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The Best Places for Camping in Vietnam

Vietnam has been long famous for the magnificent and gorgeous scenery gifted by Mother Nature. Beside popular attractions packed with tourists, a real adventurer would not miss the opportunity to travel to a less crowded area and get close to the primitive beauty of mountains, forests, and seas by exploring and camping. If you are fed up with hotel...
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Guest — Rosie
i love your blogs
Sunday, 27 October 2019 11:47
Guest — Ray Vasquez
Nam Du island doesn't welcome all foreign tourists
Saturday, 19 October 2019 23:11

A Guide to Vietnamese Beers

Beer is everyone’s favorite drink to cool down the thirst in hot summer days, especially to people living in tropical countries. In Vietnam, beers are quite cheap, and the Vietnamese beer culture welcomes any love for beers; from simple lagers to craft beers in any range of prices and services. Discover your favorite types of beer and where to drin...
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Guest — Sonia Chace
I love coming to the beer street in Hanoi for some cheap Vietnamese beers. Great place to make friends
Wednesday, 04 March 2020 15:41
Guest — Gory Manuaa
I thought we were just gonna try Vietnamese food on the food tour, but our guide Leah was nice enough to offer us some Vietnamess ... Read More
Thursday, 30 January 2020 11:25
Guest — Emily
I have tried 333 and the saigon special beer, I will need to try the saigon red next time
Wednesday, 29 January 2020 15:52

The Spectacular National Parks of Vietnam

What is the easiest way to get people standing transfixed with astonishment? The answer is to immerse in the spectacular national parks of Vietnam fully. These national parks are stunning places where once you can stand in awe of Mother Nature’s hands, you will be inspired and uplifted in every moment. A land as vast as Vietnam represents a wide va...
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Guest — Isma Preen
Phu Quoc is the most magical place I've been to in Vietnam/ Will definitely check out other of your suggestions for sure. I learn ... Read More
Tuesday, 10 March 2020 13:09
Guest — Ross
I'm an expat in Ho Chi Minh city, and it is great to take a weekend trip to Cat Tien
Sunday, 27 October 2019 14:03
Guest — Pablo
Cat Tien is a fun place for camping and hiking
Friday, 25 October 2019 20:47

A Guide to the Vietnamese Conical Hat

vietnamese-conical-hat Vietnamese conical hat (non la) with decorations
Beautiful craft works could be an interesting and unique souvenir from your trip to Vietnam. The Vietnamese conical hat is an iconic image that reminds people of the farmers working on the golden paddy fields or Vietnamese girls wearing the traditional dress, ao dai, strolling down the streets. The hat has been an item that evolves with Vietnamese ...
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Guest — Mykie Starge
This is so interesting. I saw so many ladies on the streets of Saigon wearing this hat. The souvenir version I got is not as big, ... Read More
Tuesday, 24 December 2019 21:34
Guest — Sheila McCarthy
Thanks for the well-written article, can you please tell me where can I buy one of those?
Tuesday, 01 October 2019 19:24

Worthy Vietnam Tours to Understand the Vietnam War

Historic landmarks among other attractions have become an essential part of Vietnam tours. They hold a deep connection with thousands of years of Vietnamese history. Among other historical events, the Vietnam War is one of the most recent with many memorial and war artifacts remained. It was not just a fight between the US and Vietnam, but it invol...
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Guest — Clarie Lace
I will never forget the surreal experience in the Con Dao Prison. I can never expect how the past would have been like for the peo... Read More
Tuesday, 24 December 2019 21:57
Guest — Tracy Clayton
The war remnants museum is an interesting museum in ho chi minh
Saturday, 19 October 2019 23:52

Top 10 Tourist Attractions in Ho Chi Minh City

top-attractions-in-hcm-people-committee-hcm-statue-1 Ho Chi Minh People's Committee Building
Ho Chi Minh City, formerly Saigon, is Vietnam’s commercial hub and a busy city with motorbikes honking in all directions. This developing metropolitan is famous for its exceptional Vietnamese cuisines, trendy cafes and sky bars, hidden charms, and the desired shopping destination. Since the French Colonial days to the Vietnam War, Ho Chi Minh City ...
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Guest — Ruby
I'm booking a second scooter tour with your company this December..very excited ... Read More
Saturday, 26 October 2019 15:27
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11 Free Things to Do in Saigon

Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) is considered to be a must-visit city in Southeast Asia because of its richness in history, culture, affordability, and a liveliness metropolitan. There is something for everyone. In our latest Vietnam local guide to the vibrant city's attractions, we bring you the 11 free things to do in Saigon that ensure you will still ...
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Guest — Rocky
Nguyen Hue Street is like filled with nice shops and food stalls, so it is hard to not spending on anything there
Friday, 29 November 2019 00:16
Guest — Tegan Eriksons
Hi, thanks for the article. Just wondering if you offer free tours?
Wednesday, 02 October 2019 21:24

Vietnam Travel Advice: Is It Safe to Travel In Vietnam?

