A refreshing and adventurous night in Ho Chi Minh City

Me, my boyfriend and two friends took the I really Love Food Motorbike tour and it was a-mazing! We were late a few minutes but the guide that picked us up and dropped us off in our hotel in Saigon, was so understanding and helpful and this didn’t even cause a problem and he provided us with a fun and safe ride giving us tips about customs and telling us fun facts, I ultimately liked the fact that he was like a part of our group unlike the many other official unfriendly guides. Also, the locals were very friendly and we tried learning some of the language. Also we satisfied our shared need for a good cuisine, it is probably the best food I’ve eaten in my entire life – we even tried the Pho- it’s a must try when you go here! I love eating and I tried almost everything that was presented to us and I warm-heartedly suggest their barbecue and their pancakes with herbs – although nontraditional for the European cuisine I am used to, I fell in love with them. Another thing that gave me an important impression as the coffee addict I am was obviously the coffee, I drank two cups and I wished I could have taken whole bags of it back home in Macedonia, it had this smooth rich taste like I’ve never encountered before. Another noticeable thing was the ride itself, it made us feel like we belonged there and we saw a more picturesque sight of what the city of Ho Chi Minh is about. All in all I have to say, when we got back to the hotel I had my stomach full, and my heart even more – I really felt like a part of the community and that it gave us the experience that all travelers strive for! I am glad I got to bring this wonderful experience home within the cooking course we got and the extraordinary memories we obtained.

Highly recommeded. Awesome experience!

Wow, what an experience. Traveling through HCMC via scooter is not for the faint hearted! Our guides were great, with lots of local knowledge and experience. The company was very professional also, when I got my dates mixed up for our tour, they moved us to the next day - no questions asked. Thanks iTour!

My unforgettable experience with "I Tour Vietnam"

Came back from Vietnam a week ago. And I am ready to state that this was the best experience I have ever had.
Once I and my boyfriend decided to explore the Ho Chi Minh City, we chose the "I Tour Vietnam" company and never regret this decision. The reason why we picked this company was firstly the reasonable price and also a numerous amount of positive feedback they have.
There were a lot of different offers on the "I Tour Vietnam" website but we wanted to discover the history of the city so the Day Adventure Tour seemed like the best program for us.
The Day Adventure tour started at 8 in the morning. The guide met us near the hotel and the service was on the highest level. We received safety helmets and instructions and started to ride.
As a person who never was a bike passenger, I can say that this was amazing.
During the 3.5 hours tour, we saw so many beautiful historical places as well as the everyday life of locals.
Additional thanks to the guide, who took a lot of photos of me and my boyfriend, that we got on the next day after the tour.
Guys, if you want to see the city with a good guidance and service, I would strongly recommend you to contact the "i Tour Vietnam".
This unforgettable experience and memories will stay with us for a lot of time for sure!

Great experience

This year my boyfriend and I decided not to take our usual trip to the seaside, as we are from Europe, but to experience something totally different and to meet new cultures. From the very beginning Asia was an obvious choice since we have never been there before. Soon we decided to go to Vietnam. This was by far the most exciting and adventurous trip for both of us. We met a lot of interesting people and learned a lot about this country and its history.
Vietnam has to offer something for everyone, but since I am very interested in history trip to Ho Chi Minh City was the most interesting to me. We got in touch with "i Tour Vietnam" company and taken their tour to Cu Chi Tunnels which were built by soldiers in Vietnam War. The impression that this tour made on me is unforgettable - I learned so much about this part of Vietnam's history but unlike other historical tours this one wasn't dull or hard but very relaxing and interesting, mostly thanks to our friendly and communicative guide named Leah. That's why I strongly recommend to everyone who is interested in Asia to visit this beautiful country.

Amazing Family Vacation in Ho Chi Minh City

I decided to take some time off from work and take my family on a vacation. We wanted to experience another country’s culture and we chose Vietnam as our destination. Without a doubt, we had the most magnificent time during our stay in Vietnam. We spent most of our time in the beautiful city of Ho Chi Minh. Our main goal was to see as much of the city as possible so we went on the Day Adventure Motorbike Tour provided by I Tour Vietnam. Without a doubt, that decision made our vacation one of the most memorable vacation ever. The idea of riding on motorbikes was a unique and fun way of touring the city. I think other countries should have tours like this one to enhance people’s experience of the culture of the cities. The tour was a great combination of the history and culture of Ho Chi Minh City. This was exactly what we were hoping on. We had an amazing tour guide Zoey who made sure that we got the best experience possible. She knew it was our first time experiencing the city so she made sure it was an unforgettable experience. We saw parts of the city that was filled with unbelievable history. I did some reading on the Reunification Palace before but it was in no comparison to actually being up close to it. Without I Tour Vietnam’s Day Adventure Motorbike Tour, we could have missed out on a truly amazing experience. I’m so glad that my family had an awesome time. We are definitely coming back.

Our amazing trip to the Cu Chi Tunnels

There are no words that can describe THE most incredible tour we have ever taken to the Cu Chi Tunnels.

My family and I decided to take a tour to the Cu Chi Tunnels, I was very excited about this trip as I have a big passion for history. I believe that I know a great one when I experience it...and that is what I found there. Our tour was private so they only picked us… and that was awesome as I had plenty of time to ask our guide, Leah, many questions about this beautiful historical place.

I consider myself a very good writer but somehow feel challenged to put into words just how awesome this tour was, every arrangement has been perfect. I was astonished by how these tunnels were designed and how they weren’t destroyed during the war.

The most amazing part for me was that, I Had the chance, for the first time, to test my shooting skills with an AK-47 at the firing range, I can’t describe how happy I was after this experience.

Without a doubt, we will definitely be returning. Thanks for this great time!

A whole new experience of Vietnam!
Its my second time to Vietnam and my first time in Ho Chi Minh City as a tourist. Previously I went there for work. Upon my first business trip, I didn’t have time to go around sightseeing, that is why I chose to go back there and tour around it.

I did a research on the best way to experience Ho Chi Minh City and many recommended me to take a motorcycle tour and I came across itourvn.com few days before heading there. I was lucky enough to book a slot for my first day there. There are two options and I chose the 1.30pm to 5.00pm session because I am not a morning person. The staff was so friendly to cater to my demands and queries which convinced me to use their service. I am a very particular person and I want my trip to be smooth, that is why first impression always matter to me and thankfully, just by chatting through emails, they managed to convince me to use their service.

I booked their service and pay 62USD through paypal. It is quite cheap for 3.5hours tour inclusive of insurance and refreshments. The steps were easy, I booked my desired slot after interacting with them through emails and paid via paypal.

On the day of the tour, the tour guide came at 1.30 pm sharp and started taking me to cruise along the Ho Chi Minh City streets. I enjoyed it to my fullest as I didn't have to share the tour guide with other travellers, it's just me and the tour guide on or private tour. She speaks fluent English which ease up my journey. I get to know more about Vietnam and I love Notre Dame Cathedral the most! The tour guide even shared some tips and tricks in negotiating with the sellers at the local market and stalls. The slot ended at 5.00pm and I managed to go to so many places.

It was a fun experience thanks to the great service provided by itourvn.com ! Will definitely use their service again. 5 stars!

Best Family Trip Experience!

It was my mom’s 58th birthday and she requested the whole family to go on a cultural trip as a gift to her. We decided to go to Vietnam specifically in Ho Chi Minh City as it is rich in dramatic landscapes and history. But we know nothing about this country so I tried to search for tour packages and found i tour. Though it was full of good reviews I was still a bit hesitant about our safety because it is a Motorbike tour but our local drivers made sure we were safe all throughout the trip plus they were all friendly! We were picked and dropped off in the hotel where we booked. Also I commend Zoey, our tour guide, she was full of energy and gave us knowledge of different tourist spot in a fun way. She can also take good pictures for Instagram if you request her to take it.

I highly recommend i Tour Vietnam if you want an authentic adventure in this place! I really enjoyed the day trip and I felt like a real Vietnamese for a day.

