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Best Time to Book Cheap Flights to Vietnam


Air travel is a popular choice to get to Vietnam. For many, traveling to Vietnam will have a specific budget and mostly consider ways to get cheap flight tickets at a reasonable fare. Our travel guide has information and tips that you might find helpful to choose the best way and the best time to book cheap flights to Vietnam. Airlines with Fl...

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Useful Information for Your Vietnam Travel


Vietnam has long been characterized by the infamous Vietnam War and the signature food as Pho or Banh Mi. More than widely known things, Vietnam is worth traveling around, and exploring this fast-paced country means experiencing the amazing things inside from the bustling delta to the incredible cuisine. To be ready for possible things and plan you...

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District 9 in Ho Chi Minh City


To the east of Ho Chi Minh City is another outskirt district, connecting the city with the provinces in the north and east. Learn more about this district - District 9 - in our guide and discover the fun activities you can enjoy here. Map of District 9's Attractions: District 9 Overview District 9 was an outskirt of Thu Duc District in the past, an...

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The Largest Fabric Market in Saigon - Soai Kinh Lam


The Soai Kinh Lam Market has long been famous for its offer of a large variety of textiles and fabrics in Saigon, so many tailors and designers within the city often visit this market to purchase their customers' favorite types of fabric. This is located in the busy Chinatown area, where daily business activities are always hustling. This is one of...

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A Saigon Adventure on the Back of the Bike


As one of the top cities to visit in Vietnam, Saigon offers many tours around the city. One of which is a Saigon adventure on the back of the bike. What is this tour about and why you should try it? Find your answers in the guide below. Why You Should Do a Saigon Adventure on the Back of the Bike "Saigon" is what people, both locals, and foreigners...

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An Overview of Health Care in Vietnam


Being away from your familiarized country can be a frightening experience, especially if you are sick or in need of medical attention. Hopefully, our guide will equip you with essential knowledge of health care in Vietnam to ensure your safety during your visit so that you can fully experience the best that the S-shape nation has to offer. Ove...

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Minh Dang Quang Buddhist Institute


Named after an influential Vietnamese monk, the Minh Dang Quang Buddhist Institute is a huge construction project in District 2, far from Ho Chi Minh City's center. A visit to this sector would give you an instant peacefulness thanks to its quiet and calm surroundings. Moreover, meditation and mindfulness are extremely beneficial for your health an...

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Binh Tan District in Ho Chi Minh City


Other than those who live here, arguably, most locals know very little about Binh Tan District besides the fact that it houses Aeon Mall Binh Tan, one of the popular shopping centers in Ho Chi Minh City, and the West Station (Ben Xe Mien Tay), a major bus station to the west of the city connecting to provinces in the Mekong Delta. Binh Tan is the d...

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Vietnam Ghost Month


The seventh month in the lunar calendar is a busy time for many Vietnamese since there are two big festivals, the ghost festival, and Vu Lan - a Buddhist event. In fact, these two big days both happen on the 15th of the month. In this guide, we will focus on giving details into Vietnam ghost month. Vietnam Ghost Month When is Vietnam Ghost Month? V...

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Thu Duc District in Ho Chi Minh City


Thu Duc District is a gateway situated in the northeast of Ho Chi Minh City. The district is mostly known for its college town, and it is often associated with the dynamic area of universities and the ideal environment for students. There are many special things about this suburban district making it a new developmental growth of the city. Map of T...

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Where to Eat Insects in Ho Chi Minh City


Insects, bugs, and mealworms are not the everyday meals of the Vietnamese and might even be scary for some locals. However, for those brave enough to try, you can also find quite an amount of restaurants or farms raising these insects to turn them into foods. It is said that insects' protein is better than traditional meats, but there hasn’t b...

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What to Do on Ho Chi Minh Shore Excursions

ho-chi-minh-city-shore-phu-my Thi Vai International Port in Phu My

On the voyage to travel around the world or Southeast Asia by cruise ships, Ho Chi Minh City is a great destination that will surely bring you an interesting trip. Are you looking for what to see and explore in Ho Chi Minh City shore excursions? Our local guide can help you get a glimpse of what to do on Ho Chi Minh City shore excursions. Your Drop...

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Legal Age in Vietnam


Legal age is the age at which people have full legal rights and take responsibility for their own actions. Each social field has a different age limit which is regulated by law, and all the citizens have to conform to it. The legal age in Vietnam is different from that in many other countries in some cases. It is necessary that you know about this ...

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Festivals and Public Holidays in Vietnam


As an orient country, or, to be more specific, a country in Southeast Asia, Vietnam celebrates the same best times of the year with its neighbors, namely China or Korea, but also has its own. Discover the most popular festivals and public holidays in Vietnam as well as other lesser-known ones. In this article, we break down festivals and public hol...

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Top 5 Casino Hotels in Ho Chi Minh City


Many tourists often choose to gamble at casino hotels in Ho Chi Minh City as a way to relax, try their luck and enjoy modern and comfortable facilities. However, the gambling rules and laws in Vietnam are very strict, and thus, there are not as many casinos as other countries. Moreover, those casinos are all under high control and require prop...

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Nha Be District in Ho Chi Minh City


To the south of Ho Chi Minh City is the location of two suburban districts, Nha Be District and Can Gio District. While Can Gio is an island, isolated from the rest of the city by rivers and ocean, Nha Be District is a busy port with about one-third of its border is with Soai Rap River. If you want to be a Ho Chi Minh City expert explorer, checking...

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Things to Do When Traveling with Kids in Saigon


Traveling with kids could be a wonderful time for the whole family to bond, eat and care for each other, and thus, the family relationships can be tightened. However, this could be much more complex than solo traveling since there are many things that need to be prepared. In this guide, we will share with you some tips to ease your preparation proc...

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Have a Vacation to Vietnam - Why not?


Are you exploring Southeast Asia? Even though there are some similarities in the culture and landscape, each country will leave you different impressions as the combination of people’s lifestyle, culture, history, attractions, and the way these are presented varies from one place to another and from time to time. Besides the popular tourist countri...

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The Fito Museum of Traditional Medicine in Ho Chi Minh City


Being the first and the only one private museum in Vietnam about traditional medicine, Fito Museum has done a great job with rich collections of unique artifacts. Moreover, the whole museum is neat and well-organized with English-speaking staffs. Visiting this museum could offer a great insight into thousands of years of the Vietnamese traditional ...

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Expat Tours in Vietnam


Settling into this Southeast Asian country for quite some time but still, you feel like you haven’t known much about it? If this is the case, we recommend you try some expat tours in Vietnam! In this guide, we’ll tell you why you should do so, give you tips on choosing a decent expat tour, and finally present to you a breakdown of must-visit landma...

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