 

district 11 ho chi minh city giac vien pagoda

Giac Vien Pagoda, the hundreds-year-old Buddhist architecture in Ho Chi Minh City

The biggest and most interesting attraction in District 11 is the Dam Sen Amusement Park Complex, including the Dam Sen Theme Park, or how the locals call it Dam Sen Kho, and the Dam Sen Water Park (Dam Sen Nuoc). There are various games, attraction rides, mini scheduled circus performance shows, and activities for families with kids to enjoy. There are many packages with different prices and discounts based on the number of people in your group, the time you visit, the games and rides you wish to participate, and whether you wish to add a combo ticket with the other park in the complex.

Another perfect location for you to cool down the heat in Ho Chi Minh City is Phu Tho Pool. The pool is located in the Phu Tho Stadium where many sports classes like basketball and martial arts as well as events and market sessions are held. Because of its long establishment and proximity to District 10, Phu Tho Pool has been one of the to-go destinations of the locals when it comes to swimming.

Besides the fun activities, you should come to District 11 to visit Giac Vien Pagoda, an over-a-century old pagoda, a true witness of historical and cultural development of the district and the city. Read more on the best temples and pagodas in Ho Chi Minh City.

Name Entrance Fee Address Category
Dam Sen Park VND 100,000/person (games and rides are excluded) 3 Hoa Binh, Ward 3 Amusement park
Dam Sen Water Park VND 150,000/adult (above 1.4 meters)
VND 110,000/child (1-1.4 meters)
3 Hoa Binh, Ward 3 Amusement park
Phu Tho Stadium - Phu Tho Pool VND 17,000/person 215A Ly Thuong Kiet, Ward 15 Stadium
Giac Vien Pagoda Free 161/85/20 Lac Long Quan, Ward 3 Religious site
Phung Son Pagoda Free 1408 3 Thang 2, Ward 2 Religious site
Khanh Van Nam Vien Pagoda Free 46/5 Lo Sieu, Ward 16 Religious site
Phu Binh Church Free 423 Lac Long Quan, Ward 5 Religious site


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Eating in District 11

district 11 ho chi minh city black chicken soup

The nutritious black chicken herbal soup

District 11 may fall short of attractions to explore compared to District 5 or District 1, but your stomach will be treated to a feast with various kinds of foods. If you go to Chinatown, you cannot go without trying the Chinese cuisine there, from mouth-watering looking dishes like jiaozi (sui cao in Vietnamese), clear rice noodle (hu tieu), to a bit unusual ones like nutritious black chicken. Besides that, Vietnamese foods, snails, and coffee shops can be found in many streets like Lu Gia, Binh Thoi, Le Dai Hanh, and Lac Long Quan.

Category Location
Chinese Cuisine

Black chicken - Phan Xich Long Street, Ward 16

Jiaozi - Ha Ton Quyen, Ward 4

Vietnamese Cuisine

Broken rice
Com tam Thuan Kieu - 54 Thuan Kieu, Ward 4

Vermicelli with shrimp paste
Bun Dau Cau Go - 281 Le Dai Hanh, Ward 11

Bun cha Hanoi
Bun Cha Ho Guom - 26 Lu Gia, Ward 15

Street Eats Binh Thoi, Xom Dat, Cong Chua Ngoc Han, and Nguyen Thi Nho (Ward 15) Street

Ca phe vot (stocking coffee): 313 Alley Tan Phuoc, Ward 6

Coffee Chains
Coffee House, Highland Coffee

Garden Cafe
Mien Thao Moc - 554E Minh Phung, Ward 9
Vuon Da - 3 Hoa Binh, Ward 3
Da Lat Pho - 70 Lu Gia, Ward 15


Shopping in District 11

district 11 ho chi minh city flower market

Dam Sen Flower Market, one of the biggest flower markets in Ho Chi Minh City

One of the biggest shopping malls in District 11, Parkson Flemington, was closed down this year, but there is still one shopping mall where you can shop for clothes as well as be entertained in its game center or movie theater. Without the upscale fun, District 11 is still a place you can visit to buy some local foods and beautiful flowers.

Category Address What to Buy
Local markets

Wet markets
Thiec Market - Pho Co Dieu, Ward 6
Binh Thoi Market - 152 Lac Long Quan, Ward 10
Phu Tho Market - 124 Lanh Binh Thang, Ward 13

Flower market
Dam Sen Market - 39 Nguyen Van Phu, Ward 5

Produces, clothes, daily necessities, and flowers
Shopping mall Lotte Mart Phu Tho - 968 3 Thang 2, Ward 15 Cinema, clothes, foods, and accessories

Co.op Mart Phu Tho - Phu Tho Apartment, Lu Gia, Ward 15

Clothes, foods, produces, and daily necessities


Nightlife in District 11

district 11 ho chi minh city night

Eateries in District 11 at night

At night, the streets in District 11 are still crowded but not as jammed as those in the city center. Most eateries open their business from the evening, and that is where people are heading. This is the time for the locals to go out for dinners and shopping. Some may opt for the cheap yet delicious seafood with a refreshing beer. The nightlife in District 11 does not promise any fancy but fun and authentic local lifestyle.


Summary of District 11 in Ho Chi Minh City

As a small outskirt of the Chinatown in Ho Chi Minh City, District 11 is where many Chinese choose to reside. The district may not be as developed as District 5 and District 10 in terms of economics and facilities, but it reserves most culture and lifestyle of the locals. If you want some places to have fun with your families or to crave cheap and delicious foods, a visit to amusement parks and eateries in District 11 will not disappoint you.

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Guest - Jenny Young on Friday, 10 January 2020 21:30

Is this near the airport? If it is, I can make a quick trip during my layover at the airport

Is this near the airport? If it is, I can make a quick trip during my layover at the airport
Guest - Alesha on Sunday, 27 October 2019 13:47

Giac Vien pagoda is peaceful, but a bit out of the city center

Giac Vien pagoda is peaceful, but a bit out of the city center
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