An amazing place

I have always wanted to visit South East Asia, so when my best friend mentioned an awesome Vietnamese tour that she took, I was hooked. Ho Chi Minh is a beautiful and breathtaking city. I traveled with two other family members and was mesmerized with the view of the city, the motorbikes zooming in the streets, the city was so captivating. I was mesmerized. In the morning we went on the Mekong Delta Tour that we had booked beforehand, and we were too excited to wait any longer.
I Tour Vietnam provided a private van and it was on time; the driver and guide were professionals and courteous. We enjoyed the cooking class at lunch and the fresh coconut from the floating market. I haven’t had that in forever. After lunch, we rode bicycles around the villages and I watched and learned how people weaved mat! It was so exciting! I look forward to my next trip back to Vietnam.
Thank you I Tour Vietnam.

Great Experience

My girlfriend and I have wanderlust and love exploring. We decided to visit Ho Chi Minh and decided on taking “Saigon’s Other Side” tour. It was a great experience.

We had already explored the main areas of the city and visited the ordinary tourist hotspots. We wanted to see more of the local culture and lifestyle. Saigon’s “Other Side” showed us exactly what we were looking for. Our guides Leah and Tinh showed up on time and were very friendly. They were also knowledgeable and spoke good English. The motorbike riding made me a bit nervous at first, but it only took a couple minutes to get used to it.

We wanted to see the local neighborhoods so our guides planned accordingly and explained to us what it would be like living there. Afterwards, we visited the floating markets and had a relaxing time drifting along watching boats pass and eating fruits. This was one of our most memorable trips, and we’re glad we took this tour!

Motorbike Bonding Time

I traveled with my brothers to Ho Chi Minh during the summer vacation and tried the Day Adventure Motorbike tour. It was a fun and exciting tour for us. My brothers were thrilled when they found out that we were going around riding motorbikes instead of boring buses. They made sure that we look forward to the journey and not just the destination. Our guides Zoey and Trang made us feel at ease and the whole tour was smooth sailing. We didn't have to worry about anything because the guides were very accommodating. Zoey and Trang made us feel at ease and made us see the city through the eyes of a local. We didn't feel like tourists at all! We did everything like locals would do them. We enjoyed the food and the vibe of the city. I feel like I can come back anytime and have a good time. Your Ho Chi Minh experience will not be complete without this motorbike tour!

Amazing Motorbike Food Tour in Ho Chi Minh City

My husband and I visited Ho Chi Minh City for a couple of days. On our first day after running into a local, he suggested that we get in touch with I Tour Vietnam for our city discovery. We called to book on the same day and Leah was assigned to us. She was so good and accommodating. She made it a point that we were comfortable, safe, and could learn many things about the Vietnamese cuisines. The motorbike food tour was the best part of our visit as we got to see the city on the back of the bikes and ate superb local food choices. My favorite was the rice rolls (banh cuon). It was a highlighted experience and sweet taste of Ho Chi Minh! Leah and I Tour Vietnam did an excellent job of letting us experience the Motorbike Food Tour. I would gladly recommend this awesome tour of ours in Ho Chi Minh.

My amazing tour in Vietnam

iTour gave me the opportunity to travel without any worries. At my request, this tour company introduced me their appetizing dishes which are mostly made of veggies. I didn’t have to worry that I’ll go hungry.
I also never forget my ever-first motorbike tour in Ho Chi Minh city. I was really worried about the traffic, but I don’t regret coz I’ve seen so many sightseeing from different perspective so far. I realized the real asset of this country is not its landscape but its people!
I’ve saved so many cool photos with iTour, my friends keep asking me where I’ve taken them from.
I was extremely impressed by the hospitality and drivers/guides! And the company also gives back to charity to benefit the local orphans.
For people who are interested in visiting this beautiful country, do your research, this forum provides useful information on almost every aspect of your trip! Do use it!

Ho Chi Minh is a beautiful city in Vietnam.

Another fun thing to do is to take the Day Adventure Motorbike tour. I took the 1:30-5pm tour with my friends, which lasts for 3 and a half hours. It is a private tour, so we did not need to wait for other tourists and we could go sightseeing at our own pace. Taking this tour gave us the opportunity to see the Reunification Palace, Norte Dame Cathedral, Central Post Office, various temples and pagodas (some are at least 300 years old), and the War Remnant Museum. I enjoyed riding the motorbike as I appreciated the scenery.

These sites have a resemblance to Europe since Vietnam was colonized by the French. I loved my trip here since it made me appreciate Asia’s beauty even more. Seeing the garden, exhibits and architecture inspired me as an artist. The people are very friendly and accommodating, they helped me with directions and they were enthusiastic to tell me more about their Vietnam’s history. The complimentary photos were quickly sent after the tour.

Wonderful tour!

Last month I decided to take my vacation somewhere new and I decided to choose Ho Chi Minh since my brother went and he absolutely loved it there! He recommended touring with I Tour Vietnam. I have never been to Vietnam before this trip and it was my first time traveling alone, so needless to say I was a little nervous. But the awesome staff at I tour Vietnam made things so much more enjoyable! My guide spoke fluent English and told me all about the rich backgrounds of the culture and the architecture. My favorite part was seeing the temples, they were incredibly beautiful. I also was really interested in visiting the War Remnant Museum. I loved hearing from the perspective of the other side of the war.

The tour I took was the day adventure private tour and it was well worth it! It came with refreshments—I’d suggest the fresh coconut. It was delicious! The tour also comes with insurance, entrance into some attractions, photos, AND the day adventure tour donates a portion of the money to a charity of your choice! It was wonderful and very well priced in my opinion.

Recommended tour for any adventure lovers!

Searching on plans to do for my first trip to Ho Chi Minh I came across ITour Vietnam’s Day Adventure (thanks to TripAdvisor) and saw really good reviews so me and my friends decided to “take the plunge” and pay for the tour. Needless to say, it was completely worth it. For starters, it’s one of the few “private” tours where you don’t have to wait for other tourists, and can therefore go at your own pace. I’m a history lover so this meant that I could hang back with our guide and ask her specific questions about the sights we visited. Also, it’s really comfortable to be picked up and dropped off from the hotel, no need to go to a specific place, so props for that!!! The tour took us to some of the best sightseeing places that aren’t as “touristy” and could be considered hidden gems, and at the end we had the surprise to know that we would be given free pictures taken by our guide!! (I took my own pics, but it’s still a nice touch to have more pictures). On a final note, I’d like to thank everyone from ITour Vietnam on giving us a great experience in our first Ho Chi Minh trip, I fully recommend the company and tour!!!

I was skeptical at first when I got on that scooter. But I don't think anything has been as fun as this tour. The team was fantastic. They were all very nice, talkative, and well informed about Ho Chi Minh City. The food was amazing and as a group of 10 people, we all felt safe and well looked after by the amazing team.
Looking forward to doing this again on my next trip to Vietnam.

What a tour...

As Venezuelan, it was a whole entire new experience to travel so far from home. I went to Vietnam in a party of seven friends and for us it was an adventure from the very beginning. The city was just beautiful at day and splendid by the night. The food was a delightfull mix of ingredents way to different of what we are used to but it was a pleasant experience for our tastes.

We took the motorbike tour and the drivers were really nice and patients with us. It was fun to travel through Ho Chi Minh, taking enough time to know the bones of the city and the monuments that make the city shine. The main guide was very likeable as well, cult and knowledgeable, she told us about everything that we need to know about the cathedral, the reunification palace, the museum, the temple, the rituals, the traditions and more, she opened our eyes to a new world for us.

Finally, I can say that I couldn't be happier about our trip to Vietnam, It was a great experience and a remarcable adventure and I'm sure that my friends are thinking the same. Too many laughs and memories will remain in every one of us for a long time.

One of the best tours

While backpacking in Southeast Asia for my 21st birthday I put beautiful Vietnam in my list of countries to visit. When I arrived in Ho Chi Minh city I only had few days there and wasn't sure I would be able to squeeze everything in this short period of time.

The hostel I was staying at recommended me to get in touch with i Tour Vietnam. Best decision ever made by listening to staff at my hostel. I booked Saigon motorbike tour and not only did I manage to see all the amazing attraction. I also had an awesome guide, Zoey.
I got to experience the city as a local all thank to the tour and the guide. The motorbike tour also showed me parts of the city that wasn't even on my list. Besides the usual tourist hotspot the Zoey took us to amazing secret locations. And for the coffee addict in me Zoey knew just the best places to get Vietnamese coffee too.

