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Is Vietnam Poor? The Average Vietnamese Salary

Vietnam is still a developing country, but is Vietnam poor? Find your answer here in our guide to average Vietnamese salary and Vietnam Gross Domestic Product (GDP).Related: Vietnamese CurrencyVietnam GDPVietnam's economy has taken a major toll due to the surge of COVID cases in 2021. Fortunately, the situation has been put under control thanks to ...
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Guest — Florence Chassidy
I don't think Vietnam is poor at all. The infrastructure is pretty modern, and the population is very young. So much potentials fo... Read More
Thursday, 12 March 2020 13:12
Guest — Paige F
interesting read
Thursday, 30 January 2020 11:52

The Different Types of Transportations in Vietnam

One of the challenges that tourists often have to encounter is arranging the right transportations while they are visiting an unfamiliar city or country. Especially in Vietnam, because of the traffic expansion, there are a lot of Vietnamese transportations that you can choose from to explore the country in your way. Let's look at the different type...
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Guest — Benson
When will the Saigon Metro open for service? Wihtin 2020 or 2021, which season?
Monday, 25 May 2020 11:29
Guest — Hoang Pham
Hi Benson, According to the latest updates, Saigon Metro is expected to be finished in 2021, and there has been no concrete open ... Read More
Tuesday, 26 May 2020 17:55
Guest — Ursula Raymond
I was super skeptical to hop on a motorbike at first, but I took the wild card a book your private bike tour. Best decision ever!... Read More
Tuesday, 10 March 2020 17:20

Can Tourists Drive in Vietnam?

Driving in Vietnam by yourself could be an adventurous decision but make sure that you are aware of the local laws and regulations. Read this guide for the basic Vietnamese laws before driving in Vietnam.The sections below are referenced from the Vietnam Government's Portal from Chapter 3 of Circular No. 12/2017/TT-BGTVT of the Ministry o...
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Guest — Dean Wells
I am a UK citizen, How can i purchase an International driving permit?
Thursday, 02 January 2020 10:11
Guest — Brennan Marin
Do the laws apply differently to foreigners?
Tuesday, 01 October 2019 18:48
Guest — novadriving
This blog aware me about different programs which can become very useful for our friends and kids. Glad to get this information.... Read More
Tuesday, 22 January 2019 15:01

An Overview of Health Care in Vietnam

Being away from your familiarized country can be a frightening experience, especially if you are sick or in need of medical attention. Hopefully, our guide will equip you with essential knowledge of health care in Vietnam to ensure your safety during your visit so that you can fully experience the best that the S-shape nation has to offer.Over...
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Guest — Kitty
Great site with useful information, thanks
Sunday, 27 October 2019 12:36
Guest — Joe Wagner
Just spend a little more money on the international service will save you more time and effort
Saturday, 19 October 2019 23:21
Guest — Hoang
Really amazing news. Hope that the VN government always improving the healthcare system in the future. Beowulf Blockchain was plea... Read More
Monday, 09 September 2019 14:12

Learn Vietnamese Greetings

The first impression is always important, especially to the older Vietnamese generation; there is even a saying “Lời chào cao hơn mâm cỗ”, which means the greetings are more meaningful and valued than having a feast (a good meal is considered really important in Vietnamese culture). If you want to speak and greet like a local, learn some Vietnamese...
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A Guide to the Vietnamese Conical Hat

vietnamese-conical-hat Vietnamese conical hat (non la) with decorations
Beautiful craft works could be an interesting and unique souvenir from your trip to Vietnam. The Vietnamese conical hat is an iconic image that reminds people of the farmers working on the golden paddy fields or Vietnamese girls wearing the traditional dress, ao dai, strolling down the streets. The hat has been an item that evolves with Vietnamese ...
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Guest — Mykie Starge
This is so interesting. I saw so many ladies on the streets of Saigon wearing this hat. The souvenir version I got is not as big, ... Read More
Tuesday, 24 December 2019 21:34
Guest — Sheila McCarthy
Thanks for the well-written article, can you please tell me where can I buy one of those?
Tuesday, 01 October 2019 19:24

