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Ho Chi Minh Museum in Ho Chi Minh City


The location of the museum is close to two other popular attractions, Nguyen Hue Walking Street and Ho Chi Minh City Hall. The locals often call and know Ho Chi Minh Museum by the name "Nha Rong Wharf" because the area used to be a busy wharf when the French army took over Saigon in the 1860s. This building is also one of the ancient French structu...

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Banh Khot - The Mini Rice Pancakes


Banh khot is a popular dish in South-Central Vietnam. Those who have tried it say that Banh khot really stands out from the rest because of its crispy texture on the outside, blended with the smooth and creamy filling in the middle, and supplemented by the variety of fresh vegetables. All of these tastes combined go well with the sweet-salty dippin...

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Hoc Mon District in Ho Chi Minh City


Hoc Mon is a tranquil village-style district, but there are a lot of amusement parks, sightseeing, religious sites and historical sites to relieve your stress as well as acquire some historical knowledge. Map of Hoc Mon District's Attractions: Hoc Mon District Overview Hoc Mon District is a suburban district in the Northwest of Ho Chi Minh City, ad...

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Can Gio District in Ho Chi Minh City


Can Gio is the only coastal district of Ho Chi Minh City and it is located in the Southeast region of the dynamic city. The district is mostly associated with a sensitive ecosystem, the unique mangrove forest and the beautiful beach where you can embrace the sun, sea and the soft sand. Regarded as among the most affordable destinations ever in Ho C...

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Best Things to Do during the Rainy Season in Ho Chi Minh City

rainy-season-9 Ho Chi Minh City during rainy season

Unexpected rainy days may catch you when you travel to Ho Chi Minh from April to October, but despite the rainy weather, there are still plenty of activities to make your trip memorable. Do you know what they said when you encountered things that were far from our control? Make it enjoyable! Instead of a walking or motorbike tour in the sunshine, y...

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Top 15 Cities to Visit in Vietnam

15-cities-in-vietnam-to-visit Ninh Binh, Northern Vietnam

With beautiful forests, bustling streets, white sandy beaches, and delicious street foods, Vietnam deserves to be on every traveler’s bucket list. In this Vietnam guide, we will give you many options to indulge yourself to wander and discover all of the top 15 best cities to visit in Vietnam. 1. Can Tho – The City of Nine-Dragon River Delta As the ...

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Who Invented the Vietnamese Alphabet


Many people believe that it was Alexandre de Rhodes, a French Jesuit missionary, who invented the Vietnamese alphabet. However, more recent research proved that Francisco de Pina, a Portuguese priest, and missionary, was the first inventor of the Vietnamese alphabet. The Formation of the Vietnamese Alphabet In the early 17th century, a Christian co...

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Best Tour Companies in Ho Chi Minh City


If Ho Chi Minh City is your next travel destination, you may have a difficult time choosing the right tour for you. There are many tours offering different prices, so it is good things to know how to tell the best tour companies in Ho Chi Minh City. Read the tips in this guide to help you when you make the decision. What Makes the Best Tour Compani...

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Must-Visit Top Art Museums in Ho Chi Minh City


Ho Chi Minh City is well-known for its rich and diverse culture. It is clearly visible through monuments, historical attractions, and displayed remnants in places like the museums. Coming to these art museums, you will learn more about the history, culture as well as the mindset, and lifestyle of people living in the city. If you have the opportuni...

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What You Should Know Before Getting Tattoos in Vietnam

getting-tattoo-vietnam Getting Inked

Tattoos have been a stigma, a taboo in many cultures, especially in Asian countries where they would often be associated with mafias and bad people. However, the world has changed, and so has Vietnam. These days, along with the booming popularity of tattooing internationally, tattooing in Vietnam is flourishing as well.Now, the obvious choices in V...

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Beautiful Caves in Vietnam


Being a Southeast Asian country with complex terrains, Vietnam attracts tourists by several magnificent and spectacular caves. Here are the topmost beautiful caves in Vietnam that you should not miss when coming to this beautiful country. Tam Coc - Bich Dong Tam Coc – Bich Dong, which is also known as “A terrestrial Halong Bay”, is one of the nices...

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Bun Cha - Hanoi’s Classic in Ho Chi Minh City


Bun cha or Bun cha Hanoi is known as Kebab rice noodles in English. The dish is thought to have an origin in Northern Vietnam and can be considered one of the specialties of Hanoi cuisine. This authentic dish gets even more popular when President Obama and Chef Anthony Bourdain sit down at a Bun cha store on their business trip to Vietnam. What is ...

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Nhi Phu (Ong Bon) Temple in Ho Chi Minh City


Religious sites are special features of Vietnam travel. There is a variety of temples and pagodas in Ho Chi Minh City such as Vinh Nghiem Pagoda and Thien Hau Temple. These religious sites have contributed substantially to the holy aspect of the long-established city. That is also the reason why temples are irreplaceable despite changes in city's l...

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Try a Balut - Fertilized Duck Embryo in Vietnam


Fertilized duck embryo has been very popular in Asian countries like the Philippines, Laos, and Vietnam for a very long time and very famous as a weird food to the world. So this guide is going to explain the reason why balut - fertilized duck embryo in Vietnam is so popular and why you should eat it. What is Fertilized Duck Embryo in Vietnam Ferti...

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What to See at the Cu Chi Tunnels


The tunnels at Cu Chi is one of the most famous attractions in Ho Chi Minh City that you should visit to understand more about the Vietnam War. A visit to this monument will let you see the living conditions of Vietnamese soldiers during the war and how the tunnels system contributed to the victory of the People's Liberation Armed Forces of South V...

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How to Make Incense


Incense has been invented and used for a very long time, about 6,000 years ago, yet the types of incense have varied widely since then and the process of making it remains very simple. Incense Alterations There are many ways to categorize incense, based on its smells, shapes, or ingredients. In this article, incense will be divided into two main ty...

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Mariamman - A Hindu Temple in Ho Chi Minh City


While most of the ancient pagodas and temples in Ho Chi Minh City were originally established by the Vietnamese or the Chinese emigrants, Mariamman Hindu Temple is a special architecture of the Indian culture that was built in the early of the 20th century by the Tamil after they had settled in this area. Beside some famous attractions such as Ben ...

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Chopsticks Etiquettes in Vietnam and Vietnamese Meals


Each country has its own style of making and using chopsticks. The chopsticks used in Vietnam are often much simpler in comparison to those used in Korea or Japan. The design of chopsticks also varied in Vietnam. To be specific, chopsticks from Northern Vietnam are usually made from bamboo, while chopsticks in the south are usually made from coconu...

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The Russian Market in Ho Chi Minh City


Markets are the soul of Ho Chi Minh City and they play an important role in people's lives. You can find tons of markets when coming to the city, and the markets differ fundamentally in all kinds of goods. Besides the iconic ones like Ben Thanh Market or the traditional local wet market like Ba Chieu Market, Binh Tay Market, and Hoa Hung Market, pe...

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What is Vietnamese Tapioca Noodle Soup


Vietnamese tapioca noodle soup is called Banh canh in general. The many variations of this dish include Banh canh cua, Banh canh Trang Bang, Banh canh gio heo, and Banh canh Nam Pho. The word Banh canh means tapioca noodles and the rest of the name indicates the cooking style, each of them includes different predominant ingredients, and thus, offer...

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