“One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things.”– Henry Miller (1891-1980), Writer



Fully licensed to operate by the Vietnamese government, i Tour Vietnam strives for excellence in providing top quality private group tours in Vietnam, especially in the Southern region in and around Ho Chi Minh City. Our company was founded by a team of adventurers who seek the thrill and excitement from traveling. At i Tour, we really put the emphasis on the individual, hence the letter “i”. We strongly affirm that the expedition to a destination is not what matters; instead, it is the odyssey.

It is our pleasure to share with you Vietnam’s culture, history, and cuisines. We pride ourselves in providing voyagers enriched experiences filled with different sightseeing excursions and new profound knowledge. Unlike traditional group tours provided by other Vietnam travel agencies, we aim to give you a customized tour of what you want to see – no more waiting around for other people and no more time crunch! With i Tour, we ensure that you will have a great venture.

So, from the team of i Tour to you, we welcome you to be a part of our journey! Let’s hop on that motorbike for a getaway!

About The Founders

Alexis, Co Founder of

Alexis, Co-founder

As the oldest sibling, I am the most outgoing one in the family. After obtaining both my degrees in Economics in the U.S. and Hospitality in Europe, I ventured on a backpacking excursion to Southeast Asia in 2010 to see what the other side of the world has to offer. Subsequently visiting the busy and lively city of Ho Chi Minh, I have since been drawn in by all the "special little things" that I soon found myself calling it home. With i Tour Vietnam, I hope to share with you these "special little things" that simply cannot be fully expressed in writing but something you need to experience personally instead. I wish to cross path with you on whatever destinations you may wander upon.

Hobbies: fishing, biking, traveling, playing musical instruments (cello and guitar), learning new cultures and languages

Hao, Co Founder of

Hao, Co-founder

I am fortunate to have two strong, influential cultures shape my life. I learn the importance of individuality from the western culture and the significance of intimate family bond from the eastern culture. My passion has always been traveling, helping the underprivileged, exploring hidden passages, and servicing the community. At age 19, my best friend and I began a marketing and apparel printing company. For one shirt created, we would donate an additional one to charity. At 20 I served as the COO of an annual cultural arts and benefit festival called Younitus. The mission was to "connect everything and everyone to realize that we all function as one." My experience includes graphic design, web development, event management/production, and online marketing. I look forward to exploring and creating memories with you as we take this journey together.

Hobbies: making new friends, swimming, scuba diving, tree climbing, billiards

Take a ride

Actions speak louder than words. At i Tour Vietnam, it is our mission to help our neighbors. We advocate for social responsibility and strive for optimistic goals in providing relief for the underprivileged. It is our promise that for every tour booked, i Tour will donate one t-shirt, feed one meal, or provide a new set of school supplies to orphaned children, or even be earth friendly by planting a tree. Travelers will have the option to choose which charity they would like to contribute to. Not only does i Tour become an adventure, it is also part of a rewarding journey.