An Overview on Vietnam Tourism

Tourism plays a vital role in promoting Vietnam’s economy. The extensive investment and constant rapid development of infrastructure and transport networks are an aim at bringing more accessibility to major attractions in the country. Vietnam has a long history of influences from the Chinese and the French, and its unique cultural traditions are st...
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How Much Lucky Money to Give in Vietnam

Giving lucky money is regarded as one of the most interesting cultural practices in Vietnam. It has become an integral part of the Tet holiday and is still being well preserved from generation to generation.The Origin of Lucky Money in VietnamGiving lucky money was a custom originated from China. Years ago, there was a couple who were over 50 years...
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Guest — Wally Ronson
I thought it was only a Chinese thing. Turns out lots of SEA countries share the same culture
Thursday, 12 March 2020 13:17
Guest — Rocky Orleans
I quickly learned about this being an English teacher in Vietnam I saw people decorating the tree during the Tet holiday with the... Read More
Tuesday, 10 March 2020 13:28
Guest — Connie
Where can I buy the red envelopes?
Wednesday, 29 January 2020 15:42

8 Exotic Animals You Can See in Vietnam

snub-nosed-monkey-vietnam's exotic animals
Planning a trip to Vietnam? Don't miss a chance to see these exotic animals.Vietnam is home to diverse wildlife species, and scientists discover new species all the time. Many of these majestic creatures are endangered, so seeing them means avoiding delay.Let's explore 8 exotic animals in Vietnam to catch a glimpse of the country and where to find ...
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Why Vietnamese Houses are Long and Narrow

Each country has its own architectural beauty with temples and buildings, but houses will arouse the most interest from anyone who travels to a new culture as they reflect perfectly the locals’ lifestyle. Vietnam can be a great example of tube houses which deserve being the special highlight of your trips. Let’s discover this noted kind of architec...
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Guest — Rhea
interesting information and great info
Wednesday, 29 January 2020 15:45
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SIM Cards and Mobile Data Plan (3G/4G) in Vietnam

SIM Cards and Mobile Data Plan in Vietnam
Staying connected in inexpensive in Vietnam. During your travel in Vietnam, it is convenient to have a SIM card with a mobile data plan, so that you can access Google Maps and navigate around the country or stay updated on social media. From our latest Vietnam travel guide and tips, please read this information carefully if you would like to get a ...
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Guest — Tassa
what is the cheapest plan for data? for 2 weeks traveling all over vietanm
Wednesday, 29 January 2020 16:10
Guest — Shannon Powers
I'd say both Mobifone and Viettel work well
Thursday, 30 January 2020 11:48
Guest — Jenna
data plan in vietnam is pretty cheap, but if you'll be staying in Vietnam for a long time, it's best if you can buy in the local s... Read More
Thursday, 28 November 2019 23:40

Chopsticks Etiquettes in Vietnam and Vietnamese Meals

Each country has its own style of making and using chopsticks. The chopsticks used in Vietnam are often much simpler in comparison to those used in Korea or Japan. The design of chopsticks also varied in Vietnam. To be specific, chopsticks from Northern Vietnam are usually made from bamboo, while chopsticks in the south are usually made from coconu...
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Guest — Blair
interesting read
Thursday, 30 January 2020 11:45
Guest — Gracey Hannah
Wow, I know using chopsticks is a challenge already. There are still a lot of other things to learn about
Saturday, 04 January 2020 15:48
Guest — Alakananda
Hi, I'm not very efficient in using chopsticks but I'm very interested to take the street food tour. Will it be totally inappropri... Read More
Friday, 08 November 2019 11:51

Famous Vietnamese People

famous-vietnamese-people-thich-quang-duc The Thich Quang Duc statue in Ho Chi Minh City
Who are the most famous Vietnamese people in Vietnam? In what ways did they help shape the country’s history and culture? Find out about Ho Chi Minh and more with us.Ho Chi Minh (1890-1969)For the Vietnamese, Ho Chi Minh is a sacrosanct figure. He was the first president of the Democratic Republic of Vietnam, making Vietnamese voices heard to the w...
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Guest — Roland Briers
Oh so the Vietnamese streets are named after these famous people. Now it all makes sense
Thursday, 12 March 2020 13:28
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What Does Vietnam Mean?