Altogether this was definitely the best part of my whole trip. I can't thank i tour Vietnam enough for making my 21st the most memorable :)

The best break

My friends and I went to have a good vacation in Ho Chi Minh City and I can say that so far it was one of the best break we ever have had. 'I tour Vietnam' gave us more than what we ask for a vacation, they truly exceeded our expectations. Our tour guide, Leah and Minh, have been very accomodating and pleasant in dealing with us. The two tour guides have been very patient and they are always smiling, kodus to them! The part I love the most about our vacation is the motorbike City tour wherein we get to enjoy good views while riding the motorbike. It gave us a thrill, the one we will never forget for a lifetime. Thank you 'I tour Vietnam,' until our next vacation again!!

Saigon's Other Side - Memorable Tour

My trip to Vietnam can be best described as refreshing and adventurous. The highlight of the tour was when I, along with 6 other members of my family, visited the bustling city of Ho Chi Minh. At first, we were unsure if we would be able to fit the tour of the entire city into our packed schedule, but then a local suggested that we get in touch with “i Tour Vietnam.”

We decided to give it a try and booked the “Saigon’s Other Side Motorbike Tour” with them. It was the best decision we made. Their system is punctual, professional and trustworthy. We were picked up at 8 AM from our hotel and delivered back at 11.30 AM. We were taken to back alleys, less travelled roads, and were shown raw, beautiful sights that we would not have been able to see if we were touring the city on our own. It truly was the other side of Ho Chi Minh.

The thing that really impressed me about this tour agency is that each person in our party of seven belonged to different age group, and our friendly and knowledgeable tour guide Zoey, saw to it that everyone was enjoying themselves and that the tour offered attractions to each one individually, and collectively.

Thank you, i Tour Vietnam. Saigon would not have been the same without you. :)

Trip to an amazing place..."Ho chi Minh City"

Two weeks ago we decided to have a trip since its our 16th wedding anniversary. We like to visit other country since we are here in the Philippines, we want in near Asia, So Vietnam is our choice. So in our First day we booked the Day Adventure Motorbike tour we visited Gustav Eiffel Central Post Office, Temples and Pagodas where we learned the different Vietnam cultures. Local people are pleasant and very accommodating, that was also my first experience in tour with motorbike, its so fun and enjoyable and I wear their hat. our tourist guide was very good in maps and location searching, and also when it comes to their foods its my type the sea foods meat, rice bowl,tofu and grilled.... its looks like in the Philippines but when you taste those foods in Vietnam , you can notice the big difference they have unique spices.
Our love escapades were in Tao Dan Park there have sports facilities that we enjoyed a lot and Cat Tien National Park. On our second Day we want to swim so our tour guide suggested to go in Dam sea water park... so much Joy and fun and adventures here big slides , restaurants, and water parks .Great memories for us and we felt in love again with this place and the people. And I thank my husband for that gift good choice of place and people and adventures that you really never forget. , I will recommend this to my relatives and friends.. very amazing and lovable!

-Syrill, Philippines

One of the best trips ever!

I visited Ho Chi Minh City about a month ago. I went with my girlfriend for our 2 year anniversary. We went on a Saigon's Motorbike Night tour. It was great. Everybody was on bikes which was pretty awesome. We took a group tour of the city, we went to some bars, night clubs and restourants. There were food vendors all over the streets and we couldn't decide what to eat. Everything looked so delicious. We ate some kind of soup full of meat, spices, garlic and other vegetables and it was the best soup I ever ate. The city was full of energy, it was alive. There were people everywhere. It was really beautiful. The tour was well organised, they took us to see a lot of traditional places, which I wanted to see because I like Asian culture. In conclusion, it was an awesome experience and i had a really great time. I would recommend to everyone to go to Ho Chi Minh City and take the Saigon Motorbike tour, you won't regret it. :)

Amazing experience!

Me and my party of 7 family members went to the "Night Adventure" tour. The city at night is really pretty and the food just great. We ate at a local BBQ place, so good! The souvenirs market is also fantastic, you see so many little things you want to take! Our guide was very responsible, fun, and friendly. We met the historical landmarks where we took tons of pictures. Probably the best thing is that they pick you up from wherever you are staying, and from that moment the tour starts, so you don't have to wait for other tourists, that is def a plus. We ended our night having some nice drinks and laughs! Definitely an unforgettable experience. Thanks for everything!

Ottima eslerienza con Tri (la nostra guida)

Tri e Thao (fotografa) ci hanno accompagnato e guidato tutto il giorno nella città di Ho Chi Minh. Sono stati cordiali, educati e molto professionali. Rispetto a precedenti esperienze sono molto contento in quanto Tri ha saputo adattarsi alle nostre esigenze ed ai nostri ritmi che erano decisamente diversi da suoi ... ma se n'è accorto!!!
Il giro è stato interessante e le sue descrizioni momto orecise e professionali. È riuscito a rispondere a tutte le nostre domande. Se iTour avesse tutti i collaboratori come Tri .... ve li consiglio ad occhi chiusi !!!!

One of my most favorite, exiting and memorable experience!

First, I want to say that this is by far one of my most favorite, exciting, and memorable experience I have ever had. I have been to several countries, but it was my first time in Vietnam, and it was so unexpected.
When we arrived in Ho Chi Minh City, we started planning (which was supposed to be done before going there) about the places we’d visit. A friend of ours took this tour last year and had a great time, and recommended that we book the Day Adventure motorbike tour as the first thing to do. We experienced the famous “motorbike tour ” and we got to visit places like the Notre Dame Cathedral, Reunification Palace, Central Post Office (which was my favorite because of the awesome architectural design), etc, etc. I know how to ride a motorcycle, but I didn’t insist on driving. I was nervous at first, but after minutes of traveling, I trusted the driver’s driving skills more than I could ever trust mine.
Highly recommended. Thank you for your great service. We had a really great time.

Amazing Experience! Highly Recommended.

Just back from Saigon where we treated ourselves to i Tour Vietnam’s Saigon Other Side Motorbike Tour. We always wanted to explore the undiscovered places of the city but were reluctant due to safety concerns. A friend recommended this tour and we are glad that we made the right choice. It’s pretty much an all-inclusive package that includes everything from pick and drop service to safety-tested helmets, raincoats, and even insurance!

Me and my friend had a great time exploring Ho Chi Minh City. Being avid travelers, we had seen all the famous tourists’ spots, so we were pleasantly surprised when the guide took us to places we had never visited. Our tour guide was really friendly. He not only provided us the background information about every place, but also recommended the best places to enjoy Vietnamese cuisine. He had a good command of English so we faced no trouble communicating with him. Overall, the motorbike tour offered us a truly authentic and adventurous experience of exploring Ho Chi Minh City and we highly recommend it to anyone who wants to experience the real Vietnam!

Trip to Vietnam

We have been to several countries so far but our trip to Vietnam was one of the best experience that we have ever had. After a lot of research, we decided to travel to a place called 'Ho Chi Minh City'. Here, we had the chance to go on a Motorbike tour, which was new to us. We were a set of 12 friends and had a lot of fun. The name of this tour was Day Adventure and I highly recommend everyone out there to give it a try once.

We started at 8:00 am in the morning and we came back by 11:30 am. Both pick-up and drop-off to and from the hotel was taken care by the staffs. Great value for money. The rates are affordable and the staffs are very professional. Special thanks to our local female tour guide, Trang. She was so caring, friendly and ensured that we were all comfortable and satisfied at all times. Trang showed us the Reunification Palace, Notre Dame Cathedral, Central Post Office, Temples and Pagodas, War Remnant Museum, etc... The food was amazing, I am a person who is normally reluctant to try new food but this was delicious.

Our gang of friends normally do not spend much time on photos but would love to live in the moment. Trang took the responsibility of taking photographs and made it a memorable moment for all of us. The motorbikes are neat and clean. The drivers are all professionals. You can surely trust them if you are planning a trip to Vietnam and do not have much detail about the important places that needs to be visited.

