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The Buddhist Crisis of 1963


The foundation of Buddhism philosophical system is centered around humans; Buddhism practitioners believe that mankind is the master of their own faith, and only they can free themselves through practices such as hard work, mindfulness training and being empathetic to others. Because of this, Buddhism is considered to be a practical, scientific, an...

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Taking the Trains in Vietnam


The Vietnamese railway system was first established by the French and has been sustainably developed over the years. The train connecting different regions is one of the popular means of transportation in Vietnam for the locals. If you choose the train as a part of your adventure, you can prepare yourself with the following notes on taking trains i...

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Things to Do in Saigon at Day


Saigon is well-known for being extremely vibrant at night, with many food streets and clubs. However, the city at day also looks very active with plenty of attractive destinations and historical landmarks. Some Useful Information about Traveling in Saigon Located in the tropical climate, Saigon has two distinct seasons, the rainy season (from April...

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Binh Chanh District in Ho Chi Minh City


The Vietnamese word for "district" can be either "quan" or "huyen". While "quan" has a fancy, cosmopolitan feel to it, "huyen" gives off more rustic connotations. Binh Chanh falls into the latter category, often referred to as "huyen Binh Chanh". But rather than being a dull countryside, Binh Chanh District harbors great potentials. From unique hom...

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An Dong Market in Ho Chi Minh City


An Dong Market is another popular market after Ben Thanh Market and Cho Lon in Ho Chi Minh City. This market is located in the Chinatown area and has served many shop owners of boutiques and local customers in the city since it was built. This is also a special local landmark where tourists rarely know about to explore and visit. Our local gui...

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Agent Orange and the Aftermath of the Vietnam War


The past has gone, but its traces are still present in Vietnam today. It may be to your surprise, but the devastating effects of the Vietnam War continue to torture many Vietnamese both physically and mentally long after its end in 1975. And a large part of that devastation comes from a type of defoliant called Agent Orange. What is The Agent Orang...

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What to Expect from Your First Time in Vietnam


The dynamic cities, the pristine beaches, and incredible food attract many tourists from every corner of the world to discover Vietnam. There are wonderful things waiting for you ahead and they will definitely make your journey a meaningful adventure. As a tourist coming to Vietnam for the first time, you can expect many surprising things besides g...

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Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden


Established over 150 years ago, the Saigon Zoo and Botanical Garden is one of the oldest zoos in the world. This place is a historical and iconic landmark of the Ho Chi Minh City with wide collections of rare animals and plants. Some of them are on the list of the high risk of extinction. This place is also a familiar destination for city dwellers,...

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Ho Chi Minh Campaign Museum


The main entrance of Ho Chi Minh Campaign Museum Built in the early 20th century by a French architect, the building was used as a college for military defense during the time Republic of Vietnam. It was not until 1986 that the Ho Chi Minh Campaign Museum was established to preserve and exhibit important historical artifacts used during the Ho Chi ...

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How to Get a Vietnam Visa on Arrival - VOA


For those interested in traveling to Vietnam, do not let the visa application discourage you making your trip. The good news is that the internet has facilitated the visa process significantly. Therefore, getting a Vietnam visa is getting easier. However, there are three ways to get the visa, and it could be easily mistaken for one another. In this...

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Different Types of Vietnamese Cold Cuts

vietnamese-cold-cuts Fried Vietnamese cold cuts with

Did you know? The world-famous "banh mi" of Vietnam (or Vietnamese sandwiches) has another name that is pretty popular among locals - "banh mi cha lua". That suffices to say how important "cha lua" is in the making of "banh mi". This article will give you a full reveal of not only the powerful "cha lua" but also the bountiful varieties of "cha" (Vi...

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Tan Binh District in Ho Chi Minh City


Tan Binh District has one of the biggest Vietnam international airports, Tan Son Nhat International Airport, welcoming most overseas travelers and give them the first impression about Vietnam and Ho Chi Minh City. Therefore, there are plenty of interesting things to do and eat, such as traditional cuisine and recreational activities. This district ...

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The Lotus Symbol in Vietnamese Culture


The lotus is an iconic flower of purity and appears in many ancient Asian cultures. This is a kind of special flower that people love and idolize, especially in Buddhist culture. The lotus symbol in Vietnam is the icon of Vietnamese characters and has interesting meanings in various aspects such as culture, arts, and foods.  Check out our priv...

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Vietnamese Snacks and Street Eats


Street foods are in every corner in Vietnam, a paradise of flavorful and delicious food. Trying the food from vendors and eating them when sitting down on the streets are said to be a must when coming to Vietnam, giving you an unforgettable experience. There are loads of Vietnamese snacks and street eats in the 3 regions, the North, the Center, and...

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District 11 in Ho Chi Minh City


Among many districts making up the Chinatown in Ho Chi Minh City, District 11 is only second to District 5 in terms of the number of Chinese residing in the city. The culture of the Chinese community in District 11 plays a big part in the locals' daily life. Like other districts in the area, there is no sign to welcome you to the little Chinat...

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Tan Dinh Market Review


In the years of development and integration, dynamic cities like Ho Chi Minh City are packed with high-end shopping malls, and the city gradually becomes a shopping paradise to locals and foreign visitors coming from every corner around the world. However, to some people, the local markets are the best highlight of Vietnam as a whole and parts of V...

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What You Should Know About Vietnamese Superstitions


Despite the fact that there is disapproval of superstitious practices from the government, most Vietnamese still have strong deep-rooted beliefs in superstitions that were set by our ancestors long ago. These Vietnamese superstitions not only reflect in our traditions, culture, day to day life but to the extent that they can also dictate from which...

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Things to do in Saigon at Night


The scorching heat of Saigon can shy people away from daytime activities, and we bet you’re looking for some night fun to make up for the lost time. That’s why we have wholeheartedly assembled the best choices to relish the night in Saigon for you and your beloveds. Rest assured that, from food choices to recreational spots, the things to do in Sai...

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Why Do Many Vietnamese Have the Nguyen Surname


The pie chart shows the proportions of the popular surnames in Vietnam according to a research in 2005. Most of them are the family names of dynasties in Vietnamese history. Have you ever heard or known a person who has Nguyen as a family name? On the international scale, it is a tip to identify people of Vietnamese descent. But why do nearly 40% o...

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District 8 in Ho Chi Minh City


Ho Chi Minh City isn’t just all about the fancy downtown districts like District 1 and District 3. Let us introduce you to District 8, a less touristy area yet an intriguing one among the 24 districts of Ho Chi Minh City. Get to know how life is at the meeting spot of the old and the new and what to do when in District 8. District 8 Overview Sprawl...

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