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DMZ Vietnam Map


 DMZ Vietnam Map in 1954 Vietnamese Demilitarized Zone, or V-DMZ for short, was established in Quang Tri Province in 1954, surrounding the historically famous Ben Hai River and Hien Luong Bridge, to mark what goes down in Vietnam history and among the natives as the painful partition of the country. This blog will help you learn more about Vie...

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Volunteer in Vietnam


After the wars have passed, regions in Vietnam are still suffering from tragic effects from the wars such as poverty, health problems, deformities, and sluggish economic growth. A huge effort and help are the most necessary things right now to give many Vietnamese a better life. Nowadays, the chance to join a volunteer in Vietnam is not limited to ...

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How Much Lucky Money to Give in Vietnam


Giving lucky money is regarded as one of the most interesting cultural practices in Vietnam. It has become an integral part of the Tet holiday and is still being well preserved from generation to generation. The Origin of Lucky Money in Vietnam Giving lucky money was a custom originated from China. Years ago, there was a couple who were over 50 yea...

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Vietnam's National Flowers

vietnam-national-flowers-hanoi Flower bouquets sold at local markets

Located in a tropical region, Vietnam has various kinds of plants. During the festive time, Vietnamese often use different kinds of flowers and plants to decorate their house. There are several names to be mentioned: daisy, sunflower, tulip, lily, carnation, orchid, rose, kumquat, etc. And trees like plumeria, bougainvillea, and periwinkle are plan...

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9 Surprising Facts about Vietnamese Traditions and Etiquettes


Vietnamese people are very polite and respectful and have many customs that show respect for family members and elders. They are a conservative, traditional culture with many restrictions on how and when people should do things. Nevertheless, their culture plays a significant role in life for most Vietnamese as it is a part of their identity. Their...

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What to Expect From Vietnamese Massage Techniques

vietnamese-spa-herbs-2 Asian herbs at a Vietnamese spa

Each country has its unique massage methods, and so does Vietnam. The art of massage in Vietnam has extended outside the country, and now spas all over the world offer their own massage inspired by and drawing from Vietnamese techniques, and vise versa. No matter what type you pick, going in for your first massage can be nerve-racking. When somebod...

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Learn Vietnamese Greetings


The first impression is always important, especially to the older Vietnamese generation; there is even a saying “Lời chào cao hơn mâm cỗ”, which means the greetings are more meaningful and valued than having a feast (a good meal is considered really important in Vietnamese culture). If you want to speak and greet like a local, learn some Vietnamese...

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Vietnamese Rice Production

vietnam-rice-field-1 Rice field in the Northern area

Rice is the kind of cereal that is a must-have in every Vietnamese family meals. The Vietnamese rice is quite different from the long grain of Indian rice or the round risotto. And Vietnam is also one of the largest rice exporters with countless paddy fields from north to south of the country. In this article, you will know about Vietnamese rice pr...

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What Are the Uses of Bamboo in Vietnam


Bamboo is a species of tree recorded by the Vietnamese from the early days of history. There are many usages with different parts used for a purpose. Learn more about the uses of bamboo in Vietnam and its meaning in the local culture. Habitat and Characteristics | Bamboo in Vietnam Bamboo is planted mostly in rural areas, scattered throughout Vietn...

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11 Best Places to Live in Vietnam

best-places-to-live-in-vietnam Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Moving to another country to live in can be one of the riskiest decisions in our life. Although it may be hard for us to get along with a brand new environment at first, this decision is really interesting when we can experience a dozen new things: culture, cuisine, and lifestyle. But it is also another big problem in choosing which city to stay in...

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Vietnamese Tea Growing Regions


Vietnam has a long history of growing tea. Recently, a forest with many big old tea trees has been found near the border between Vietnam and China. These trees are believed to have lived for millions of years. At first, Vietnamese people only grew some small trees near their houses or picked up tea leaves in the forest. After the French invasion, t...

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The Meanings of Vietnam's Flag


The flag of Vietnam has always been the national pride of many Vietnamese. It has been changed many times throughout history, especially during the Vietnam War. Each has its own special meaning. If you are interested in Vietnam’s flag, this article will help you understand more about its history and meaning of Vietnam’s flag. The History of Vietnam...

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Why Do Many Vietnamese Have the Nguyen Surname


The pie chart shows the proportions of the popular surnames in Vietnam according to a research in 2005. Most of them are the family names of dynasties in Vietnamese history. Have you ever heard or known a person who has Nguyen as a family name? On the international scale, it is a tip to identify people of Vietnamese descent. But why do nearly 40% o...

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Chopsticks Etiquettes in Vietnam and Vietnamese Meals


Each country has its own style of making and using chopsticks. The chopsticks used in Vietnam are often much simpler in comparison to those used in Korea or Japan. The design of chopsticks also varied in Vietnam. To be specific, chopsticks from Northern Vietnam are usually made from bamboo, while chopsticks in the south are usually made from coconu...

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How to Get the Most out of Your Vietnam Vacation


COVID-19 brought a lot of changes to our lives. A lot of people discovered how to work remotely. Studies transferred entirely online. And the pandemic seriously limited our traveling capabilities. Things got a bit lighter, and traveling is back. Don’t forget you can always order your paper from an essay writing service to have time to plan your tri...

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Ho Chi Minh City or Saigon: Which Name is Correct?


It is such a typical question that almost every traveler who visits Vietnam may ask. Arriving at the international airport in Vietnam southern city, you may get confused when half of the population call it “Ho Chi Minh City” and the other half are familiar with the name “Saigon”. And the answer is: Vietnam’s biggest city by population has not only ...

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Vietnam Travel Tips: Useful Phrases in Vietnamese


Although English has been increasingly spoken in Vietnam, many Vietnamese are unaccustomed to using this foreign language on a daily basis. Getting to know some simple phrases in Vietnamese, therefore, could become fairly useful to you when traveling to this beautiful country, especially when you want to have local experience in off-the-beaten-path...

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Motorbike, Scooter, and Vespa Differences


It is no doubt that motorized vehicles have been an important means of transportation for many decades. And the motorbike is one of the most convenient and popular means of transportation in Vietnam. In many big cities like Ho Chi Minh City, you can find various brands of two-wheelers, such as Honda, Piaggio, Yamaha, Harley-Davidson, Kawasaki, Triu...

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Who was Ho Chi Minh?


Ho Chi Minh played an important role as the leader of the Vietnamese Revolution to fight against French colonials and inspired the Vietnamese with the hope of independence throughout the war with the American army. In an issue of TIME's top 100 in 1998, he was voted as one of the hundreds of people who affected the world in the 20th century. His ac...

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Vietnam's Bikelihood


Have you heard of the word 'bikelihood' before? If you have come to Vietnam, or other countries whose people ride motorbikes as their main means of transportation, you might understand. You would be amazed by what can be loaded on these small bikes, and how the riders can weave perfectly fine through any corners of Vietnam streets. Vietnamese ...

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