They also do something called a ‘give back’ program as a charity. Not only you’ll enjoy your trip but they also provide you an opportunity to help the needy at their expense. If you are at Vietnam and if you wish to have a hassle free time here, please call / book them well in advance. The main advantage is that there is no need to check for google maps every now and then (this is where half of the enjoyment time gets swiped away). They do a better service for their customers, no matter what you ask, these guys make specific arrangements with a smile.

Overall we enjoyed the day. Thank you Vietnam.

Nice concept with community in mind.

The tour was engaging and the food was nice, something which we as tourists wouldn't try but with the assurance from the local guide, we were glad that we tried the "local" local food.

What's even more pleasant was the thoughts of giving back to the poor concept. For every tour which we engaged, we were allowed to choose the organization and type of "giving back to community" activity.

A pleasant concept.

Best tour!!

Last weekend i was in Vietnam! I guess "i tour" is the best tour i had there. It was my first visit in this beautiful country! This tour opened for me rich history and incredible places in Ho Chi Minh. Temples and Pagodas have buildings which are the oldest one in Vietnam! I never saw such things! I was met by Tai, the tour manager. He is very professional, speaks great English, is humorous, personalble, and a class-act. He tried to make sure all are safe and sound. I tried national food - it is great! My driver was very knowledgeable. I highly recommend this tour. "I tour" is definitely best of the best! Thanks for a great time!

Awesome, fun, and beautiful! Go for it!

We recently visited Ho Chi Minh City and wanted to see the sights first-hand, so my husband and I, along with college friends, booked the Day Adventure Motorbike tour. This fascinating tour took us to several of the key iconic locales and intriguing cultural spots. We especially loved seeing the stunning Reunification Palace and learning of it’s place in Vietnamese history. The Gustav Eiffel Central Post Office was an ideal place for people-watching, too. Our English-speaking tour guide, Nguyen, was humorous and attentive from the first moment of our tour. He was comfortable answering our questions and locating the perfect cup of Vietnamese coffee! We loved this tour for its in-depth look at Vietnam, it’s rich culture and it’s welcoming society.

We "really love" iTour Vietnam!!! Must-do for foodies!

This was our first visit to Vietnam. After 24 hours of travel coming from Texas via Taipei, we arrived at our hotel around 1pm. Originally, we weren't going to book any tours the day of our arrival, thinking we would want to rest and adjust to the time difference. Well, because we were only going to be in HCMC for 2 nights, we decided to book the private "I really love food tour" that same evening with iTour Vietnam. What a great decision that was! I am a bigger guy (275lbs), so I was slightly apprehensive about whether I would be too much for any tour guide to handle, but I took a leap of faith and it turns out, I had nothing to worry about! (the only caveat I will put is that if you have bad hips or knees, riding on the back of a scooter may be a little challenging as your legs will be in a 90-degree position - it was slightly uncomfortable for me, but that has nothing to do with the tour whatsoever, it has everything to do with me being a bigger guy!)
My wife and I were promptly greeted by one of our tour guides Tri (pronounced "tree") in the lobby of our hotel (Le Meridien Saigon - absolutely beautiful hotel - will write a separate review on this as well!). Tri had a good command of the English language and like any good guide, he outlined our plans for the evening. We then went outside and met his colleague "Johnnie" and they quickly briefed us on how to ride on the back of a scooter. And away we went!
I don't need to go into heavy detail about the food experience, because there are extensive reviews on this already, but what I will say is this...we basically made 4-5 stops to experience a wide variety of Vietnamese must-try foods such as Bun Tit Nuong, Banh mi, Banh Xeo (crepe) - where you get the opportunity to get into the kitchen with the chef/owner and make one - so fun!, Vietnamese BBQ (where you first pick out raw foods on a skewer such as fish, pork, chicken, huge shrimp, octopus, etc. - and then you sit down at a table where you have your own mini charcoal grill - fabulous!), and local coffeeshop for Vietnamese coffee. Every stop gave us a different and wonderful food experience, not to mention an immersion into the vibrant nightlife of the Vietnamese people via scooter...can you ask for anything more?
If you're wondering about the safety of riding on a scooter, not once did we feel less than 100% safe and secure while on the back of our Tri's or Johnnie's scooters...they were very good drivers. Your ultimate comfort level will ultimately depend on your level of international experience...if you never travel outside of the U.S. and this is your first time visiting a foreign country, get ready for a mind-blowing experience! If you've been to Europe, Asia, and/or ever driven in New Delhi, this will be a piece of cake! What appears to be chaotic is actually the complete opposite; there's actually a beauty in the unspoken coordination of traffic (ie. horns used more to communicate awareness vs. in America, where horns are used to basically "yell" at another driver! lol)
If we could give Tri and Johnnie 1000 stars, we would. They gave us the experience of a lifetime, they kept us safe, and they fed our bellies and our eyes with wonderful food and sightseeing.
Lastly, with all of the different tour companies, making a decision can be difficult. One of the reasons we chose iTour Vietnam is because of how accurate the website was with their description of the tour as well as representative pictures. When I saw the photo of the bbq place, I knew this was the tour for us, and it was exactly as described via words and pictures.
Would be glad to answer any questions you may have about this tour, so please feel free to send me a message!

What better way to spend in Ho Chi Minh City!

We really enjoyed the food tour! The sight, the sound, the taste and the aroma of the food from the busy local markets and street vendors. EVERYTHING was delicious and the tour offered was such an authentic experience. This was our first time in South East Asia and Vietnamese food did not disappoint us. The guides from i Tour Vietnam were very kind and pleasant. We felt that they were genuinely proud and excited to show us their home. We highly recommend this well organized tour.

Motorbike tour of city

Great tour of city sites and markets. Tour routes were well planned and organized to view the city and culture. Really enjoyed the various stops at local restaurants to sample the delicious Vietnam cuisine. The guides were very friendly and spoke fluent English.

iTour Exceptional!

This was my second visit to Saigon and it was absolutely essential for our family to schedule another tour with Alexis and her wonderful crew at iTour. Let’s start off by saying iTour provides a professional, endearing, and responsible care to their customers. Top notch.

Motor scootering about Saigon is an absolutely essential experience when visiting. iTour will take you to a unique array of destinations in Saigon (depending on tour package). Places we visited with iTour included Saigon’s Notre Dame, Historic Post Office, War Remembrance Museum, the Saigon Rivier area, Saigon’s floating market, Hidden Pagoda, and numerous eating establishments around the city (based upon your food preference). Tours typically ended at a coffee house with traditional phin filtered Vietnamese coffee.

Alexis, Zoey, and iTour’s friendly and knowledgeable staff know exactly where to go and how to navigate the city. They do their best to accommodate customer questions, suggestions, and needs while touring.

If I am fortunate enough to return to Saigon in the future, I will certainly make arrangements with iTour to continue our exploration of magical Saigon!
Thanks again, iTour!!!

Great way to see the backroads of Ho Chi Minh City!

We've done several tours with "i Tour Vietnam". Being on a motorbike is a terrific way to experience the city. We enjoyed the sights and bustle of the city. The tours are well organized. Our guides were informative and friendly.

Incomparable Saigon's Other Side Tour!

We had the most unforgettable 2nd honeymoon in Ho Chi Minh City! Hubby and I both fell in love with the other side of Saigon. We had an amazing time cruising the river market and discovering the hidden pagoda. Nothing compares to the beauty of Saigon that we have discovered through this tour.
Our biggest thanks to the friendly and helpful tour guides of I Tour Vietnam for making sure we feel safe and secure and for going the extra mile in accommodating our special requests and needs. :)

Fun and awesome tour

I went on the saigons other side tour with my husband and my nephews and we all had a wonderful time. The guides were really informative, funny, and professional. Highly recommend!

Travel like locals on motorbike!

