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Southern Women's Museum in Ho Chi Minh City


When you are traveling, it would be a nice idea to stop by Southern Women’s Museum in Ho Chi Minh city since it would showcase how brave women were during the famous Vietnam War, their daily lives, religious beliefs, and a traditional costume, Ao dai. Southern Women’s Museum in Ho Chi Minh city is currently saving 30,431 artifacts, including 929 it...

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Central Vietnam Cuisine: Bun Bo Hue


Food is a very important part of any culture. Food can tell more than anything else where you come from and the beauty of your homeland. Food helps to preserve cultural identity, and we believe in the great importance of some kinds of food or culinary traditions. Many travelers associate Vietnam with friendly people, stunning landscapes, long palm-...

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How to Get a Motorcycle License in Vietnam


According to Vietnamese law, when residing in Vietnam, you will need to hold a Vietnam driving license to drive on the roads. And to have it, you can convert your current national driving license to the Vietnam driving license or apply for the test to get one. A motorcycle endorsement is needed if you want to ride the motorcycle. For travelers and ...

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What to Know about Vietnamese Wedding Traditions and Customs


The wedding is one of the most important traditions of Vietnamese with many customs. Like other countries, this ceremony is also considered the happiest event of one's life. Have a look at What to Know about Vietnamese Wedding Traditions and Customs guide to understand more about Vietnamese weddings. Vietnamese Wedding Ceremonies Proposal Ceremony ...

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Why You Should Try Vietnamese Clay Pot Chicken


Vietnamese food is already well-known for Pho, Banh mi, and street foods; however, there is another side of Vietnam culinary, the simple dishes that are served in every Viets' family meal. Vietnamese clay pot chicken is one of them. Despite the simplicity of the cooking method, this chicken dish is incredibly tasty and worth trying. What is a Vietn...

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The Best Beaches Near Ho Chi Minh City

beaches-near-ho-chi-minh-can-gio-beach-1 Can Gio Beach

Beaches are among the most popular all-time favorite destinations of many people as they have the power to wash away people’s stresses and strains of modern life. Having immersed yourself in the hustle and bustle of the most dynamic city in Vietnam, making for the beaches may be perfect to help you escape from the traffic jam and daily uneasiness i...

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The Fine Arts Museum in Ho Chi Minh City


This attraction is one of the hundreds of ancient houses from the French colonial period that have been preserved in Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon). Nowadays, the building is used as the Fine Arts Museum exhibiting many of the most famous artworks representing every Vietnamese historical stage. When visiting here, you will have the chance to admire the ...

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District 6 in Ho Chi Minh City


District 6 is another part of Cho Lon, the Chinatown in Ho Chi Minh City. Find out in this guide the fun thing you can discover in the district. Map of District 6's Attractions: District 6 Overview Located in the southwest of Ho Chi Minh City, District 6 shares borders with Tan Phu District, Binh Tan District, District 11, District 5, and District ...

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Explore the Markets in Ho Thi Ky Alleys


Located in District 10, Ho Thi Ky Street has many alleys with different things to do. When speaking of Ho Thi Ky, you may think of the famous, beautiful, and colorful Ho Thi Ky Flower Market. However, there is another market located right next to it where you can try exotic cuisines from Cambodia. This guide will help you explore and find out what ...

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Why Vietnamese Houses are Long and Narrow


Each country has its own architectural beauty with temples and buildings, but houses will arouse the most interest from anyone who travels to a new culture as they reflect perfectly the locals’ lifestyle. Vietnam can be a great example of tube houses which deserve being the special highlight of your trips. Let’s discover this noted kind of architec...

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Life in Vietnamese Countrysides


The countrysides in Vietnam have always played an important role in economic development and in preserving the traditions and culture. In Vietnam, wherever you may visit, regardless of region, you always find the precious values that are passed down and maintained by many generations. People in Vietnamese Countrysides Over 60% of the Vietnamese pop...

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Four Mythical Creatures in the Vietnamese Culture


Four mythical creatures "Tu Linh", which are called Long – Lan – Quy – Phung, are four sacred animals representing the tremendous power of the universe. They are believed to be created from the four main elements including earth, water, fire, and air. Their symbols can often be found in Vietnamese sculptures in pagodas, temples, cemeteries, and loc...

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District 10 in Ho Chi Minh City


As a district near the city center, District 10’s economics is growing, but the lifestyle of locals is still the same. Join us in finding out what to do, what to see, and where to eat in this district. Map of District 10's Attractions: District 10 Overview The land which is now named District 10 was a deserted place between two big cities in Southe...

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What is the Capital of Vietnam

hcm-mausoleum-capital-of-vietnam Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum in Hanoi

Keeping an ageless charm through centuries, Hanoi - the capital of Vietnam is famous not only for the Old Quarter with narrow and crowded streets but also for the nostalgic feeling that it brings. While Saigon is a young and modern city, the ancient Hanoi is still a true beholder of history. Location of Hanoi and How to Get There Located on the ban...

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What is Morning Glory?

morning-glory Morning glory and baby shrimp salad

Vegetables and herbs are an irreplaceable part of Vietnamese main meals. Thanks to the tropical climate, Vietnam has many different kinds of green which make the cuisine more colorful and nutritious. And morning glory is one of the most mentioned names on the must-try vegetables and is often seen in restaurants' menus when you come to Vietnam. The ...

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How to Send a Package from Vietnam


Sending a package has always been a common issue among foreign visitors when traveling to or residing in Vietnam. There are many trustworthy delivery names including Vietnam Post, DHL, and Viettel Post, which can fulfill your demands. Have a look at how to send a package from Vietnam below. Mail and Parcel Shipment in Vietnam Vietnam Post Being a m...

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Huyen Sy Church in Ho Chi Minh City


More than a hundred year from the establishment date, Huyen Sy Church (also called Cho Dui Church) is still considered as one of the best attractions in Ho Chi Minh City that you should visit once. Named after the founder of the church, Huyen Sy Church has, every now and then, been a nostalgic landmark to many people in Ho Chi Minh City because of ...

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Saigon Local Market: Ba Chieu Market


Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) has a typical lifestyle with lots of local markets in every district where you can enjoy and feel in the most authentic way the atmosphere of bustling but colorful Saigonese daily life and businesses. And one of the best recommendations for anyone who wants to observe how the Vietnamese run their business every day to make...

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Museum of Vietnam History in Ho Chi Minh City


Besides the famous War Remnants Museum which can help you understand the contemporary history of Vietnam, the Museum of Vietnam History in Ho Chi Minh City is the place that can you have a journey way back. In this guide, we will go through each room from the prehistoric period to the present days. About Museum of Vietnam History in Ho Chi Minh Cit...

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Must-try Sticky Rice in Ho Chi Minh City


In Vietnam, there are a bunch of delicious foods which can easily impress and make you fall in love with Vietnamese cuisine. Besides Pho, Banh xeo, Com tam, and Banh mi, top iconic Vietnamese foods known by a lot of people around the world, Vietnamese sticky rice is a must-try local food that you may not know. Learn more about the variety of Vietna...

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