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Buckwheat Flower in Ha Giang Vietnam


Why should you go and see for yourself the buckwheat flower in Vietnam? Well, Ha Giang is rising as one of the most travel-worthy cities in Vietnam, all thanks to these flowers.

What is Buckwheat Flower in Vietnam?

Buckwheat is a healthier alternative to wheat and is widely used in Asian countries such as India, Korea, and Japan. Food and drinks made from these flowers often have medicinal benefits. These tiny blossoms are also featured in folklores of ethnic cultures. But most importantly, the modest beauty of these pink blossoms makes the reputation for the mountainous province Ha Giang.

buckwheat flower in vietnam close up.jpg

A close-up look of the flowers

Buckwheat Flower Season in Vietnam

In late autumn, when the first monsoon blows, buckwheat flowers will blossom and paint the whole plateau an irresistible shade of blush. Beginning from September, the flowers will darken into a reddish hue towards the end of December.

buckwheat flower in vietnam season

View of the flower fields from above

Also, there is also a Buckwheat Flower Festival held in October/November every year by local authorities. The activities include art performances and display of commodities such as food or crafts that are related to the province’s emblem: buckwheat flower.

Where to Look for Buckwheat Flower in Vietnam

Even though you will able to spot buckwheat flowers in some other rocky provinces like Cao Bang or Da Lat, the flowers are considered a “unique specialty” of Ha Giang because the flowers are ubiquitous in this highland. Here are our top recommendations for the best photo spots in the province.

  • Route Dong Van - Meo Vac: This area is where most flowers are. There is even a “buckwheat flower map” available, with the most notable addresses include Lung Cam Cultural Village (Sung La-Dong Van Valley) and Ma Pi Leng Pass on Quoc Lo 4C Road, Pho Cao near Yen Minh Town, or Lung Cu Flagpole further north.

buckwheat flower in vietnam flag

The flagpole that marks Vietnam-China Border

  • Route Xi Man - Hoang Su Phi: This is an entirely different route, further and less traveled, so there are more flowers than in Dong Van. The best place to fully immerse into the spectacular scenery is Then Phang Town.
  • Quan Ba Route: Choose this route if you are visiting Ha Giang for the flowers in December because the flowers here are planted later than in the 2 locations above. The buckwheat flowers are near the attraction Thach Son Than in Quyet Tien Town.

How to Get to Fields of Buckwheat Flower in Vietnam

From Hanoi to Ha Giang: Buses (VND 300,000) leave from My Dinh Bus Station in 60-minute intervals. The first bus leaves at 7:30 AM and the last at 8 PM. The journey takes 6 hours.

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At Ha Giang: The most flexible way to get around is by riding on a motorbike with a local guide.

What Else to Incorporate into Your Ha Giang Trip?

Ha Giang is a land of marvelous beauty and rich culture. Granite mountains, forested limestones, breathtaking caves, and water bodies blanket this whole land. So when you are paying a visit to the buckwheat flowers, don’t forget to drop by other fascinating attractions such as En Grotto, Noong Lake, Pao’s House, and Dong Van Old Town.

buckwheat flower in vietnam noong lake

The unusual beauty of Noong Lake

Also, don’t skip the area specialties that are buckwheat delicacies, men men (steamed corn powder), corn cake, and corn wine.

Besides buckwheat flowers, the area is also famous for peach blossoms and wild daisies blooming in spring (March-April).

Final Thoughts on Buckwheat Flower in Vietnam

Our mountainous regions in the North, including Ha Giang, are perfect destinations for those backpackers who love rocky trekking sessions and the wilderness that is valleys, cliffs, forests, and flowers. If these pique your inner adventurous spirits, pack your bags and go! The buckwheat flowers are in season!

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Guest - Dray Bowen on Thursday, 30 January 2020 11:31

Can't wait to motorbike on the Ha Giang Loops

Can't wait to motorbike on the Ha Giang Loops
Guest - Gwendolyn Byrd on Saturday, 26 October 2019 15:17

Ha Giang truly has breath taking scenery

Ha Giang truly has breath taking scenery
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