I must say I am not a fan of motorbike, however, I heard motorbike tour is famous in HCMC so I just had to try it! My friends and I chose Day Adventure Motorbike tour in the morning. Our riders were very friendly and can converse in English, which was very helpful for us! It was the first time I went sightseeing on a motorbike, a bit scary, but it was awesome! I feel like a local since a lot of locals do use motorbike everywhere in the city. We get to visit historical places in the city which were amazing, such as the Reunification Palace and of course, the Notre Dame Cathedral except this one is in Vietnam and not France! I am amazed by what the city has to offer and it really save a lot of time to visit all these amazing places rather than go walking, and much cheaper than taking taxis (which can be hard to get!). I recommend this tour for everyone, it’s very convenient!

A life changing experience!

I'm travel blogger, and I have visited over 30 countries, but my visit to Vietnam was not quite what I expected...it was much better! Because I try something new for me - motorbike tours. By foot, by car, by plane - all that is just ordinary, but tour by motorbike in Ho Chi Minh city it was experience that I'll never forget. Me and my friend taken Saigon's Other Side Motorbike tour because we like tours that avoided standard tourist hot spots. During this tour i really see another part of Ho Chi Minh and feel myself like a local. Our guide Leah was so funny and friendly, show us incredible places and share with us useful and interesting information. And by the way, it's really safety, so you can ride with children.
Thank you I tour Vietnam for making this trip a life changing experience!!!

Unique perspective of a unique city

The Night Adventure Tour is an absolute must do if you ever find yourself lucky enough to be in Ho Chi Minh City. I thought I took in so much culture simply backpacking through the bustling city streets with my friends, but nothing compared to the wealth of knowledge that our tour guide passed along to us on this motorbike tour. The absolute best part of the trip was the food, and they didn't only feed us once, but twice! Additionally, your iTour Vietnam ticket admittance includes free photographs of your adventure. I have completed many tours and adventures in over 20 countries I always want photos of them but not many tours include them, and this is a pleasant exception. Would 100% recommend.

Amazing Experience

Me and my family visited Vietnam for vacation. We went to Ho Chi Minh City and tour package Mekong Delta Tour. I enjoyed the smooth sailing, see a different kind of boat, houses and impressed by floating market. I love the food as I was invited to prepare and cook meals by their help.
I feel so welcome and comfortable. They are also very helpful and honest. Before I forgot I want to say thank you to our very energetic tour guide ''Nguyen'' as I enjoyed every day I spent in Vietnam. I highly recommend the Mekong Delta Tour and I will never forget this experience.

Awesome experienced and the memorable one!!!

A wonderful, awesome and great experienced to have a tour in Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam with Tinh, the tour guide. We really enjoyed our vacation in there especially with the adventures we had. People in there were treated as with hospitality and in a friendly manner. I love the food that made me fluffier and I love seeing my family enjoying the food that being picky was an excuse. I wish we had our 2nd time around for vacation before August to avail 15% off and explore more in places. Thank you so much Tinh for guiding us to have our first memorable vacation in Vietnam. My son really conquered his fears when riding motorbike and it was his first time. Again Thank you. I tour Vietnam is really accommodating.

Unforgettable Cu Chi Tunnels

A few years ago my boyfriend and I started travelling around the world. We are from Europe and Asian countries are especially appealing. These winter holidays we decided to go somewhere warm - to Vietnam. We came to Ho Chi Minh City and spend really good time there. It was a tour company “i Tour Vietnam” that organized our leisure. We chose “Cu Chi Tunnels”, it was a half day tour and didn’t regret. Friendly, English speaking tour guides Zoey and Leah made unforgettable adventure for us. It was very informative and unusual outing. We are grateful to “i Tour Vietnam” for showing the heart of their country. I strongly recommend this company!

The best tour I have ever had!Loved this tour agency!

Me and my wife just returned from our trip to Ho Chi Minh. And the first thing which I wanted to do after this amazing trip is to give a review to this amazing tour company and their guides Zoey and Anh, as trip would be incomplete. Anh and Zoey was really patient and understand that people from different cultures and background would extra time to absorb all information about history of their city, and they did all to make sure that everybody did it. Now I can say that I am so glad that I discovered this travel agency . I can't begin to express how worthwhile it was to have an in-country experienced travel agency help plan our trip. Our trip was truly exceptional thanks to this company! Planning went very smoothly and communication was prompt and plentiful. Our agent made some wonderful suggestions. All arrangements were seamless! And even after our tours were complete, Zoey and Anh sat us down with a city map and provided suggestions for what we might do for the rest of our day, including favorite places for lunch and dinner.
I have to say that the entire trip was memorable by the help of our amazing tour guides and tour agency!
I will highly recommend this tour company to everyone.
Thank you i Tour Vietnam!!!


This experience was one of the highlights of my trip to Ho Chi Minh! I highly recommend this tasting to anyone who wants to learn about Vietnam’s tea history and enjoy an informative and relaxing few hours.
Our tour guides,Zoey and Trang are incredibly knowledgadable about tea and seems to know each tea tree in Vietnam.They took a lot of their time to satisfy all our questions even though some of it doesn’t relate to tea.We learned a lot about the processes that turn a single plant into so many different types of drink and how Jasmine and other flavoured teas are made,how it can benefit our health and well-being.
I’m not an expert in this,but our guides make our trip perfect and enjoyable,and at least now we know beautiful of having tea,the importance of tea to Vietnamese people and how tea cultures compare around the world.
We would definitely come back!

A wonderful adventure in HCMC!

What a great way of exploring the hidden gems of Ho Chi Minh City. Me and my boyfriend really enjoyed it! Our Day Motorbike Tour was just what we needed, exciting, authentic and special! The friendly tour guide Trang was very knowledgeable, not only he introduced us to HCMC’s rich history but he has also given us honest recommendations for great food places.
Also what we valued the most was their practice of giving charity, meals, books to the underprivileged. "I Tour Vietnam" has not only great, friendly and professional guides but also a wonderful soul! Thank you for everything!

This was our second time in Ho Chi Minh and this time we had our children (12 and 9 years old). The ride felt perfectly safe. We did the “i really love food tour” – it is the food tour perfect for food fanatics like us! (i Tour Vietnam has a shorter version of this tour called “i love food tour”) We really enjoyed the mini cooking class that was included in the tour. We were surprisingly impressed with the variety of tastes of the local cuisine...such complexity! It was truly an authentic experience. I recommend i Tour Vietnam to any families traveling to HCMC. Very satisfied with their friendliness, professionalism and helpfulness.

Visited May 2017

it was the best holiday we have ever had. All of the trips was organized by "I Tour Vietnam", and I have to say they did an excellent job. Their service was extremely professional and we had no complaints whatsoever. The guides were also exceptional, professional, knowledgeable and friendly, A great holiday and this is a company I would not doubt to recommend to anyone going to Vietnam. Friendly staff, very accommodating and fast. With their powerful networks, it was pleasant experience dealing with them. I Love "I Tour Vietnam - Private Tours".

"Loved the half-day tour"

I opted to do the Ho Chi Minh half-day tour. It was great! I've never been on a scooter before.

I was an architecture major, so seeing so many historical sites was just fantastic. And my tour guide, Zoey, really knew her stuff. It was interesting to learn about the different sites, as well as the local culture.

"Insightful and Fun Experience with I Tour Vietnam"

My husband’s company sent his team and him to Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam to conduct training with clients. I was lucky enough to have the opportunity to tag along with them. As this was my very first time visiting a country on the continent of Asia, I was excited about the prospect of taking in all of the sites and sounds of the city.

Knowing we would be in Ho Chi Minh City for only a short period of time, I wanted to see as much of the city as possible. I needed to get a feel for the culture of the city. I looked online and I was impressed with what I read about I Tour Vietnam, therefore I decided to give it a try.

First and foremost, Leah and Anh are simply amazing! We went on the “Day Adventure” tour and they were able to give us an insiders take on the sites and sounds of the city. They were extremely knowledgeable and insightful with the history and culture of everything from Reunification Palace to the Temples and Pagodas.

Since we were only in Ho Chi Minh City for a short period of time, I have no doubt that I would use their services again if and when the opportunity presents itself to visit Ho Chi Minh City again.


It was not just a tour, it was the story of something that everyone should know! It was emotional to look at this part of Vietnam.The guide was very professional with perfect English.Worth do it! Thank you very much for offering this activity!