When traveling abroad, one of the leading determinants of visiting a new country is the safety aspect of it. When going on a trip of a lifetime, you would never want to come across getting hurt, injured, or even getting in the inconvenience of losing your valuables due to theft. With that being said, out of the many developing countries, Vietnam is...
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Guest — Walter Filgreen
Incredible. Now we know how to prepare for ourselves better
Tuesday, 10 March 2020 13:08
Guest — Christine
Your page is full of useful information. Thanks a lot
Sunday, 27 October 2019 13:24

An Overview on Vietnam Tourism

Tourism plays a vital role in promoting Vietnam’s economy. The extensive investment and constant rapid development of infrastructure and transport networks are an aim at bringing more accessibility to major attractions in the country. Vietnam has a long history of influences from the Chinese and the French, and its unique cultural traditions are st...
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Vietnamese Souvenirs to Buy in Saigon

When traveling to Vietnam, you may wish to bring home some signature memorabilia from this country full of rich culture. There are varieties of unique items representing Vietnamese traditions that you can choose from, but the souvenirs below are the favorite gifts to buy in Saigon.Vietnamese Coffee and TeaCultivated from the highlands in Tay Nguyen...
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Guest — Steven Henry
If possible, look for local places to buy these, or you will risk getting overcharged
Tuesday, 24 December 2019 22:46
Guest — Gillian
Or some lovely T-shirts at the Ben Thanh Market
Tuesday, 08 October 2019 11:39

Is It Safe to Drink Tap Water in Vietnam?

The health issue is a part of traveling safely. Vietnam is one of the developing countries in a tropical area with many chances of catching diseases. Before going to Vietnam, it is advised to see if there are any current epidemics in Vietnam like viral hemorrhagic fever, especially during hot and humid summer. You may also worry about the food and ...
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Guest — Morgan
I find your travel guides useful and enjoy reading through them ... Read More
Wednesday, 29 January 2020 16:07
Guest — Matthew Taylor
Boiling tap water in Vietnam is not a safe option since the heavy metals are still there.
Thursday, 03 October 2019 12:49
Guest — nguyen huu hai
Exactly. Tap water in Vienam is standart QCVN 02, can not drink direct. We have experience in water purity. we know. ... Read More
Saturday, 12 October 2019 09:46

Vietnam Travel Adaptors for Your Electrical Devices Abroad

When traveling to other countries, the power supply and other electrical safety standards are different from your home country. You may have to buy many accessories and equipment to adapt your device standard with that in the country you visit, especially travel adaptors. Before going to Vietnam, read our guide on using your electrical devices and ...
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Guest — Chaz Jacksons
Oh wow, good to know. I wasn't aware of this. Thank you very comprehensive information
Tuesday, 10 March 2020 17:46
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Vietnam Shopping: 10 Things to Buy in a Vietnamese Market

When visiting any local Vietnamese market, there are a variety of unique items that bring out the iconic and traditional Vietnamese cultures. In this blog, we offer a guide to some popular Vietnamese souvenirs that you can purchase to remember your Vietnam trip.Ao Dai Known as one of the gorgeous and beautiful traditional Vietnamese dresses, t...
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Guest — Anthony Charles
You should also try the food at the markets. Try to look for a clean place though, because the scene of the wet market usually doe... Read More
Tuesday, 24 December 2019 23:32
Guest — Mina Curtis
Remember to bargain HARD for the T-shirts in the Ben Thanh market. It was an experience of mine
Thursday, 28 November 2019 23:50
Guest — Katie Gores
Hoi An is where you can have your ao dai professionally tailored within a day
Monday, 25 November 2019 12:46

