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3D Art Museum in Ho Chi Minh City


Ho Chi Minh City is an extraordinary metropolis where you can find all the things that satisfy your interests and passion. Today, a new attraction is revealed for the art lovers who want to find out somewhere for taking a bunch of photos, watching plenty of 3D artworks. It is definitely the 3D Art Museum in Ho Chi Minh city - Artinus 3D Gallery. Op...

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Best Yoga Studios in Ho Chi Minh City


As the Vietnamese are more concerned about their health, both physical and mental well-being, yoga has become a popular sport in recent years. It is not only about diet or exercise but also a way of life for many people, and thus many yoga studios have been established across metropolitans. In this guide, you will see a list of best yoga studios in...

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Best Live Music Venues in Ho Chi Minh


Ho Chi Minh City never lacks entertainment and dancing to good music as a good way to release your stress and recharge after a long tiring day. No matter what kind of music you are into, this city has a bit for everyone. Below are the best live music venues in Ho Chi Minh City, decide whether you want to rock yourself with exhilarating music or rel...

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How to Take Speedboats from Ho Chi Minh to Vung Tau


If you are in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) and want to take a day trip to the nearest beach or have a weekend getaway from the busy city, Vung Tau is your destination. And traveling to Vung Tau has never been easier and safer at sea as you get to avoid all of the traffic. Our team of local guides gave this speedboat transport a go, and the process was...

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What to do at 23-9 Park (September 23rd Park)


While there are multiple public parks in Ho Chi Minh City, 23-9 Park or September 23rd Park is one of a kind and a must-visit. It is the only park to house a huge, extravagant underground shopping and culinary complex, not to mention its convenient location in the heart of District 1. Find out in details what to do at 23-9 Park! 23-9 Park in Ho Chi...

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Top Vietnam Beaches for a Summer Vacation


Phu Quoc beaches are a gem of Vietnam The coastline of Vietnam is 3,444 km (2,140 miles), which is one of the conditions that create many breathtaking beaches for this country. Some beaches have been carefully planned and developed to serve the needs of tourists, while the others are still pristine. Besides swimming, there are a lot of other intere...

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The Spectacular National Parks of Vietnam


What is the easiest way to get people standing transfixed with astonishment? The answer is to immerse in the spectacular national parks of Vietnam fully. These national parks are stunning places where once you can stand in awe of Mother Nature’s hands, you will be inspired and uplifted in every moment. A land as vast as Vietnam represents a wide va...

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What to do at Phu Quoc Island Travel Guide


Phu Quoc, the largest island in Vietnam, is situated in the Gulf of Thailand. It is one of the top choices for tourists looking for some relaxation because it has some of the best beaches in Vietnam. If you are planning to visit this island, check out our travel guide on things to do at Phu Quoc. Transportations to Phu Quoc: From Ho Chi Minh City o...

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What to do in Da Nang Travel Guide


Located in the Central of Vietnam, Da Nang is a booming coastal city that brings the natural beauty of mountains, national parks, and beaches together. Read our comprehensive guide on When to go to Da Nang, Where to go in Da Nang, and What to eat in Da Dang. WHEN TO GO TO DA NANG • The best times to visit Da Nang are February to August. • Da N...

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What to do at Con Dao Travel Guide


Are you looking for a remote place of travel in Vietnam? Every year there is a vast number of local and foreign travelers coming to sightsee and relax at the gorgeous beaches at Con Dao Island, located off the Southeast coast of Vietnam. Known as “the Devil’s Island of Indochina,” Con Dao was used as a political prison in the war between Vietn...

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What to do in Nha Trang Travel Guide


Recognized as one of the most famous coastal cities in Vietnam, Nha Trang is a must-go for every beach and water activities lovers. With many breathtaking sceneries, beautiful beaches, and historical sites, you could be in for a great time. When planning a trip to Nha Trang, let’s check out the things to do and great food to eat in Nha Trang in our...

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Nha Be District in Ho Chi Minh City


To the south of Ho Chi Minh City is the location of two suburban districts, Nha Be District and Can Gio District. While Can Gio is an island, isolated from the rest of the city by rivers and ocean, Nha Be District is a busy port with about one-third of its border is with Soai Rap River. If you want to be a Ho Chi Minh City expert explorer, checking...

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Interesting Activities in Saigon


In the vast, bustling city of Saigon (also known as Ho Chi Minh City), the options of things to do can be overwhelming, especially for those who have just set foot in the city. If you are looking for inspiration, you have come to the right place. Here are some of our suggestions for interesting activities in Saigon. Embark on A Motorbike AdventureT...

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Cu Chi District in Ho Chi Minh City


Away from the busy Ho Chi Minh City center, in the suburbs, Cu Chi District associates closely to Mother Nature along with the dark history of the Vietnam War and the infamous underground tunnels. However, as soon as you step into this region, you could feel the hospitality of the Cu Chi residents and see beautiful rice paddies.  Cu Chi Distri...

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Binh Chanh District in Ho Chi Minh City


The Vietnamese word for "district" can be either "quan" or "huyen". While "quan" has a fancy, cosmopolitan feel to it, "huyen" gives off more rustic connotations. Binh Chanh falls into the latter category, often referred to as "huyen Binh Chanh". But rather than being a dull countryside, Binh Chanh District harbors great potentials. From unique hom...

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Can Gio District in Ho Chi Minh City


Can Gio is the only coastal district of Ho Chi Minh City and it is located in the Southeast region of the dynamic city. The district is mostly associated with a sensitive ecosystem, the unique mangrove forest and the beautiful beach where you can embrace the sun, sea and the soft sand. Regarded as among the most affordable destinations ever in Ho C...

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District 8 in Ho Chi Minh City


Ho Chi Minh City isn’t just all about the fancy downtown districts like District 1 and District 3. Let us introduce you to District 8, a less touristy area yet an intriguing one among the 24 districts of Ho Chi Minh City. Get to know how life is at the meeting spot of the old and the new and what to do when in District 8. District 8 Overview Sprawl...

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Saigon Opera House


Located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, Saigon Opera House, which is also known as Saigon Municipal Theater, is one of the most worth-visiting attractions in this city. Together with Saigon Central Post Office and Notre Dame Cathedral, Saigon Opera House is considered a typical example of French Colonial architecture in Vietnam. About Saigon Oper...

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Huyen Sy Church in Ho Chi Minh City


More than a hundred year from the establishment date, Huyen Sy Church (also called Cho Dui Church) is still considered as one of the best attractions in Ho Chi Minh City that you should visit once. Named after the founder of the church, Huyen Sy Church has, every now and then, been a nostalgic landmark to many people in Ho Chi Minh City because of ...

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Saigon Temples: Thien Hau Temple


Beside some tourist attractions in Saigon as Notre Dame Cathedral, Independence Palace, Saigon Central Post Office, there are some local places where you should visit to explore and learn more about the lifestyle and history of Saigonese. Ancient temples in Saigon are the folk religious sites that we highly suggest you come to see and visit on your...

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