First time to visit the amazing Ho Chi Minh City and we spend a fantastic holiday. We did the “I really love food tour” – it is the food tour perfect for food fanatics like us! I am Very satisfied with their service. I love I TOUR VIETNAM -PRIVATE TOURS!!!

"Day Adventure Tour"

Myself and my boyfriend arrived to Vietnam last night and are leaving Vietnam tomorrow, so we have less than 2 days here.
We decided we want to see as much as Vietnam (ho Chi Minh) as possible.
So we googled and came across I tour Vietnam.
I checked out there reviews and were happy with what I read, I than added the contact number on what's app and communicated via what's app at 9:00am and managed to get on the 1:30pm tour the same day.
Quick and speedy response very professional and amazing service! Well spoken and written English.
I was advised to be at my hotel reception lobby for 1:30pm and the tour guide G was very punctual and arrived earlier than 1:30pm he explained who he was introduced himself and explained the tour very professional and very well spoken English.
We had G and Leah as are tour guides both on bikes touring us around on our day adventure.
Leah and G we're both excellent riders and myself and my partner trusted them so much that we didn't hold onto the bikes.
The weather was good, and G was very caring checking if I was ok and not too hot and just had really good customer service.
When it rained 30mins before our tour coming to an end, Leah and G we're very speedy getting out rain covers / rain ponchers to put over us.
Leah and G also take photos of you throughout the tour which is really nice.
Thank you so much to Leah and G for all you have shown us, very successful trip to Ho Chi Minh and will return back for them.
Lovely meeting them, and thank you again we have learnt a lot about Vietnam :)

“Fun Night Adventure tour with the young and energetic guides”

We really enjoyed our Night Adventure tour! Ho Chi Minh City came alive after dark and this was the best combination of the city tour and foodie tour. Our guides were young and fun loving people, adding to the adventure. At the end of the evening it felt like we toured the city with a bunch of our local friends! The tour even includes drink...alcoholics and non alcoholics.

I learned later during the tour that i Tour Vietnam gives back to the community through their GIVE BACK Program. This has set them apart from other tour companies...

Visited April 2017

“Dear friend along the tour...”

They provide the best site seeing + Explore the city + must visit places. Along with Economical stay + Delicious food.......

“Inspiring other side of Ho Chi Minh City with professional tour guides”

Been to HCMC a few times and wanted to do something different. Ho Chi Minh City Backroads (Saigon other side)tour offered by i Tour was just fun and gave us the real taste of HCMC from another perspective. Our guides Alexis and Zoey were EXCELLENT! Very energetic and just very pleasant to be around. They both speak very good English and could answer all of our questions about the culture and history. They took really great care of us. We felt safe and adventurous at the same time. We booked directly through their website as were offered a complimentary gift which serves as something to remind us of this trip. We had a few questions prior to booking and all of our inquiries were replied in a very timely, professional and thorough manner! We highly recommend adventure with i Tour if you are visiting HCMC.

Visited May 2017

“Fantastic Tour and delicious food!!!”

I Tour Vietnam is a marvelous way of rest! Riding on the bikes and riding on the motorbikes is a real fun and good experience. I have enjoyed the sightseeing of Ho Chi Minh City and explored the rich history of Vietnam. Food, wine and nightlife were excellent!!! I Tour Vietnam's guides were experienced and friendly. They offer superb and well organized tours. The most impressive was Saigon Shore Excursion. I love I TOUR VIETNAM -PRIVATE TOURS!!!

Visited April 2017

“"Giving Back" and having fun”

I was really reluctant about to this tour. So I did not really expect to have so much fun in learning about the City and the culture, but how it was delivered and experienced to me by the friendly tour guides was really awesome! I highly recommend "I Tour Vietnam -- Private Tours" if you want to have a good time and have some new friends with the very hospitable, accommodating and adorable local tour guides. You'd probably be able to see the Ho Chi Minh City in the most enjoyable way!
The food and drinks are a must try! Although, you'd probably not be able to resist them once you get there!
Also, kudos for giving back to charities!

Visited May 2017


Had so much fun, delicious food, so nice to know about the culture, habits and a amazing ride in the city!!!

Visited April 2017

“Awesome Tour”

First time to visit the amazing Ho Chi Minh City. Even made more memorable with i Tour Vietnam. Trang and Anh were very nice and helpful all day and made it much more fun! Would recommend them to friends and travelers alike. Thank u guys! ?-Lora

“Very professional and genuine service”

I can't think of a better way to see Ho Chi Minh City. The ride on the back of the scooter really allowed us to get intimate with the city. This was our first time touring the city this way. The ride was safe. I Tour guides were truly amazing. The pick up was punctual and the tour offered by I tour Vietnam was outstanding! Five stars service with the local touch ...my family loved it and my adult children had a blast!

Visited May 2017

“Great Tour”

i Tour Vietnam provides the best site seeing, Me and my girlfriend had a very good time. Would highly recommend it to anyone.

“Great tour!”

We did the Saigon's other side motorbike tour with Zoey and Trang and had a really fun time. We visited the floating market and the hidden temple was superb. Highly recommend to anyone looking for a non touristy tour.

Visited April 2017

“Amazing Mekong Delta”

Private boat trip up the Mekong for lunch at a beautiful eco lodge. The two girls who guided us were charming friendly and very attentive. We had a fantastic dayand would highly reccomend. Also very good value.

Visited March 2017

“Fun and Delicious Foodie Tour”

My boyfriend and I took the "I Love Food" tour on the first day we got to Vietnam, and had an amazing time with Ly, Johnny, and Kelly. They were very professional from the start, guiding us on how to get on the motorbikes and other street safety tips. At first I was a little scared as it was my first time riding a bike, but Kelly assured me and I began to find it quite enjoyable.

The food that they took us to were all delicious. Not only did Ly explain to us about the foods we were eating, she was also very knowledgeable about the culture and history of HCMC, and was able to answer many different questions we had about Vietnam in very fluent English. She even recommended us to two different pho places that turned out to be super delicious. It was also really great that they took photos for us throughout the tour so we didn't have to worry about that.

Overall we had a really great time and if we had a few more days, we probably would have taken another one of their tours, and definitely requesting the same team. Big thanks to our guides for giving us such a fun start to our trip!

Visited April 2017

“Fantastic Tour with Tri, Tom and Johnny”

Thank you for giving us a wonderful night adventure and helping us learn more history, food culture about Vietnam. Lovely night just like hanging out with a group of friends. 非常有趣的夜間冒險,騎著摩托車穿梭繁忙擁擠的胡志明市本身就是很特別的經驗,三位在地導遊親切解說和食物體驗更是加深旅遊的樂趣,我們度過了特殊和愉快的一晚。

Visited April 2017

“Professional tour”

My friends and I did a private tour with i tour Vietnam and this company exceeded our expectations. The tour was very professional and well planned out. I would like to thank my guide Zoey for the great service. I highly recommend this company to anyone seeking a personalised service.

Visited March 2017

“The best way to experience Ho Chi Minh City”

We did the Day Adventure tour after a recommendation from a friend. The tour was amazing!

Both guides were very knowledgable and happy to answer any questions. You'd think being on the tback of a motorbike in HCMC would be terrifying, but their confident, safe driving makes you feel at ease after only a few minutes on the back.

Moving around the city is a great way to experience daily HCMC life, and also a great way to quickly get around the city sights.

Overall the tour was much more than we were expecting and I would recommend it to anyone.

Visited April 2017

"A standout tour from our trip to Vietnam”

With a mix of history and local culture the 'day adventure tour' is the perfect way to experience HCMC!

My guide instantly made me feel safe on the motorbike and provided insights into the individual districts of HCMC and the culture as we rode from location to location. Her knowledge was fantastic and both she and our other guide were able to answer any question myself and my partner had. Both guides had a clear passion for what they were doing which makes all the difference and changes an afternoon from excellent to outstanding.

The tour was full of personal touches such as the photos taken by our guide throughout (perfect for couples or families who want everyone in the picture) and the gift at the end all added to the professionalism and enjoyment of the afternoon.

The secret pagoda is a must see and not something highlighted in your average guide book, nor is it's history or working practices expertly detailed to us on our tour of it.