According to many historical Vietnamese experts, the name of this country has been changed more than 20 times since the country was established in the primordial period. Some of the names were derived either unofficially or officially to define an area or region belonging to Vietnam.To understand what does Vietnam mean, one must track back to when ...
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Guest — Tyler Swansea
Lots of things to learn in your blogs. Absolutely amazing local guides
Thursday, 12 March 2020 13:58
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NGOs in Vietnam

In recent years, NGOs or Non-governmental Organizations in Vietnam (Tổ chức Phi Chính phủ) have been growing more than just material help for the need but also include the transfer of experience and technology know-how.Types of NGOs in VietnamOne of the main focuses of Vietnam, as a developing country, is to raise the living standard of people...
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Guest — Sally Briggs
Very nice information
Saturday, 26 October 2019 12:15
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What to Expect From Vietnamese Massage Techniques

vietnamese-spa-herbs-2 Asian herbs at a Vietnamese spa
Each country has its unique massage methods, and so does Vietnam. The art of massage in Vietnam has extended outside the country, and now spas all over the world offer their own massage inspired by and drawing from Vietnamese techniques, and vise versa.No matter what type you pick, going in for your first massage can be nerve-racking. When somebody...
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Guest — Shiv
Could you please name some authentic traditional massage places in HCM city and Hanoi....there are so many around and dont want to... Read More
Tuesday, 22 October 2019 14:20
Guest — S
I was recommended Miumiu Spa 5 branches, and it appears there are copy shops. I went two nights ago and it was good.
Sunday, 27 October 2019 17:09
Guest — Julia
Thank you for the article. Where can I find massage places in Hanoi?
Tuesday, 01 October 2019 18:51

The Last Helicopter Out of Saigon

It was the beginning of the end of the long and exhausting Vietnam War. The People’s Army of Vietnam (PAVN) was marching towards the South. The Army of the Republic of Vietnam (ARVN) was faltering. America, which had predicted the collapse of the South Vietnamese government, was in preparation for evacuating American diplomats, staff, and employees...
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Guest — Jordan Hensey
If it hadn't been for your guides, I would have missed out on a lot of incredible things in Vietnam. You are my go-to-guide every ... Read More
Saturday, 01 February 2020 23:26
Guest — Fern
This building is still standing and visible from the square at the Notre Dame Cathedral
Wednesday, 29 January 2020 15:40
Guest — Ray
The helicopter building wasn't easy to get access to, but your guide showed me the tips if you want to see this, make sure sure y... Read More
Sunday, 27 October 2019 12:14

Endangered Species in Vietnam

Vietnam’s lush green nature is home to many exotic species in the world. Unfortunately, some of them are on the brink of extinction due to illegal hunting and polluted environment. Have look at some of the endangered species in Vietnam and how you can take action.Saola - ~50 individuals leftSaola has long horns that point to the backAlso known as “...
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Guest — Nicholas Mack
You can join the WWF to take part in the conservation
Saturday, 26 October 2019 13:43
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How to Distinguish Male and Female Vietnamese Names

Tâm, a common given name for both boys and girls in Vietnam, meaning "the heart" but can be understood as a person with dedicationVietnamese parents give meaningful names to their boys and girls with certain hopes. Names in Vietnam often embody beauty in nature, like flowers and mountain trees, or a desirable feminine or masculine characteristic. T...
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Vietnam's National Flowers

vietnam-national-flowers-hanoi Flower bouquets sold at local markets
Located in a tropical region, Vietnam has various kinds of plants. In the festive time, Vietnamese often use different kinds of flowers and plants to decorate their house. There are several names to be mentioned: daisy, sunflower, tulip, lily, carnation, orchid, rose, kumquat, etc. And trees like plumeria, bougainvillea, and periwinkle are planted ...
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Guest — Yiana Elise
Went to the flower festival during the Tet holiday, I took lots of amazing pictures. It was a superb way to spend the new year... Read More
Thursday, 05 March 2020 17:33
Guest — Mollie
I saw the apricot blossoms when visited Vietnam at the TET holiday
Sunday, 27 October 2019 13:11
Guest — Mavis Poppe
Vietnam has the most beautiful flowers I've ever seen. I just wonder if these certain flowers could be bought or imported.
Wednesday, 19 June 2019 09:06


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