The Best Places to Eat an Authentic Pho in Ho Chi Minh

Vietnamese cuisine is influenced a lot by Chinese cuisine, but it is often paired with many herbs. One of the most well-known foods in Vietnamese cuisine is Pho. It might look simple with rice noodles, soup, and slices of beef, but after having Pho in Vietnam, you will have the chance to experience many kinds of Pho that you don’t see very often. I...
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Guest — Chanta Mann
one bowl of Pho Le can keep you full for the whole day. I've always preferred the southern taste to the northern version of pho, e... Read More
Tuesday, 24 December 2019 23:43
Guest — Jolene
Pho does vary significantly between regions to regions in Vietnam, so make sure to have a bowl of Pho every where you go in Vietna... Read More
Friday, 29 November 2019 00:24
Guest — Elliot Hughes
Pho Hoa is the best place for pho I can think of
Saturday, 05 October 2019 11:37

10 Unusual Vietnamese Foods to Try in Ho Chi Minh

When it comes to Vietnamese cuisines, foreign travelers quickly think of Pho, the beef noodle soup, Vietnamese pancake, spring rolls, etc. However, there are a variety of strange dishes that when first hearing their names, it is a real challenge to dare to taste. These exotic Vietnamese foods are delicious with unique characteristics and will come ...
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Guest — Maya Feliz
I tried the balut on a food tour, it is not as scary as it seems. I'm looking forward to being more adventurous should I join anot... Read More
Tuesday, 24 December 2019 23:45
Guest — Angel Kerms
The frog actually tastes like chicken, but better
Thursday, 28 November 2019 23:46
Guest — Emma Fozard
Balut and the coffee are actually so tasty
Tuesday, 01 October 2019 18:59

Vietnam Budget Travel: 11 Ways to Save Money in Vietnam

Vietnam is a beautiful place with a lot of nature and a rich local culture from the North to the South. Besides carefully planning your itinerary to make it to all of the beautiful destinations across the country and keep everything within a budget, here are the 11 ways to save money in Vietnam that you can use to have a great trip.1. Travel During...
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Guest — Sonja Wilkerson
Traveling with a local guide will help you avoid being ripped off in tourist areas
Saturday, 26 October 2019 11:48
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What to do at the Mekong Delta

What to do at the Mekong Delta
he Mekong Delta makes a relaxing getaway to the countryside as it is roughly 200 km away from Ho Chi Minh City. The southwestern region of Vietnam boasts diverse tropical biodiversity, immense agricultural value, and rich historical and cultural background.  Read on to explore the natural wonders of the area and plan your perfect next trip.Whe...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Richard Edwards
Traveling to the delta seems easy but it can be quite confusing because there are so many provinces. I'd recommend looking for a p... Read More
Thursday, 12 March 2020 13:10
Guest — Homer Bryan
It was nice to visit the area for a day, thanks to your guides ... Read More
Saturday, 19 October 2019 23:51

What to do in Hoi An Travel Guide

Hoi An Ancient Town is a place you should have on your Vietnam travel list. Not only because of many rave reviews from travelers about it but also because of its charm and beauty. In our Hoi An Travel Guide packed with local recommendations on when to visit, what to do, and foods to eat, you will find it is worth to visit and discover all of i...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Maya Cruz
This is such an informative article. I've been to Hoi An but didn't realize I'd missed so many places. I will save this list for s... Read More
Monday, 16 December 2019 23:00
Guest — Kayleen Power
Beautiful city and tasty cuisine
Tuesday, 08 October 2019 11:26

A Guide to Vietnamese Herbs

With a diversity of food in the Vietnamese cuisines, many kinds of herbs usage are essential ingredients to making the Vietnamese foods more tasty and delicious. Noodle soups are often paired with many greens that bring out a better taste and fragrance. Some of them may be unusual because they are rarely seen or displayed in the Western markets. Ou...
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Recent Comments
Guest — Jenn H
My tour guide took me to try pennyworth drink on tour and it was very refreshing. I would recommend this herb as a drink.
Thursday, 30 January 2020 11:55
Guest — Peachy
All good Vietnamese dishes have some herbs, and there is a plate full of them to choose from too. Eating in Vietnam is truly a ple... Read More
Friday, 29 November 2019 00:05
Guest — Kimberly Jayson
Amazing, didn't know that there were so many
Wednesday, 02 October 2019 21:33

Vietnamese Desserts You Must Try

With a diverse culture and traditions, Vietnam is home to some of the unique and delicious cuisines in Southeast Asia. If you are interested in exploring Vietnamese foods, try some of these popular local Vietnamese desserts on your trip to Vietnam."50 Shades" of Vietnamese DessertsBanana Sweet Soup - Che ChuoiMost banana trees are planted in rural ...
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Guest — Emer Calderon
The sweet soups in Ben Thanh Market is just dreamy
Tuesday, 08 October 2019 11:37
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