If we weren't leaving the city tomorrow I would definitely be booking myself on to one of their other tours.

Tour: afternoon of the 17th April 2017

Visited April 2017

“Authentic way to see HCM and Vietnam with the friendliest and most knowledgeable guides”

Was in HCMC for a few days by myself for the first time and touring the city with i Tour Vietnam was the best thing. The scooter ride was fun and safe, and by far the most authentic way to see the city. You get to avoid being stuck in traffic too. Compared to the many private tours I have done, the guide from i Tour Vietnam was one of the most knowledgeable, most entertaining and friendliest I have ever had! The tour itself was a perfect mix of historical sites, main attractions in Ho Chi Minh, cultures and the highlight for me was the culinary journey! My guide just knew the best eateries in town which I would not have been able to find roaming the city on my own. What a memorable experience! I highly recommend i Tour Vietnam to anyone traveling solo or in a group. You get the best of the city and feel looked after at the same time!

Visited March 2017

“Inspiring city tour by scooter”

Alexis and her staff showed us some fascinating and less known spots of Saigon. The tour consisted of a good mix of culture, history and culinary stops. Alexis was an excellent and entertaining guide, providing us with with interesting facts, anecdotes and the best/most interesting foods and drinks to try. The tour really exceeded my expectations, If you want to learn more about the city or just want to have an enjoyable morning/afternoon riding around on a scooter,I can definitely recommend this tour!

Visited March 2017

“Bon tour au Saigon”

C'est vraiment magnifique! On est tres bien passe notre sejour la. J' aime bien la culture, la cuisine vietnam :):):)

Visited March 2017

“Génial !”

Lorsque vous débarquez dans cette immense ville et que ne vous restez pas longtemps, ce Tour en moto est à faire absolument...!!! De jeunes étudiants vous promènent dans cette immense ville. C'est vraiment une Super Aventure...

Visited March 2017

“Immerse Yourself in the Chaos”

I can't think of a better way to explore Ho Chi Minh City than on the back of a scooter, you get a very intimate view of the city and a thrilling ride, as well! My guide was very knowledgable, fun to hang out with and was a safe driver. This is great for solo travelers, as you get one on one time with a guide and get to zip around to places like the war museum, post office, hidden temples and, if you're lucky, some fabulous coffee. Please support this great company!

Visited March 2017

“Best experience!”

My best tour ever! Sights, sounds, smells of Saigon. Fantastic experience tasting different foods and sweets.

Visited March 2017

“Awesome morning adventure!!”

The highlights of my trip was visiting the hidden temple and being given an explanation of the process of the movement of the urns throughout the different stages. Having the market demarktation line explained to me and seeing the local vendors running away with their goods trying to avoid authorities. This was a very local and authentic experience. Walking around local food market, I was able to try a unique local delicacy of pigs brain soup. Delicious! I felt very safe with my driver Johnny riding through traffic. The guide Le was happy to answer all questions and was able to relate sightseeing to parts of Vietnamese history. The bad thing about this tour was that it did not last long enough.

Visited March 2017

“Wonderful Foodie Tour”

Awesome!!! Highly recommended!!!
We did this 3 hour tour on our last night in HCMC and our only regret was that we waited until our last night to join! They had other tours available we would have jumped on had we discovered them sooner.
Before the tour started we were given a safety brief on the scooters that, had we been nervous about riding the busy streets of the city, would put anyone's mind to rest. We felt very safe and they were great drivers. Scooters are the easiest and most efficient way to navigate the city so you can enjoy your experiences and not waste your time sitting in traffic.
It's a private tour for your group so it's personalized to you. We had already experienced one of the menu items and had been wanting to try the local Pho. Our guides, Leah, Johnny, and River immediately knew the best Pho place to go and created a new itinerary for us on the spot.
We had so much fun with them! All three were great hosts and very knowledgeable about the food, drink, and different areas of town we went through.
Next time I travel to a place where this company has tours I will book do another tour with them for sure!

Visited March 2017

“Foodie Motorbike Tour”

My (girl)friend & I spent a quick 4 days in HCMC as our first ever visit to Vietnam. Found out about this tour through quick research via google "4 days in Vietnam".

This stood out because I am a 400 pound fat woman stuck in an average woman's body. Obviously this is going to scream "JILL" because "food" & "adventure" were in the description. Booking was extremely easy. You have the option to pay online (PayPal + 3% surcharge--worth it IMO), or cash in hand.

Leah, River, and Johnny met is at our hotel. (The 3rd person/scooter was in case one bike was out of service.) Little did we know it's a private tour. *Score!* We went though safety procedures, and asked if we had any preferences/allergies. The best part is they tailor the tour to exactly what we want to do aaaand show us extra. I felt so safe on the scooter with River. She was great at conversations while we were riding along. Leah was great at explaining different things to us. Poor Johnny didn't get to watch us eat because he was manning the scooters while we stuffed our faces. Above all they're punctual, accommodating, very professional, and speak English very well.

Honestly the worst part I could think of was that we didn't take the tour at the beginning of the trip because they showed us parts of the city I would have never thought of going to, and they had so much insight on things I was curious about. 10 stars!!!!

Visited March 2017


Cu chi tunnel tour is a must go. Its full of history and interesting insights. The service is good and friendly. I would highly recommend.

Visited February 2017

“Amazing trip to cu chi tunnel.”

The whole trip was well planned by our friendly tour guides. They explained well about the history of this place and they delivered superb service.

Visited February 2017

“Behind the Scenes!”

My husband and I booked our afternoon tour via our hotel and after discussing with them our desires and preferences they choose i Tour Vietnam.
We had been to HMC before (5 years ago) so we had already explored the main parts of the inner city on foot. We are also not that adventurous when it comes to food, nor do we have big appetites, so we loved the idea of venturing further out of the city and seeing where the locals live, eat, shop, work, etc.
I am so pleased we choose this option because we had an amazing afternoon seeing things you would not normally get to see ... including the 'Hidden Temple' which was awesome :-)
Even though it was just me and my husband, we were met outside our hotel by 4 very lovely, friendly biker guides. I was on the back of one bike with a driver, my husband on the back of another and then we had a back-up bike with the driver/photographer and a very knowledgeable tour guide who spoke fantastic English (as she had done some studying in America). We were really impressed and it was all for just us, so we were able to be flexible and adapt the tour if we wanted to. For example, if we wanted to stop to buy something or take a photo, we could.
The i Tour Team were excellent. They took particular attention to our safety, we tried some of the Vietnamese delicacies, including the strong coffee with condensed milk and we were quizzed along the way too. On the ride home it started to rain and ponchos were provided.
I have to say that we were a little nervous on a couple of occasions, as we are not used to the immense traffic, the number of motorbikes on the roads (and pavements) and we are also not motorbike riders ourselves.
However, we would definitely recommend this tour and the company and we are very pleased we did it. It was the highlight of our 2 days in HMC :-)
Thank you for taking such good care of us and for all your enthusiasm.

Visited January 2017

“Great food and such a fun ride around Ho Chi Minh!”

Chose to do a motorbike food tour at night and we weren't disappointed with the result. We were greeted by our friendly tour guide and motorbike drivers at the hotel and after a quick demonstration of the bike safety, we were off to explore the city.
Every stop we went to had delicious local food, different styles so we never got the same thing and they catered very well for my vegetarian girlfriend. Being able to cook our own 'Vietnamese Pancakes' at the first stop was also a highlight!
We had plenty of food to eat, beer to drink and dessert was an absolute winner with coconut ice cream at a local hotspot.
Never felt unsafe on the bikes and the drivers were great at navigating the traffic whilst keeping us all together as a group.
Would definitely recommend to anyone looking to get out and experience the local culture and nightlife vibe without worrying where to go next, or what food to order!

Visited December 2016

“Awesome tour in Ho Chi Minh City”

We took a day tour with I tour Vietnam and had a great time. There is no better way to see the city than on the back of a motorbike where you can really experience the city. Despite the hectic traffic we felt totally safe on the motorbikes and all the drivers were very careful and professional.

As part of our tour we were taken to a restaurant which was great. The food was very good and it was great having our a guide to explain all the different parts of the meal.

The tour provided a great variety of stops including the war museum, a local market, a Vietnamese coffee shop, and the amazing Buddhist pagoda. There was also a nice ride through the city on pedal bikes.

The staff were all great and very friendly and it was very nice to have them taking many pictures all along the tour which were sent to us free of charge the next day. Overall this was a really great tour and I highly recommend it to everyone looking for an awesome tour in Ho Chi Minh city.

Visited December 2016

“It was an amazing tour to see HMC at night , best recommended and you get to enjoy a lot with the team”

4 people taking care of 2 people , no need to worry about pictures well taken care off and , its just something wow , value for money defiantly and its just sit and enjoy and explore and eat

Visited December 2016

“Saigon's Other Side Motor Bike Tour....a definite must do”

Spent the afternoon with Leah and Anna, going to some of the less visited areas of Saigon, inclusive of experiencing some markets, local produce and much more.The pace of the tour was perfect and I could see the passion Leah had for telling me about the city. This was reflected in the way she described the places we went and some of the nice conversations / translations we had with local people. Anna's skills with riding the motorbike made me feel safe the entire time. Thank you both.

Visited January 2017

“Great Cu Chi trip with Leah”

We had a wonderful day trip to the CU Chi tunnels with Leah and her team. They were on time, a wonderful course of knowledge and took us to eat the best bowl of pho dac biet I have ever had. In addition to talking about he Cu Chi tunnels Leah shared lots of interesting information about life in Vietnam. Her English is impeccable, which matched with her kindness and knowledge makes her the the perfect guide for a day in Ho Chi Minh or the surrounding area.

Visited January 2017

“Excellent Saigon whole day motorbike tour through I Tour Vietnam!”

We just wanted to write to tell you what an amazing experience we had with I Tour Vietnam and it was because of 2 things...Your beautiful Vietnam country...and YOU!!!

We could not have asked for anything better. It was so well layed out...so many little details thought of and over the top service you provided. Couldn't believe how perfectly everything worked out through the tour - even the weather.

Ho Chi Minh City is a stunning place and we firmly believe more tourist from the Australia should experience it for themselves. And will certainly recommend you to all our family members/friends...as well as get on a few biker internet forums and mention you...

Please pass on our very sincere thanks to all of our hosts. Each and every one of them made us feel so welcome and at home.

Visited December 2016

“Best Experience!!”

It was the PERFECT tour of the city! We enjoyed every minute of the ride, it wad so interesting and well organized!
We want to thank a lot to the team -Vennice , the guide and the young driver(we forgot their names) but all of them are so well prepared, always smilling to us and made the tour fantastic!
You have to book this tour, you ll experience the vietnamese style with the best vietnamese people!

Visited January 2017

“Awesome motorbike tour of 'the other side of Saigon'”

On our first day in Saigon, we did a motorbike tour with i Tour Vietnam to 'The Other Side of Vietnam,' After one afternoon the prior day in Saigon trying to be a pedestrian and cross the street with all the crazy traffic, I was scared about this tour and nearly canceled. My 22 year old son convinced me to stick with the plan and thank goodness I did. This tour was one of the highlights of our wonderful two week trip through Vietnam and Cambodia. I can't recommend i Tour Vietnam more highly. They had high quality motorbikes and terrific guides. There was one motorbike and driver for each of us, and they brought along a third motorbike with another driver and guide just in case one of our motorbikes were to break down. So we had 4 staff for the two of us, and three motorbikes. All four of them were so kind, careful, full of zest, sweet, and fun to be with. Our main guide, Leah, was also terrific. She was very knowledgeable and we learned so much from her. The motorbike drivers were clearly trained in how to drive so that novice passengers would feel safe. The tour itself was fascinating for the whole four hours. We quickly left the tourist area and zipped all over different districts, stopping to learn about city development, floating markets, Buddhist cremation rituals, and much more. Every place we stopped was super interesting. By the way, it rained and poured for much of our tour but it was still great. They gave us ponchos, and with the heat, the rain felt good. Finally, I should say that I am 63 years old, someone who is a bit risk-aversive, and I not only felt safe and had a wonderful time, but would take this tour again anytime. I cannot say enough about how terrific i Tour Vietnam is.

Visited December 2016

“Ho Chi Minh Half day tour”

I enjoyed my half day tour.. the tour guide was very informative.. they are all friendly and they can speak english very well.. i appreciate the souvenir they gave at the end of the tour..

Visited January 2017

“City tour on a motorcycle ”

An absolutely wonderful, informative tour. Our tour guides were very considerate, friendly and wonderful companions during the whole tour.

Visited January 2017

“Fun and educational tour”

My daughter and I did the Ho Chi Minh city tour. We had a great time riding on the scooters. We each had a driver and a third scooter carried the guide and the photographer. (a very nice touch as we got plenty of great photos of us on the tour emailed to us). The guide spoke English very well and we had a good overview of the city including a taste of the local coffee.
I can highly recommend this tour to anyone who is adventurous enough to ride around the crazy streets on the back of a scooter (similar to a Vespa). Our drivers were cautious and experienced.

Visited December 2016

“great experience, would highly recommend!”

Honestly we didn't find Ho Chi Minh that impressive as a city (on a cruise that stopped at Hong Kong, Bangkok, Singapore and Ho Chi Minh, this was the least inspriring city to see).
Having said that, the tour we had with iTour Vietnam was the coolest thing we did on our whole trip. The two things that spoke to me in Ho Chi Minh were the scooters (millions of them, everywhere!) and the history of the city (Saigon). This tour combined that perfectly in a very compact setting. You are right in the middle of the action on the back of the scooter, which was really cool. The visit to the 'war museum' was very impressive, a great way to learn something about the history of the city.
Finally a big compliment to our tourguide(s), their English was impeccable! Especially comparing it to other tours we made (in for example Bangkok), were we only understood half of what was said, really frustrating.

Thanks again!

Visited December 2016

“Big Hospitality, Big Smile”

We participated in this tour through the hotel's concierge. After this tour we wanna recommend all people who will visit Ho Chi Minh City. As you know, Ho Chi Minh City is always crowded city. But you can enjoy this crowded city by participating this bike tour. We chose foodie tour which included two food, two sweets and Vietnam coffee. We have to say about how this guide drove so safely! You don't need to be anxious about it! All tour guides's English are good(We sometimes have experienced not good English by Vietnamese), their hospitality was so good! After this tour, you will get satisfaction.

Visited December 2016

“Fun tour with wonderful guides”

My husband and I did this tour two weeks ago and had a blast. The guides were informative and helped us explore different cuisines and dining experiences while also getting to enjoy riding through the crazy streets of HCMC. My husband even got to try cooking at one of the stops :)
Although a full tour is planned for you, if there's a particular area or type of cuisine your interested in trying out let your guides know! They were totally open to going with the flow depending on our interests.

Visited December 2016

“Superb Food and market Tour.”

A must if you visit Saigon.Ask for Leah & team.They make you an expert of hidden secrets of the City.Its fun, interesting and the Food is just superb.

Visited January 2017

“Visite de Ho Chi Minh en scooter”

Super visite en scooter les conducteurs sont très bien et sympathique.
Il nous ons fait découvrir des quartiers authentiques de Ho Chi Minh.
On a mangé et fait de la cuisine locale!!!
Bonne expérience si vous avez l'occasion la visite vos le détour.
Je remercie l'équipe de i tour Vietnam.

Visited December 2016

“Wonderful Food Tour”

We had a great experience on the night food tour. The guides were very kind and the food was amazing. I can highly recommend this to those who want to get an insight into authentic local culture and cuisine.

Visited December 2016

“Foodie Tour”

Memorable last night in Ho Chi Minh City
We went with our adult daughter on the foodie tour. Since we have food restrictions, we were surprised and delighted that the company booked a private tour just for our family. We were a bit nervous about riding on scooters in the crazy traffic, but the guides were excellent drivers and put us at ease immediately. They spoke perfect English. We loved visiting spots out of district 1 where the locals dine. Everything was delicious and the guides made us feel very special. This tour exceeded our expectations and was the perfect ending to our trip. To top it off a portion of the money is used to support local charities.

Visited December 2016

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